Best George Washington Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Early Life

Best George Washington Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Early Life, George Washington was the first president of the United States and he was born on 22nd February 1732. George Washington is a name in history that can never be removed.  He served as the president from 1789-1797 and he was also called “The Father of the Country”. It is because he was the one under whose leadership the united states got its foundation.

George Washington received his first training in the arena of military and was assigned as the Virginia Regiment Commander when the Indian and French were having a war. He was after that elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses and appointed as a commanding general of the well-known Continental Army he led the country to its victory over the war with the British in 1781 when there was a Revolutionary war taking place.

All this led to American independence.  In the year 1783, he resigned from his commission after a treaty was signed which was the Treaty of Paris.

best george washington biography
best george washington biography

Best George Washington Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Early Life

George Washington Early Life

George Washington was born into a wealthy family of Virginia planters and his parents had accumulated their fortune from tobacco cultivation and land speculation. George’s great-grandfather had migrated in 1656 from Musgrave England to a colony in Virginia where he bought five thousand acres of land on locations like the Potomac River and Little Hunting Creek.

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County and he was the first among six kids of his parents. His mother was Mary Ball Washington and his father’s name was Augustine Washington.  His father was not a common man he was a prominent public figure and Justice of Peace. 

He also had four more children from his first wife Jane Butler. In the year 1735, the Washington family relocated to Little Hunting Creek, and then later in 1738 they again relocated to Ferry Farm.  In 1743 George’s father died so he inherited ten slaves and Ferry farm property. 

George Washington did not have any former schooling but he went to Lowe Church School which is in Hartsfield.  He learned about Trigonometry, mathematics, and land surveying, and with his fat learning skills he became a map maker and draftsman. 

He did not even reach complete adulthood but he gained the art of writing with precision and considerable force.  He was very good at writing.

George used to visit Belvoir and Vernon often where there was his Lawrence father-in-law’s plantation. Lawrence was George’s half-big brother. Later Fairfax became George’s surrogate father and patron and then for a few months, George spent surveying the property of Fairfax Shenandoah Valley.

He also got his surveyor’s license by that time from the prestigious College of William and Marry when he was just seventeen years old.  He was then elected as the Culpeper County, Virginia Surveyor though he had no experience of customary apprenticeship. 

On July 20, 1749, he appeared in the Culpeper County office where he took his oath. In 1750 after learning about the frontier region he resigned from his job.  He did not leave the survey job and continued with it at the Blue Ridge Mountains. He had accumulated a lot of lands about 2,315 acres by 1752.

George Washington Marriage

George Washington got married in the year 1759 when he was 26 years old to Martha Dandridge Custis. Martha was older than George who was the 27-year-old widow of Daniel Parke. Martha was skilled, experienced, and gracious in Planter’s estate business. Both were happily married and also had children together.

Martha had two kids from her previous marriage Pasty and Jacky.  Then later Martha had two more kids Washy and Nelly. Then the family moved to Mount Vernon where he took up the life of a tobacco planter and surprisingly merged as a political figure.

George Washington Political Start

When the Indian and French war was taking place at the urge of George, Lord Botetourt who was the Governor at that time fulfilled his promise of land bounties to Dinwiddie to all volunteer militia. Then he doubled the size of his property and workers. 

In his political activities, he used to support George William Fairfax’s candidacy who was also his friend.  This support of a friend turned into a dispute which resulted in William Payne and George’s physical altercation.

George apologized to William who was expecting a fight. George was a huge landowner and also a respected military hero, he was having the support of locals so he was elected as a provincial legislature of Virginia which was representing Fredrick County. He won the election with the support of the locals. From here his political career started.

George Washington Death

There is a debate about his death as his illness and sudden death both was a mystery. It is speculated that he died of huge blood loss and went into hypovolemic shock. His net worth was $587 Million.

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