Sivasagar Essay in English

Sivasagar Essay in English, India is a country with many beautiful states, towns, and villages. Among them, one is Sivasagar located in the Assam district. The name of the town is based on king Shiva Singha. This beautiful town holds its historical importance and is situated at the river. There are many historical monuments present in this town. Students can get great exposure on a school trip to Sivasagar. On the way, there are many tea gardens. Sivasagar is not only popular because of its historical value, but it has many oil industries and tea gardens as well.

I have also been on a Sivasagar school trip. It was one of the best trips of my life to date. This town is 360 kilometers in the Northeast of Guwahati and here we visited Ahom palaces and monuments.  It was a great experience.

The monuments take us back to history and it was one its kind experiences. I loved the time we spend in Sivasagar. It was the Ahom kingdom capital from 1699 to 1788. At that time Sivasagar was known as Rangpur.

This town belongs to a rich history and it has seen many good and bad things. Ahoms ruled Assam for 6 centuries and it fell in 1819 to Burmese. There are many beautiful places to see in this town.

sivasagar essay in English
sivasagar essay in english

Sivasagar Essay in English

Essay on Sivasagar in English

Sivasagar is located on the outer side but it is well connected to the roads. There are buses for public transportation that connects the town to Dibrugarh, Guwahati, and Jorhat. We traveled around the town through taxis. There are all the facilities available for the tourists here.

There are taxis, autos, and several other transportation mediums which are cheaper. The airport is 75km away from the town which is Jorhat airport. It might be a small town, but it is easily accessible and tourists can travel around it without spending too much money.

It is a well-known destination for Indians and even tourists. I was also got amazed by the beauty of this town. History is present everywhere and this is what attracts people.

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We visited Sivasagar as a keen child and this is why I got to learn something great about our culture and history.  The majority of the places in India are connected with religion, gods, and culture. Similar is the story of Sivasagar.

Some of the popular monuments present in the town are Joy doul, Shiva doul, Rangghar, Talatal ghar and the Joysagar tank. Shiva doul is a must to see the monument which is a dome made of gold and situated at the top of the bank.  Devi doul and Vishnu doul are the other two popular doul present on the tank bank.

A Visit to Sivasagar Essay in English

The Sivasagar has no hills, but the land is high and well-drained which makes it an ideal area for tea plantations. Tea gardens s what makes Assam and its towns attracted to tourists. There are many big rivers in the district like might Brahmaputra.

This river flows on the northern side of the town. Sivasagar is having natural beauty and the monuments and its temples make it a unique and a must to visit the place. There are many many rivers present in the district.

Sivasagar is best to place in winters and pleasant spring. The area is highly humid and also enjoys a rainy atmosphere. In the summer rain often falls which controls the hot temperature. It is an ideal tourist destination for those who do not like hot weather much. This area is not hot but always remains pleasant and cold in winters. 

Overall tourists can visit this place any time of the year. People here are welcoming and I made many friends there. Everyone was so friendly and helpful when we visited Sivasagar on our school trip.  

The Historical Sites of Sivasagar

The literacy rate of Sivasagar is 81% which is pretty good as compared to the rest of the states of India. The national average literacy rate in India is 59.5%. The female literacy rate in Sivasagar is 79%.  Many ethnic groups reside in this district together.

Because Sivasagar is having many rivers it is also known to have a variety of fish. The flora and fauna of Sivasagar are also worth exploring. As a student, we can see many things in this small district. It gives us the experience of rich history, the weather is amazing here, the food is heavenly and people are extremely friendly.

Sivasagar is a small town with a population of just 53,854 and the won has habitats comprising Koch, Ahom, Assamese Muslims, Hindus, and several other groups. This small town is having everything that not many other towns have in India. 

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It is popular for everything it contains. Nature is to its fullest here.  I love to be in the presence of Mother Nature and visiting Sivasagar was an amazing encounter with nature.

The rivers, the mountains, and the tea gardens can take your breath away. Our teachers introduced to us every monument and historical palace we visited in this town. The big temples of Shiva and other deities can soak us in the divine energy. 

There are many Shiva temples and others that are easily accessible. Every school must organize a trip to Sivasagar because students can explore so many things in this town. Apart from Sivasagar we also visited Guwahati and other major towns of Asammee but visiting Sivasagar was one of the best trips I can ever get out of my mind. I still remember the fresh air, green views, and sound of rivers in my ear.

The sight of big monuments and the energy that flows in these places is unforgettable. People here are close to nature and their soil. The oil and tea industries also make it worthy for the economy of the state. Sivasagar is all one package for tourist who loves nature and history.  

I gained a great experience out of my Sivasagar school trip where I learned and gained life experience both. I am thankful that my school organized a Sivasagra trip and I got to learn and enjoy.

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