Essay On Bhai Dooj in English

Essay On Bhai Dooj in English, In India, we celebrate many festivals and Bhai Dooj is among the ones which follow right after Diwali. According to the Hindu calendar, Bhai Dooj is celebrated in Kartik month. Bhai Dooj is a festival of sister and brother very similar to Raksha Bandhan. Celebrations and rituals on Bhai Dooj are similar to Rakhi. All around India and even Indians who live in other countries celebrate this occasion because it makes the bond of brother and sister stronger.

Sisters pray for the success, health, and long life of their brother. On Bhai Dooj sisters apply tilak on the forehead of their brother. Elder sisters bless their brother and wish him good luck for life long. This festival is celebrated for the love and never-ending bond of brother and sister.

Gifts are also exchanged among brother and sister. Sister feeds their brother with sweets and celebrates this occasion wishing their life become as sweet as they feed each other. Married sisters invite their brothers to their house for meals. On this occasion sisters also prepare special meals for their brother. In India, every festival is celebrated in remembrance of ancient’s myths.

essay on bhai dooj in english
essay on bhai dooj in english

Essay On Bhai Dooj in English

Bhai Dooj Essay in English

According to Hindu mythology lord, Krishna defeated Narakasura and then visited his sister Subhadra. When Krishna visited her sister, Subhadra was pleased with the winning of her brother and welcomed him with love, flowers, and sweets. On the arrival of Lord Krishna Subhadra also applied tilak on his forehead which is the sign of victory.

This was the time when the ritual of Bhai Dooj was celebrated and till now Indian brothers and sisters celebrate it with great enthusiasm. India has many states and at many places, it is celebrated differently. On Bhai Dooj it is important for the sister to cook rice and present it to her brother.

On this day sisters invite their brothers to have stayed at her home and eat the special meals cooked by the sister. Sister prepares meals that are loaded with love and prayers for the long life of the brother. Sister also adds ghee to her brother’s plate. Sister can be anyone real or cousin.

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Bhai Dooj Story in English

On the day of Bhai Dooj, the love of brother and sister is celebrated because this connection is holy. There is a deep connection between sister and brother and on this day this connection is made stronger. It is a holy relationship that Indians celebrate for the love of each other. There are other stories in India about Bhai Dooj.

The Yamuna which is a Hindu goddess invited her beloved brother Yamraj to visit her come and have meals prepared by her. But Yamraj was too busy in his business that he was unable to accept his sister’s invitation. Later Yamraj realized that he did wrong by not accepting the loved-filled invitation of his sister.

The Yamuna had invited her brother with great affection and love which he rejected.  After realization, Yamraj decided to accept his sister’s invitation and made a decision to obey what his sister asked him to. 

On the day of Kartik sukla, Yamuna saw her brother Yamraj standing at her door and he was looking very happy.  The Yamuna was surprised to see her brother and felt very happy to see her brother. She welcomed Yamraj with love and respect.

She offered her meals cooked by her which Yamraj happily enjoyed eating. Yamraj happily demanded his sister to feed him with more meals cooked by her beloved sister and enjoyed it with pleasure.

After the meal, Yamuna asked her brother to visit her every year on this day. She then applied tilak on the forehead of her brother Yamraj. Sister also prayed for her brother and told him not to worry about anything and concentrate on his business.

Yamraj accepted her prayers and offered gifts to his sister on the day. He gifted his sister with valuable ornaments and clothing.  After celebrating the love and relationship of brother and sister Yamraj went back to yamunapuri. From this day the tradition of Bhai Dooj started in India. This day is also celebrated in the name of Yamraj and Yamuna who were brother and sister.

Brother and sister is a very special bond and this is why it always stands out. There is no description of love and boundaries when it comes to the relationship of brother and sister. Brother and sister are not related to just blood relationships.

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In India, we also make brother and sister due to undefined bond which is called muh bola Bhai or behen.  This feeling is to celebrate and cherish lifelong.  No matter how old we grow we love to celebrate relationships in India and Bhai Dooj is one of its best examples. 

Bhai Dooj Essay in English 200 Words

Every year Bhai Dooj is celebrated and the bond gets stronger. Sisters get gifts from their brothers and brothers get unconditional love and blessings from their sisters. Brothers also pledge to take care of their sister till his existence. Families laugh, brothers and sisters recall their childhood stories, eat meals and enjoy these beautiful moments and make life-long memories.

There are lots of emotions associated with this day that makes it more special among Indian families. Mostly Bhai Dooj festival falls in the month of November and it is one of the most prominent festivals in the Hindu religion. No matter how far brothers and sisters are they still get connected on this day by wishing and blessing each other with health and happiness.

This day brings lots of fun because the relationship of brother and sister is not just a bond, but teasing and fighting as well. All this all together makes their relationship undefined. The day ends with the satisfaction of being a part of something special because in India we give preference to our relationship more than money and wealth. 

We never miss a chance to celebrate our relationship and Bhai Dooj marks it to this day. This festival is remarkable and we love to celebrate it every year to spread happiness and love among relationships.

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