CV Raman Essay in English

CV Raman Essay in English, Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman is one of the Indian physicists and Indians know them as C.V Raman. He was born on 7th November 1888 in Tamil Nadu. Raman developed his interest in physics because of his father who was a teacher of physics and mathematics. His father’s name was Chandrashekhar and Parvathi Amma. Raman was a great scientist and since the beginning, he was brilliant since he was a student.

We can judge his brilliant mind with his success of passing out matriculation examination at the early age of 12. He passed his 10th examination at Madras University. Raman was brilliant and also had a lively sense of humor.

Raman had an intense curiosity for everything and this trait is of scientists. He had a huge interest in science and laid a foundation for scientific research in India.

cv raman essay in english
cv raman essay in english

CV Raman Essay in English

Short Essay on CV Raman in Rnglish

C.V Raman was a very brilliant child so his parents wished to send him for higher studies to England. Unfortunately, Raman was sick and stayed at home and went to Hindu college, Visakhapatnam and Presidency College, Madras. Obviously, he completed his education with huge success.

He obtained his Physics post-graduation degree in 1907 with the first position. During his student life, he indulged in many research and also published many papers in some of the most well-known magazines.

Later in the year 1907 Raman again proved his brilliance by obtaining to position in the financial service examination. After his achievement, he was appointed as an assistant accountant general in Calcutta. This was the time when he met the first big personality of India who was a scientist himself and his name was Dr. Amritlal Sarkar.

He was the secretary of the Indian Association for the cultivation of science. His meeting with the eminent scientist of India was the first big door of opportunities for young scientists. His love and passion for physic were intense and it was not going to end any sooner.

His journey of becoming a great scientist started and he continued his interest in physics. He continued his research and when he got some free time he used to spend it in the laboratory of association.

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His work got published o the leading journals of Calcutta which is now known as Kolkata. His research in the field of physics had a huge scientific significance. His work came in a notice by vice challenger Ashutosh Mukharjee of Calcutta University he appointed C.V Raman as the professor of physics in one of the biggest universities.

When he was in the university he continued his passion and performed his research continually. He put all his passion and devotion which paid him by giving him recognition, honor as a great physicist.

10 Lines About CV Raman

In 1924 Raman was elected as the fellow of the royal society of London 1924 and in the year 1928 Raman Effect was discovered by him. He received Nobel Prize for his favorite subject physics in the year 1930. C.V Raman was the first Indian who got this prestigious honor. 

After getting this award he got more recognition after which many renowned institutions and universities honored him with the D.Sc and Ph.D. degrees. 

In the year 1927, he was busy in his business in a laboratory where he got the news that the renowned physicist A.M. Compton got Nobel Prize who demonstrated that the X-rays go through change when it is passed through matter.

This came out as a Compton Effect. Raman was more motivated by this and continued his research and experiments after which he was successful in proving that light rays can be scattered.

This discovery made by him for the first time enabled the mapping of the possible levels of energy gains of atoms and molecules of any substance. This was the time when the atomic and molecules’ structure was discovered.

The discovery of light scattering led to the expansion of a simple substitute to infra-red spectroscopy which was then named Raman spectroscopy.

Paragraph on CV Raman

Raman Effect takes place when medium molecules scatter particles of light energy which are called photons. The spectrum can vary with the transparent medium nature can scatter the light. In history, Raman Effect is known as a valuable scientific discovery because after this discovery more than two hundred compounds were discovered.

Raman also gave a precise explanation for the appearance of the blue color in the ocean and sky. The blue color in the ocean is due to the sunlight scattering by the water molecules. After the great scientific discoveries, Raman traveled all around the world and talked about his research and discoveries. 

In the year 1933 Raman became the Indian institution sciences director in Bangalore. In the year 1943 Raman laid the foundation of the Raman research institution at Bangalore. In the year 1954, he was also awarded the Bharat Ratna award, and later in 1957, he received the international Lenin prize.

C.V Raman was a great man with many achievements in his life. He was one of the great and renowned scientists of India. He was a self-made man and was born a genius. His interests and passions led him to great success.

Everything related to him was deep and wise and so were his contributions to human development and knowledge. He was not only interested in physics, but acoustics as well which is the study and science of sound.

He also contributed to the mechanical theory of stringed, bowed, and other instruments such as cello, tanpura, veena, sitar, mridangam, and violin.  All these have been very much significant. He gave us an explanation about how these instruments can produce melodious sounds, notes, and tones. 

On 21st November 1970 we lost a great Indian scientist is the age of 82 at Bangalore after which his mortal remains were consigned into holy flames in the Raman research institution campus. It was never the end of anything because till now we are working and applying all the knowledge provided to humans in many fields. His contributions were great and will remain in history forever like his name. 

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