Clean India Healthy India Essay in English

Clean India Healthy India Essay in English India is a colorful country with lots of cultures, colors, and rich history. Not only Indians but even foreigners get excited by the treasures we own in terms of history and culture, but one thing we all hate is unhygienic India. Hygienic is not to flaunt but essential for every being that exists on our planet. Cleanliness should be our major concern and Covid-19 has made us remind about its importance. It’s a lesson for all of us that keeping our place tidy is not only good for our environment but also significant for our lives.

Clean India is going to give us a healthy India where everyone can flourish happily and fight the dreadful viruses and bacteria. Purity should not only live in minds of the Indians but should reflect in our lifestyle.

Thanks to our Prime Minister who gave us clean India Abhiyaan also called “Swachh Bharat”. Many woke up from their sleep after cleaning India Abhiyaan and started giving importance to cleanliness. I cannot forget the times when everyone from our Prime Minister to local people was in the news with the broom cleaning their societies and public places.

I was pleased to see this because being the young generation of India I know how important cleanliness is for the sake of Indian people’s health. Many children die of diseases caused by the unhygienic clutters around them.

clean india healthy india essay in english
clean india healthy india essay in english

Clean India Healthy India Essay in English

Clean And Healthy India Essay in English: It’s Time We Come Together

Essay On Clean and Healthy India in 1000 words

I can completely remember the Tarak Mehta ka Ultaa Chashma episode dedicated to swatch India Abhiyaan. It was funny as usual and was having a clear message to people living in the slums who have these major cleanliness issues. That episode was one of my favorite because of the intense message it hold.

In slums, there is one major enemy of people and that is the unhygienic conditions where people live.  It is just heartbreaking to see people live in such a bad condition. I am glad that people in responsible positions in India have started giving priority to cleanliness nowadays.

According to me, it is still a challenge that many slums and villages are facing today. Not only villages, however, but many big states also have still cleanliness issues especially in the rainy season.

Keeping our mind body and surroundings clean is not a job of just one human, but is a collective effort we all need to put in. I have often seen poor garbage management around my society. People still dump their household trash in open. 

There is no garbage disposable system, drains are flooded sometimes and I have also seen people throwing their things in the open just like that. High pollution is another concern we Indians are facing, to no surprise the situation of Delhi where people are craving fresh air every year.

Many mohallas and streets are having garbage lying like some sort of beautiful decorations, is it a good impression for people who visit India? I think many times foreigners come to India just to see how many bad conditions are there on the streets when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

We must all ask ourselves these questions, how educated we are in terms of keeping our society clean? Can’t we do something about the slums and streets having garbage issues? Is it so much to ask to maintain hygiene wherever we go? I think it’s simple, but we Indians have a habit of making simple things complicated and consequences are no surprise.

There is no toilet facility in slums, remember the movie Mere pyare prime minister released in 2018, the only wish of a child was to have a toilet for her mother. The concept was simple, but the message was great. Everyone must do their part and only then we will be able to have a clean India.

Our culture is all about keeping our mind and soul clean and then we will be able to achieve the supreme, but it does not look so simple to me. We clean ourselves every day, we brush our teeth, we bathe, and we make sure our clothes are clean before leaving to schools and colleges, but what about our surroundings? Even mountains are not clean today.

People party inside their vehicles and throw their trash on the road.  I feel anguish every time I come out to walk my dog. People with a sick mentality are the real cause of the bad image of our India.  We just emphasize keeping ourselves and our clothes clean but ignore Mother Nature.

There are many efforts done by the government, but according to me, nothing has changed till now. Uncleanliness is growing day by day. Both cities and villages are having the issues of being unhygienic.  People are dying every day because of the trash and unhygienic conditions and I feel ashamed about it.

In Japan kids are responsible for cleaning their classrooms and even toilets; this is the basic kindergarten education they get. Why can’t this virtue teach to Indian students? In India, we feel ashamed of cleaning our bathrooms and we hire safai wala for that.

This mentality needs to be changed or people will keep on dying and our mother planet will have to bear our negligence.

Just imagine how bad we will feel if someone will throw trash at our mother. Will you accept that? Then why we are doing this to our mother nature, our planet which has given us blissful beauty and surroundings to dwell in.

Why we cannot respect her? It is time that we all hold hands together and fight for our mother nature, for her beauty, and our lives. Earth is our home where animals are more conscious than humans. Have you ever seen any animals spreading trash where they live?

Then why the educated people indulge in such shameful practices? What are we going to bestow our next generation; a planet full of unhygienic streets with garbage or the planet with a shameful human race with no responsibility towards their mother nature? It’s time that I ask this question to all humans.

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