Elena Moussa Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Net Worth

Elena Moussa Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Elena Moussa is popularly known as Greg Gutfeld’s wife and she is also a former model.  Elena Moussa is better known for her job as a photo editor at Maxim Russia.  She has also worked as a journalist and fashion designer for various online media. Greg Gutfeld is a well-known American TV host, political guru, producer, and author.

He hosts a late-night talk show called Gutfeld and he is among the 5  panelists and co-hosts on the show called  The Five which is a political talk show which is aired on the Fox News Channel. Moussa and Greg is in a relationship since 2004.

elena moussa wikipedia
elena moussa wikipedia

Elena Moussa Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Height, Nationality, Net Worth

NameElena Moussa
Birth Date4 May 1982
Birth PlaceRussia
Elena Moussa NationalityRussian
Home TownRussia
Sun SignTaurus 
Elena Moussa Height5 feet 5 Inches
Weight55 Kilograms 
HobbiesNot Available
Elena Moussa EducationUS High School Graduated Parson School of Design Fashion Institute of Technology
QualificationUS High School Graduated Parson School of Design Fashion Institute of Technology
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Elena Moussa FamilyElena Moussa Father:- NA, Elena Moussa Mother: – NA Sibling:- NA
SpouseGreg Gutfeld
ProfessionJournalist, Model, Fashion Designer
Elena Moussa Net Worth$2 Million
Social MediaElena Moussa Instagram:- @elenamoussa 
Elena Moussa Age41 years old as of 2023.

Biography Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa was born on 4th May 1982 to Russian parents but she grew up in the United States in New York City.  She went to US high school and graduated in 2000. She also attended the Parsons School of Design. She likes to spend time in her hometown. She always had a creative soul and she loved creating things.

She also went to the fashion institute of Technology in New York.  She joined the globally recognized fashion institute to learn about fashion, design, communications, arts, and business. For this, she had to move to the united states and there she found a job and started earning for herself. Before Elena Moussa was twenty she was living in Russia, the US, and the UK.

Elena Moussa Career

When Elena Moussa was a child she was having a passion for fashion design. To achieve her dreams she joined the most reputed fashion institute so that she can find herself with opportunities in fashion design. She also had an interest in modeling. 

After she completed her education and obtained a fashion design degree she entered the fashion design industry and also performed as a model.  She went back to Russia and started modeling for some brands. 

She then took the job of a photo editor for the company Maxim Russia. This company is known as a multinational fashion brand and magazine. The company is having branches in the UK, Russia, Germany, and several other countries. While she was working with Maxim Russia she got an opportunity to travel around the UK. 

She worked for Maxim Russia for about seven long years and then started her own company called Moussa Project in the year 2011.  The company was all about fashion, accessories, beauty, and clothing in the luxury section. She used to model for her own company as she is having stunning look.  She gives luxury dresses for rent to her high-class clients.

Elena Moussa Relationship

Elena Moussa grew up in Russia with her parents. Both her parents were Russian. There is not much available about her family.  Talking about her relationship she is popularly known as the wife of Greg Gut fled. Elena Moussa married Greg and they were having affair since 2004.  Her husband belongs to the political field so he is very vocal and on the other hand side, Elena is very neutral online. The couple is also having children.

Elena Moussa net worth and social media

Elena Moussa is active on social media as she is the wife of Greg Gutfled.  She stays neutral on social media about Greg and is extremely vocal. Elena Moussa is having Instagram account called @ elenamoussa where you will find her stunning pictures. She likes to share pictures with her friends when she is enjoying the outdoors.

She is having more than 15K followers. Elena Moussa is successful on her own. She is having her own company for which she models.  She is having a successful business. It is estimated that Elena Moussa is having a net worth of around $2 Million. Elena Mousse’s husband Greg is having a net worth of $7 Million.  The couple is rich and lives a lavish lifestyle.  They are having many followers and both of them are successful in their fields.

Elena Moussa’s interesting facts

  • Elena Moussa is Russian
  • Elena Moussa is a fashion designer, journalist, model, and photo editor
  • Elena Moussa is popularly known as the wife of Greg Gutfled
  • The couple was in a relationship since 2004 and married now
  • Elena Moussa is having a net worth of $2 Million
  • Elena Moussa is the owner of the Moussa Project which she launched in the year 2011

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