Best Teddy Roosevelt Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Facts

Best Teddy Roosevelt Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Facts, Teddy Roosevelt’s name is Theodore Roosevelt he was born in 1858 in New York City. His parents were Martha “Mittie” and Theodore Sr. Teddy Roosevelt was born into a wealthy Dutch Descent family who had a high social status. Theodore was called Teddy by his parents in love but he was popular with the name Teddy Roosevelt and not Theodore.

Teddy was suffering from asthma from a very young age so his father used to take care of their boy very well.  He used to take him to the countryside and brisk carriage rides so that he can have some fresh air. 

As a kid, Teddy was very fond of reading and used to have an interest in the natural world and adventure tales. He was having wit older than his age. Teddy’s father used to encourage his intelligent yet sick boy a lot for exercising. Teddy was committed to paying attention to his health and gaining physical strength.

best teddy roosevelt biography
best teddy roosevelt biography

Best Teddy Roosevelt Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Facts

Teddy Roosevelt Education and Marriage

Teddy Roosevelt started his studies in 1876 at Harvard and he used to challenge himself by playing hiking, and sports. He used to love going on hunting trips during school breaks. Teddy has to face devastating things soon and at the age of 46, his beloved father lost his life.

Teddy always said that his father is the best man. His father sued to love him a lot and used always encourage him to be strong.  At Harvard Teddy met Alice Hathaway Lee and the couple married in the year 1880.

Teddy bought Acreage in Oyster Bay which many generations of his family used to spend time enjoying and also planned to build a dwelling which later became Sagamore Hill which became his main residence for his life. This was also the time when his political career started as he was elected to serve his Manhattan district in the New York Assembly.

In the year 1884 Teddy had to go through huge suffering as he lost both his mother and his wife had just given birth to their first child a daughter named Alice. Teddy left her daughter with his sister and he traveled to Dakota to live and work. He wanted to keep himself away from the stress that had just arrived in his life.

He was doing hard work as a rancher in the Badlands. The local people were worried about Harvard-educated easterners but Teddy endeared himself with the people. He easily mixed up with the local people as he was humble. After the time he spent in Dakota his life was positively changed.

He also came up with the Trilogy of popular books Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (1885), Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail (1888), and The Wilderness Hunter (1893) which built his reputation as an author.  

Throughout his life, Teddy wrote 30 books.  A devastating blizzard took place which ended Teddy’s life as a western rancher because it cost him the majority of his cattle. He after that went to New York.

Teddy Roosevelt Presidency

Teddy won an election in 1904 and he served as president from 1901 to 1909. Teddy Roosevelt had a unique character and at the time of his presidency, things were modernized. Teddy Roosevelt is a name we still know and many still like to research him.

Teddy is still remembered for expanding the role of states in world affairs, taking big businesses like trusts. Natural resources conservation, preserving landscapes that had national significance. Teddy was involved in big things which were in the favor of the United States and its people. 

He helped in negotiating the end of the Russo-Japanese War, expanded the naval army, and much more. Teddy Roosevelt has also won Nobel Prize Award in 1906. Roosevelt focused on making square deals for his fellow Americans.

He left a conservation legacy and he is best known for it.  He created 150 forests, first bird research at Pelican Island, and also named 18 national monuments using Antiquities Act.

Teddy Roosevelt Death

Quentin was the youngest son of Teddy Roosevelt who died in an action during a flying mission in the country France.  The death of his youngest son deteriorated Teddy as he had lost many of his loved ones already. Teddy Roosevelt died on 6 January 1919 and he was 60 years old at the time of his death.

He died due to a pulmonary Embolism at his house in Sagamore Hill. A funeral service was held at the Christ Church in Oyster Bay and he was buried at Young’s Memorial Cemetery. Today there are hundreds of sites dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt and the public can visit and learn about him.

Some of them are Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Theodore  Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, and many others. Theodore Roosevelt was not just the president of the United States but a great man.

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