Cyclone Essay in English

Cyclone Essay in English, Cyclone is a natural calamity that is very violent and can destroy entire cities.  Cyclones are raging storms that bring thunder, rain, and lightning as well which can be very scary. Cyclones are round and form circles destroying everything that comes in their path. Cyclones never follow one passage but keep on changing their path. It is totally different from the general storm and keeps on changing the path different from the ordinary one.

Cyclones take place mostly in the warmer areas and India also faces this natural calamity. Cyclones do not take place in the countries which are colder. Cyclones can be described as irregular wind movements which are closed air circular of wind having a center of low pressure.

The atmospheric disturbance is the major cause of the cyclone along with the rotation of the earth which causes whirling motions to such disturbances. Cyclone is a term used in the weather system.

cyclone essay in english
cyclone essay in english

Cyclone Essay in English

Essay on Cyclone

There are different types of cyclones such as extratropical, tropical, and tornadoes.  A tropical cyclone is one that is rotating with low pressure and there are no fronts but has well organized thunderstorm.  Tropical cyclones mostly happen over the warm ocean water.

Extratropical cyclones are the ones with low-pressure winds and their formation usually takes place outside the tropics with chronic instability. These cyclones have huge horizontal contrast and also undergo temperature change.

Paragraph on Cyclone

These are the storms that populate the high and middle latitudes in the northern hemisphere.  It is also known as the bomb cyclone. Tornados are the rapid circulating column of air with downward extension that forms due to thunderstorms to the ground. On earth, we see violent tornadoes which can cause huge destructions because they move at very high speeds that can go up to 300 mph.  

Tornadoes take place in the areas with moisture and warm air close to the earth’s surface with dry air above. Winds are violent when cyclones take place and can also cause heavy rain along with loud thunderstorms. Cyclones can also stay for many days. The outbreak of a cyclone is terrible because it can fall down even the strongest and big trees like paper. 

In history, we can see the destructions caused by cyclones and are responsible for the destruction of many cities all around the world.  Massive cyclones can fall down huge buildings which lead to the loss of property as well as lives.  Thankfully today we can detect the cyclones early and take safety measurements which save many lives. 

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When cyclones take place the water in the rivers also gets raised because of the heavy winds in the ocean. In oceans, huge ships can sink like a needle if cyclones take place. Every living being in that area suffers because of this natural calamity. Animals, humans, and even birds get hurt due to cyclones and tornadoes.

Tornadoes can also destroy crop fields and humanity has to suffer from this destruction. Many people lose their lives and also become homeless.  In the cyclones-affected area, there is a shortage of drinking water as well as food. People have to run to their shelters to save their lives. Cyclones can leave people in miserable conditions.

India is surrounded by a huge coastline and this is why it is prone to such natural calamities.  India has seen much destruction caused by cyclones.  It happens majorly in tropical areas. Cyclones usually take place in the month of April to May and October to December.

Cyclone Matter in English

If people get a warning on time many lives can be saved.  Today we have technology that can detect cyclones but still, sometimes it gets too late to prepare for the challenge.

Meteorologists are responsible for detecting cyclones. They use satellite images to keep an eye on the storms.  From these images, the intensity and strength of the storms can be detected. Thankfully in India, we are having efficient cyclone warnings systems which have saved many lives till now. 

We have the best warning system and can predict the arrival of cyclones and their intensity. We use both satellite and conventional methods like radar-based techniques to detect cyclones.  Tornadoes can cause huge damage to life, animals, public facilities, livestock, crops, and property.

Essay on Amphan Cyclone

Cyclone warnings are announced 24 hours before so that people can move to safe places.  Meteorologists identify the intensity and strength and also warn the communities about its threat so that safety measurements can be conducted to save as much as possible. In case of hazardous situations, it is advised to take precautionary measurements so that property and life can be protected. In case of cyclone warnings, people must take these steps

  • Make sure that everyone around you knows about the warning and if not warn them
  • It is advised to stock necessary items like food and drinking water  if a situation goes out of the hand
  • There should be a battery in the radio to listen to the warning and advise
  • Your vehicle should be  having enough fuel in the tank
  • There should be supplies and medications handy
  • Keep everyone’s children and pets safe inside the bunkers or at home
  • There should be necessary types of equipment like emergency repairs  such as rope, nail, and hammer

In case of cyclone warnings, people should remain in safe places. They should continuously listen to the radio and follow instructions. People should keep in mind that most people lose their lives if they are out in the open. People also face severe injuries in case they are outside their homes.

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There are high winds, heavy rain, and thunderstorm. Cyclones carry lots of debris and even heavy vehicles fly along with them. Everything is fatal for humans who are like an ant in front of raging nature.  It is dangerous to stroll outside if there is a warning of a cyclone. Cyclones can last for days so it is important that people should stock necessary things to survive this natural calamity. people can only remain safe if they know what to do in cyclone situations.

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