Alton B Parker Biography, Wikipedia, Interesting Facts

Alton B Parker Biography, Wikipedia, Interesting Facts, Alton B Parker was born on 14th MAY 1852 and died on 10th May 1926. He was a well-known American judge who lost the presidential election against the famous president Theodore Roosevelt.  Alton B Parker was born in Upstate New York.  He was a bright student who after high school practiced law in his home state. 

He was appointed to the New York supreme court as a chief judge from 1898-1904. Alton B Parker was interested in something bigger so he gave up his judge post to stand for the president post. In the year 1904, William Randolph Hearst got defeated by him for the nomination of the Democratic Party for the president of the USA.

Alton B Parker also opposed the incumbent in the general election which became very popular against Theodore Roosevelt. Alton B Parker lost by 336 votes after which he returned back to his law field.

alton b parker biography
alton b parker biography

Alton B Parker Biography, Wikipedia, Interesting Facts

NameAlton B Parker
Birth Date14th May 1852
Birth PlaceCortland, New York
Home TownCortland,  New York
Sun SignTaurus
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
HobbiesNot Known
EducationUnion University, New York State 
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyFather:- John Brooks Parker Mother:- Harriet F. Stratton
SpouseMary Louise Shoonmaker
ChildrenBoy:-John Girl:-Bertha
ProfessionChief Judge Of the New York Appeals
Net WorthNot Known 
Social Media ProfilesNone

Alton B Parker’s early life

Alton B Parker was born in Cortland, New York.  His father was a farmer and his name was John Books Parker.  Alton B Parker’s mother’s name was Harriet F. Stratton.  Parker’s father was a farmer but both of his parents were well-educated. His parents used to encourage him to learn more. 

From a very early age, his parents addressed him to reading.  When Alton B Parker was young he used to visit the court with his father. He used to see his father as a juror. He used to get fascinated by the proceedings and there he found his inspiration to become a lawyer. 

Initially, he joined Cortland academy but then he started earning as a teacher in Binghamton.  In Binghamton, he met a girl and got engaged to her.  The girl’s name was Mary Louise Schoonmaker. Her father owned a property near the school. He went back to Cortland academy and then to Cortland normal school where he also became a member of Gamma Sigma Fraternity.  

After completing his graduation Alton B Parker married Mary. After that, he enrolled at Albany law school and got his LLB degree in the year 1873.  Until 1878 Alton B Parker practiced law in Kingston as a senior partner.

Alton B Parker was a supporter of future US president and governor Grover Cleveland and this is when he became active with the Americans Democratic Party.

Alton B Parker Judicial Career

 After the election, Alton B Parker was appointed by the hill to fill the New York court vacancy in the year 1885. This vacancy was created by Theodore R west brook’s death of justice. Later in the year, 1886 Alton B Parker was selected for his own 14-year term. 

After three years he became an appellate judge when he got appointed by the hill. V successfully got his post as the chief judge of the New York court of appeals when he defeated Williams James Wallace. 

Alton B Parker was a well-known judge of his time. He was recognized for independent ally research on every case he worked on or heard.  He was also an active supporter of social reform legislation.

When Alton B Parker was the chief judge he moved to Esopus and bought an estate on the Hudson River. He and his wife called their home Rosemount. They became parents of two beautiful children John and Bertha. A disaster came in the life of Alton B Parker when john died of tetanus when he was a kid.

Alton B Parker’s later life

From 1906 – 1907 Alton B Parker served as the American bar association president.  His notable cases were Lawlor which was popular by the name of Danbury Hatters Case.  In this case, he represented organized labor. Alton B Parker again entered politics in 1910. In 1911 when he announced his support for women’s suffrage he became popular. 

Alton B Parker’s wife died in the year 1917. Alton B Parker again got married in 1923 to Amelia Day. In the year 1926 on the day of may 10 Alton B Parker died after recovering from bronchial pneumonia from a heart attack. 

He was riding in a car when he got a heart attack. He was about to celebrate his 74th birthday 4 days after his death. Alton B Parker was buried in Wiltwyck Cemetery in Kingston.

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