Robert Sheffey Biography, Wikipedia

Robert Sheffey Biography, Wikipedia, This post is going to cover information about Robert Sheffey in detail. So, start reading: Robert Sheffey was born on July 4, 1820, and died on August 30, 1902. He was an American Methodist evangelist. At the same time, Robert Sheffey was also a circuit-riding preacher. His full name was Robert Sayers Sheffey. He was renowned for his eccentricities and power in power.

He ministered to the Appalachian region of southwest Virginia, eastern Tennessee, and southern West Virginia. He was also part of the folklore of these regions.

robert sheffey biography
robert sheffey biography

Robert Sheffey Biography, Wikipedia

Robert Sheffey Early Life 

He was born near the hamlet of Ivanhoe, Wythe County in Virginia. His parents belonged to a local prominent family. He was the youngest of 5 brothers. When he was 2 years old, his mother died. And after that, Robert Sheffey was brought up by an aunt living in Abingdon, Virginia.

When it comes to his education, he went to Emory and Henry College from 1839 to 1840. He was not interested in books and he hated profound study. Due to this reason, Robert Sheffey did not continue his higher education. When he turned out to be 18 years old, Robert Sheffey was converted at a revival in Abingdon.

Even though his relatives wanted him to carry on in the Presbyterian Church, he turned out to be a Methodist. After some time, Robert Sheffey became an itinerant preacher.

Family and marriages 

He was a married man. In 1843, Robert Sheffey got married to Elizabeth Zwecker. A couple had 6 kids. He worked in different areas for his livelihood and to raise his family. He farmed, taught in a school, and worked as a clerk. He also kept a store. His first wife (Elizabeth Zwecker) died in 1854 and he got completely dedicated to his ministry.

Legends started to grow about his pet hobbies, idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, and his odd whimsical notions. He tried to get a license for preaching for some years, but due to his oddities, he did not achieve success until 1855.

Generally, his journey of Methodist churches crossed 14 mountain counties in West Virginia and Virginia and involved regular appearances at the famous Wabash Camp Meetings, which were near Staffordsville, Giles County located in Virginia.

He again got married to Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Stafford in January 1864. But the parents of Eliza did not favor their marriage due to the constant journey riding of Robert Sheffey. Nonetheless, their marriage was a huge success. His second wife completely understood him and did not criticize his recurrent absences.

From this marriage, Robert Sheffey had one son named Edward Fleming Sheffey (1865 to 1933). His son became a popular Lynchburg businessman. His son used to tell him, “Uncle Johnny thinks that you ought to spend more time with your family.” and he replied to his son, “Son, Uncle Johnny doesn’t know which way the rats run. The Lord will take care of you.” finally, even the Staffords were reunited to the marriage.

He was known for his concern about the animals’ welfare. There is a long story related to how he took care of animals. He was as caring for the welfare of men as of animals. Many times, Robert Sheffey gave away woolen socks to needy people.

Side by side, he enjoyed singing and shouting. He liked to draw pictures of fish and birds. He also preferred writing snatches of hymns on the walls of his hosts’ homes as well as on rock outcroppings. He used to write in artistic lettering.

Power in prayer

There are many stories about Robert Sheffey when it comes to his power in prayer. Some of the prayers were concerned about the essential needs of agricultural communities like the need for rain during drought conditions or the prevention of rain during the harvesting season. He hated the liquor traffic.

This is why his most remembered prayers were aimed at such stills and the individuals who operated them. He was one of the most powerful men in prayer, even though he was not able to preach a lick.

George C Rankin, a Methodist preacher recalled in his memoirs, even though Robert Sheffey acted more like a crazy man, he was awesome in a meeting. Robert Sheffey would stir the people, and gather the huge crowd of the mourner’s bench with crying penitents.

Robert Sheffey last year 

Talking about the last years of Robert Sheffey, he died on August 30, 1902. He decided to continue his ministry as he was physically capable. However, Robert Sheffey suffered intensely from rheumatism. He preferred to stay away from towns upon inviting by his son to live with him in Lynchburg.

He liked to stay in rural Giles County. When he died, Robert Sheffey was at the home of a friend, Aurelius Vest, who was a farmer, country undertaker, and Coffin builder, near White Gate.

Who is Robert Sheffey?

He was an American Methodist evangelist. At the same time, Robert Sheffey was also a circuit-riding preacher. His full name was Robert Sayers Sheffey. He was renowned for his eccentricities and power in power.

Where was Robert Sheffey Buried?

He is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery (off Sheffey Memorial Road) in Trigg.

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