Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, This post is going to provide information about Nancy Harmon Gospel, who is a famous singer in the United States of America. So, start reading and collect information about her in detail: Who is Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer? She is a gospel singer, evangelist, teacher, songwriter, and organist. She is a person, who has devoted her whole life to working for Christ.

She is renowned for her high-energy signing and smeared ministry both in the USA, as well as overseas. She sang many songs, which have become staples in a wide range of churches in different parts of the world. The most interesting thing about Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer is that she is a mentor for youngsters.

She organizes inner-city outreaches and operates the Love Bus Co. for kids. She has a great passion to educating kids for ministry, feeding the needy ones, and reaching people of all ages. She dedicated her life to the sake of humanity.

nancy harmon gospel singer biography
nancy harmon gospel singer biography

Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

NameNancy Harmon
Birth DateSeptember 25, 1939
Birth PlaceKansas City
NicknameNancy Harmon
Home TownKansas City, USA
Sun SignN/A
HobbiesSinging and serving humanity by living on the path of The Christ
Marital StatusSingle
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNot Applicable
FamilyA mother
SpouseNever married
ChildrenNot Applicable
ProfessionGospel Singer, Evangelist, Teacher, Songwriter, and Organist
Net Worth$4 to $6 million USD
Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: Not applicable Twitter ID: Not applicable nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Instagram ID:@nancyharmon
Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Age 83 years old as of 2022.

Birth and childhood details

Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer was born on September 25, 1939, in Kansas City located in USA. She belongs to America, which is why she is known as American. She was raised by her mother because her parents parted away when she was just a little girl. Her mother belonged to the Christianity religion. This is how she grew up with a motive to work for Christianity.

Her mother had a great love for Christ. This is why her mother trained Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer to love god and trust him for everything. When she was just 10 years old, she used to sing praise and joyful songs with her mother in her native church. When she turned out to be 13 years old, she began playing the Hammond Organ.

At the age of 18 years, Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer got a call from Evangelist Kenny Foreman, who asked her if she would play the organ for a new church he had just inaugurated in Kansas City located in Missouri. Before this chance, she had played the Hammond Organ in one of Brother Foreman’s evangelist meetings held in Kansas. She agreed and began playing the organ for the church.

As the church was in the initial development phase, they gave $50 per week to Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer which was not enough for her. She just managed to save part of it because she wanted to purchase a piano. And she used this money for the same and this piano was the first instrument she owned.

Nancy Harmon Wikipedia: Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Obituary

At the age of 19 years, Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer organized her first choir in Kansas. She followed the voice of The Lord at the age of 28 years and decided to go to Evangelism with The Victory Voices. After that, Jim Bakker took them into his heart and utilized them on his TV programs many times.

The smearing on Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer has filled schools, churches, street corners, and houses of unwed mothers. It was her love and passion for Christ, which made her capable of doing it. She started The Love Special Telecast with TBN in 1974.

At the same time, she continued with her ministry to train youth for their own personal ministries. She was given the name ‘Mamma Nancy’ by more than 1700 young men and women. These days, most of them are working in full-time ministries of their own.

In 2008, God started dealing with her about bringing up a generation, a new breed. This generation would not bow to the Baal of this universe. She was obedient to his voice. She agreed to evolve the ‘Mighty Warrior Training Program.’ This program is a 5week long program. This program is designed for young men and women.

During this program, Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer gave teachings to these youngsters in all aspects of the world, as well as the ministry. These youngsters who come to Nancy Harmon Gospel, get back to their home churches and start living their lives that have changed forever, on fire for God, as well as for ministry. This program is definitely life-changing for them.

Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Death

It is supposed that Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer died in 2021, but there was no correct confirmation in this news.

How Old is Nancy Harmon the Gospel Singer?

83 years old as of 2022.

Is Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon Still Alive?

She is alive

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