Social Media Boon or Bane Essay in English

Social Media Boon or Bane Essay in English, Internet is new and when humans started using it initially no one knew its potential. Today we cannot live for even seconds without the internet. Internet has given us social media which is used to share information. Today social media is more than sharing information. Today the majority of people love to spend time on social media and some don’t even care about what is happening on social media.

Today there are two ideologies regarding social media and that is social media is a boon or bane. No doubt social media can offer many things to its users, but it is also having its negative impacts.

Today we cannot live without our smartphones where we have dozens of social media applications to kill the time. There are popular social media apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others. Today there are more than four billion active users of social media applications. 

social media boon or bane essay in english
social media boon or bane essay in english

Social Media Boon or Bane Essay in English

Social Media Curse or Boon Essay

Social media is for all and this is why there are a huge number of populations who enjoy using social media.  Social media is entertaining and we can spend long hours on our smartphones. On the other hand, side spending too much time on social media and forgetting the real meaning of life.  Social media is a boon or bane totally depending upon the users. They can turn it into a boon or make it is blight.   

The problem with social media is that it is tempting and once people get to indulge in it they can totally lose control over their precious time. Everyone has their own reasons to spend time on social media.  Individuals like to explore things available on internet.

Businesses are attracting more and more customers. Every organization is taking full advantage of social media platforms so that they can expand their business. Social media offer huge opportunities to those who wish to grow.  Individuals are also gaining popularity by turning to influencers. Today there are different types of social media applications available.

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There are applications specifically for business such as LinkedIn, and then there is Facebook where we can connect with our friends and family who are far from us. Then there is YouTube where we can get videos son almost everything like how to make a cake or how to knit a sweater.

Essay on Social Media Boon or Bane in 350 Words

Social media is for the benefit of humanity, but people are going in the wrong direction. Facebook is a social networking site that was designed to connect people, but today people are fighting with each other, abusing each other, there is also content available that is not good for youth of India.

The use of social media is going in the wrong direction. Scams and frauds have also started taking place nowadays on social media. It is a threat to the innocent minds that are just in the learning stage of new things. This is the time when they should expose to quality things. People are just using social media in a wrong way otherwise it is definitely a boon for humanity.

Social Media is Boon or Bane ?

Pros of social media

Social media can make you a celebrity overnight and can also take this position in no time. On social media, people can expand their business without putting in too much effort. Today when corona was taking lives, social media and internet were helping people. Now education is also switching to internet and online classes are the new methods of getting an education.

Social media is loaded with information that can be accessed from a variety of sources to be sure.  No matter where you are sitting on internet you can information you need. There are many organizations being established on social media that are helping people get the right data and news. It all helps with easy spread of information.

Social media is entertaining and this is why it has billions of users. Entertainment is loaded here which can be accessed anytime. There are videos, pictures, chatting, video calling, music, and every mode of entertainment available with social media. There are reels and short videos which are the new features of social media making it more entertaining for its users.

Social media platforms are ideal to promote business. Within a minute you can reach millions of customers. Social media is very fast and very simple to operate. There are many features being updated and implemented to social, media apps making them more favorable for businesses. Today the majority of the businesses are taking aid of the social media platforms to start and expand their business.

Cons of social media

There are many disadvantages of social media and that is why it is considered a bane as well. Social media has created chaos in the lives of people and sometimes major disasters as well.  If not taken notice of social media bane it is threatening to the entire population living on earth.

Cybercrimes are likely to happen because social media is used by billions. We cannot see who we are dealing with on social media which means no transparency. People are bullying, harassing, committed crimes towards children’s which are major threats to humanity.

Fake news is another thing that we had to deal with because social media is huge and no one knows from where information is coming. People easily believe in fake news because they do not look at the source. Fake news can result in adverse impacts.

Peer pressure is another bane social media has created. Teenagers are totally involved in social media and they are wasting their valuable time. They get exposed to things that are not meant for them, but social media is not having any limits to what one can see or not. Teenagers get easily influenced by what they see on these applications. They fail to distinguish real from fake and they commit crimes.

We are modernizing and this is why we need social media. There are many solutions that we get with social media. It is upon users to decide whether to make social media a boon for bane for them and their loved ones.

This is the social media boon or bane essay in English, from this entire article, we cover information regarding social media a boon or bane. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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