When is World Rivers Day 2022

World Rivers day Rivers have an important role in the world. The river is considered sacred in Hinduism. Rivers provide us with potable water, cheap transportation, electricity, and livelihood. That is why almost all the major cities of India are situated on the banks of the river. But since the last few decades, the condition of rivers has become worrying. India’s lost rivers and their tales are disturbing.

River and rivulet ecosystems that once provided food and water to people, apart from making significant contributions to areas such as agriculture and fisheries, are now on the verge of extinction in many places.

world rivers day
world rivers day

When is World Rivers Day

What is world River day?

World river day is celebrated worldwide highlighting the Values of River water, and increasing awareness among people about the importance and value of rivers across the globe.

When is World Rivers day celebrated?

World River day is celebrated every year across on every 4th Sunday of the September. This year in 2022, World River day is celebrated on 25th September 2022 ( 4th Sunday of September)

The deteriorating condition of rivers

Rapid haphazard urbanization and industrial development are to some extent responsible for the deteriorating condition of the rivers. The development of the cities of India in the last few decades attracts a huge population from the surrounding villages.

these cities situated on the banks of rivers encroach upon the river banks according to their needs. Then increasing population, industrial pollution, and encroachment affect the health of rivers and turn them into ‘dirty drains’. Examples of this are also present such as the Assi river in Varanasi, Bharalu, and Bahini River in Guwahati.

Importance of World River Day

About world river day In 2005, the United Nations launched the ‘Water for Life Decade’ to help create greater awareness of the need to better care for our water resources. In response, World River Day was proposed by ‘Marc Angelou’.

Before this, Canadians used to celebrate ‘British Columbia River Day’ in British Columbia for two decades, which was established by ‘Marc Angelo’. And now it had become a famous festival of rivers in North America. Seeing the success of this day, the United Nations announced to celebrate World River Day, which is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of September.

To ensure that the importance of water bodies is recognized and appreciated as it should be, ‘World River Day’ will continue to remind and create awareness about the importance of natural water around us.

Rivers have the same importance in human life as water. Most of the world’s population lives near rivers. Along with being the main source of drinking water, it is the basis of many industries which are impossible to run without water. The reason for irrigating the lands and providing fertile soil in them is that the fields around the rivers are very fertile which plays an important role in the economy of the area.
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The importance of rivers is not only human but also very much in terms of the environment. Rivers play a major role in running many ecosystems, not just one. Although the life of rivers is very long, human activities are putting the existence of rivers in such danger that only pollution causes a lot of damage to human life and related activities.

One of the importance of rivers has also been important in terms of transport. Many rivers have been an easier means of travel for people than land, which continues to this day.

World River day theme 2022

The United Nations started celebrating World Rivers Day in 2005. This year, The theme has been set to “Day of Action for Rivers”. Today in all over the world more than seventy countries have joined it and every year on the fourth Sunday of September, the work of spreading awareness about rivers is done.

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