Indian Democracy Essay in English

Indian Democracy Essay In English, India is a democratic country. Do you know the meaning of democracy? Democracy is considered to be the finest form of government. It comes from a Greek word mainly, which signifies people and their rules. Where there is a democracy, people select their own government according to their choice and preference. Greece was the first democratic country in the world.

We also live in a democratic country. In India, people also choose the government of their choice. At the same time, people also have the right to do their work as per their choice.

democracy essay in english
democracy essay in english

Democracy Essay in English

Short Essay On Democracy

Democracy is of two types. The first one is direct and representative and another one is hybrid or semi-direct democracy. Many decisions are made under democracies. In a democratic government country, people enjoy few rights that play a vital role in the life of human beings, which let them live happily and freely.

Democracy has endured the test of time. Undoubtedly, other forms of government have not succeeded, but democracy has stood strong in every phase. Democracy has proved its impact and importance again and again.

Why democracy is important?

It holds a significant role in the life of humans. Democracy is very essential for human development. When people will get the free will to live, then they will be happier and live freely. With other forms of government, citizens do not look happy and prosperous, but a democratic government lets people live freely.

It allows people have equal rights, which makes sure that equality succeeds all over the nation. At the same time, democracy also gives people duties, which make them better citizens. Different duties are also vital for the overall development of human beings.

What are the principles of democracy?

Democracy has mainly 5 principles, which are a republic, democratic, sovereign, socialist, and secular. According to these qualities, political parties will fight for elections. Voting is done to select the government and every individual in our country has a right to vote for their favorite political party. No party can forcefully get people’s votes.

But there are many bribes given to the needy individuals who require money, food, and shelter. Political parties give them such things and ask them to vote whom they wish. However, it is said that democracy in our country is better than in other countries.

In simple terms, it can be said that a nation needs democracy for better functioning and development of the government. There are several countries, where freedom of speech, freedom of political expression, freedom of the press, are considered to make sure that voters are knowledgeable, which permits them to vote as per their own interests and preferences.

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  • Socialist: Being socialist, the country and the government always work for the wellbeing and welfare of the people, who are the citizens of a particular country. To fulfill the basic needs of people, there may be some bribes given to them. It is the responsibility of the government that no one should starve in such a nation.
  • Sovereign: Being sovereign, it states the independent authority of a state or a country. The nation has the authority to make all different decisions without the intervention of any third party. These decisions may be based on external or internal issues.
  • Republic: The head of the state is elected by the people either directly or indirectly. This form of government is not a hereditary monarch. The elected head is also for a fixed period. Talking about the Indian republic form of government, the head of the state is the president. The head of India is indirectly elected and has a fixed official term of 5 years.
  • Secular: The nation does not make any prejudiced decisions on the basis of religion when it comes to secularism. All religions must be the same according to the law and there will be no discrimination on the basis of any religion. Every individual is allowed to practice and circulate any religion. People have the right to change their religion at any time.
  • Democratic: It means that the government of a country is elected by the people through the procedure of voting. All adult people with 18 years of age or above have the right to vote to elect the political party or government they want.

Paragraph on Democracy

There are lots of challenges for democracy such as corruption. There are many political officers and leaders who don’t do work with honesty everywhere they demand bribes. As a result, political leaders lose their trust in the country’s people which may impact the development of the country very badly.

There are also anti-social elements, which are observed during elections in which individuals are given bribes and are compelled to vote for a specific candidate. Community and caste, where a huge number of people give significance to their community and caste. This is why political parties also select a candidate on the common caste. There are some cases, in which good leaders lose due to the less count of the vote.

Final words         

Through democracy, a better government will be formed because it is in the people’s interest and accountable. It enhances the quality of decision-making and dignity of the citizens. Democracy is a method, which helps to deal with conflicts and differences in people. We should respect our rights and use them in the right way to reap the benefits of democracy.

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