My Brother Essay in English 10 Lines

My Brother Essay in English 10 Lines, We live in a family, where different people live with love and respect. We have brothers, sisters, and parents in a family. Today, in this essay, I am going to talk about my brother. We are three siblings. I have 2 brothers. In this essay, I am revealing a lot about my younger brother. His name is john. Let’s check out the essay on my brother:

He was born on 15 October 1994. I am elder to him. We were all born in a small village. When he was born, I was 5 years old. I was very happy to see him. I felt lucky that he came into our life. I am closer to my younger brother rather than my elder one.

Now, he grew up and is 28 years old. We both love each other. He respects me a lot. We both care for each other. We hardly fight with each other. We used to spend time with each other on weekends because working days are busy for both of us.

My Brother Essay in English 10 Lines
My Brother Essay in English 10 Lines

My Brother Essay in English 10 Lines

Essay on Brother

My brother is tall and handsome. His height is 5 feet 9 inches. He has a good physical appearance. I like his attitude and sense of humor very much. He is very caring and loving. He used to talk to elders with respect and Youngers with love. He is very kind and polite. All siblings are working. He runs his own shop, where he deals in cricket equipment, health and fitness equipment, and much more.

When we were in school, we both used to go to the same school. He was very good at his studies. But at the same time, he was naughty too. Teachers used to give me his complaints. He fought with kids in his class very often. This is why teachers punished him every day. But slowly and slowly, he entered the adult age and became a mature person.

Then, he became very sensible. Now. He understands and handles each and everything with maturity and friendly behavior. He is a person, with whom I share my secrets. Even, he also tells me each and everything about his personal life. We both discuss things with each other.

There is a well-known saying that brothers are not simply close, they are knit together.

My Younger Brother Essay in English

We all have siblings and siblings are more like friends who never leave us alone. The bond between a brother and a sister is a special one. No one can complement this bond. Of course, siblings do fight or argue with each other, but they are the ones, who share a deep friendship with each other. This kind of friendship can never be forgotten and complemented.

Even though I have a strong and loving relationship with my brother. As he is younger than me, I always teach him good things that can make him a good and honest person. Of course, he is a good and loyal person. He likes honesty very much. He never lies with anyone. He is a straightforward person. He likes to clarify each and everything in the starting. There are many other attributes, which I like about my brother a lot.

He has done post-graduation and got good marks. After his studies, he decided to run his own business. Now, he has his own sports shop in a popular market in our city as now, we have shifted to the city. He is capable of earning his livelihood. At the same time, he is also a good cricket player. He has represented the cricket district team in many matches.

He is a wicket-keeper and batsman too. He is very passionate about cricket. He wants to represent our country by attaining a place in international matches. This is why he used to work hard a lot. My brother is a dedicated and motivated person. His determination and dedication will definitely take him to a successful level in his career.

Of course, he is a businessman. But cricket is his passion. He got many trophies and medals in a lot of matches at the district level. He wants to excel in his skills and abilities in cricket. This is why he daily goes for practice on the cricket ground, which is near to our home. So, I wish him all the best to perform well no matter what he is doing. I will always stand by her.

He also respects our parents. He shares a good bond with my father. He also takes care of my father as he is ill. He has a big heart. My brother also likes to help poor families. He regularly visits some orphanages and child home centers, where he used to give them daily essential things so that they can also live a happy life.

He works as a volunteer and does many charity activities in his life. My brother always believes in good deeds. This is why he never hurts anyone. He also goes to temple daily.

During our leisure time, we like to have fun by spending quality time with our family. We all play games on weekends like Carom, Ludo, etc. I and my brother share our weekly routine with each other. We tend to have long conversations as we share our opinions and ideas on different topics. Being the youngest member of our family, all family members love my brother very much. He is the apple of everyone’s eyes in my family.

He has a good interest in movies, especially thriller ones. He has many friends. He often meets them, some of his friends belong to the same profession. They used to play with each other in cricket matches. He loves to eat pizzas, which are his favorite junk food item.

But at the same time, he is a very foodie, he likes to try new food items. He is full of positivity and happiness. He never makes me feel cry. In the end, I like to say that my brother is my real hero. Being an elder sister, I always pray for his good health, success, and happiness. May God give him all happiness he deserves!

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