Better Be Alone Than In Bad Company Essay In English

Better Be Alone Than In Bad Company Essay In English, Man is essentially a social living creature. It is true that human beings have a great impact on one another. When we get close to each other, we share our feelings, emotions, and thoughts with each other. But at the same time, getting associated with others may affect us negatively. If you have the wrong people in your surroundings, then it impacts your mind and even life negatively. It is a common saying that rather than staying in a bad company, it would be better to live alone.

Bad company is not good for anyone whether it is a kid, a youngster, or an adult. Getting mingle in a bad company is what every youngster must avoid. Of course, the reason is simple and easy to understand.

It is a wise saying that ‘Better alone than in a bad company.’ Staying in a bad company will let you expose to those activities, which are possibly not good, unhealthy, antisocial, unwholesome, illegal, dishonest, or even criminal.

If a person gets engaged in a bad company, its negative effects can last a long time, possibly for a lifetime. In fact, it is better to be called a lone wolf than to be considered a bad person.

better be alone than in bad company essay
better be alone than in bad company essay

Better Be Alone Than In Bad Company Essay In English

Bad Company Essay In English

I personally believe that the personality of a man is shaped by the influence he obtains from his surroundings, which include friends or those people with whom he comes in contact. So, the company a person keeps will decide on largely what he does, how does he think, and where his life will proceed.

In simple words, it can be said that a bad company can eventually ruin his life. Some people are afraid of staying alone, they tend to be the ones who need company the most. But they must take care of whom they meet or get involved.

Anyone can make a wreck of their lives by being associated with the incorrect people. So, if you want to make friends, then you need to be very careful. Avoid making friends or getting engaged with people with a bad character. Of course, it would be better off to be without having any friends than to make friends with a bad character.

The elderly and wise people never get tired of reminding their youngsters that a man is known by the company he is into. He is thought to be a man of good character and valuable ideals, but only if he is getting engaged with courteous, well-behaved, and smart people.

But he develops an object of doubtful character, suspicious looks, and unworthy of the company when he is found with people of loose talks and uncommitted temperament. Bad company is as much contagious and infected as good company.

When you are in a bad company, it spreads like fire. Your thoughts, feelings, and minds may go in the wrong direction when someone with a bad character is influencing you. It does no good to any person. Your life may get ruined when you are in bad company.

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Better Alone Than in Bad Company

We can easily spot bad company. Like, when we see a person having the habit of smoking and drinking, then possibly you can adopt the same thing easily. Of course, drinking alcohol very often is not a good sign for health, but on casual occasions, it may work. But a person should avoid getting addicted to smoking and drinking.

If your friend forces you to do the same thing, then it may not be good company for you. Drugs are another thing, which youngsters are getting addicted to these days. A person with such bad habits may fail to resist his temptations. A friend can influence his other friends as well.

This is why it is important to stop your friends if they are into bad habits. Of course, we can make them good people by helping them to stay away from such bad habits. But we can only try. Sometimes, it is not in our hands to stop these things.

In this case, it would be better for you to avoid such a bad company. It is better to have such types of friends. But, we should not make them our enemies. For that reason, you must stay away from them as much as you can.

It Is Better To Be Alone Than In Bad Company

A bad company will always take you away from self-happiness. If you mingle with friends who damage public property, scratch cars, shop-life or extort money, then you must quit them. There is no need to think much about them, just go away from them.

The reason is that such behavior will lead to more serious crimes. It matters a lot because you may become a victim of the wrong things and the chances are, you may get into unlawful activity. Get out quick before it gets too late. 

Sometimes, young people seek the company of human wolves, robbing sheep’s clothing, lack of right judgment, out of ignorance, and utter foolishness. They tend to take such people according to their face value.

They do not even know anything about their past or present background. After seeing them physically, they just become their friends. But when they wake up, it gets too late. At that time, they realize their foolishness too late.

This is how they come out of the den of evil companions or friends. Not only young people, but even adults can also become a victim of bad company. Adults can go on the wrong path if someone related to them is associated with a bad character or company.

Essay on Bad Company

Bad company is not good for your overall wellbeing, mental, and physical health, as well as character, and personality. This is why it is important to take the advice of your elders, parents, teachers, and guardians when you find something fishy among people who are in your surroundings whether,

It is all about people including your colleagues, friends, or other people. Avoid getting reflected by such rich epithets or become a target of bad characters’ people, who may claim to be your true friends.

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