William Boyett Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Height

William Boyett Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Height, William Boyett William was a well-known actor who was born on 3 January 1927 and his full name was Harry William Boyett. He was born in Akron, Ohio, USA and he was having American nationality. William Boyett was not just a great actor but also a great man. He did many iconic roles and he had many fans. Sadly he is not among us and have said goodbye to this world.

William Boyett was a wealthy man and at the time of his death, he had a net worth of around $15 million. William Boyett used to live the most lifestyle and was a well-appreciated actor of his time.

William Boyett did many roles in the movies and accumulated huge wealth. He was one of the prominent figures in the industry who was best known for his police drama role as Sgt. William MacDonald.

william boyett net worth
william boyett net worth

William Boyett Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Height

NameWilliam Boyett
William Boyett Birthday13 January 1927
William Boyett BirthplaceAkron, Ohio, USA
William Boyett NationalityAmerican
William Boyett HometownWaco, Texas
Sun SignCapricorn
William Boyett Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight70 Kilograms
HobbiesHigh School graduate
William Boyett EducationHigh School Graduate
QualificationHigh School 
Marital StatusMarried 
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
William Boyett FamilyWilliam Boyett Parents: Father:- Harry Lee Mother: –  Margaret D. Boyett Sibling(s):-    
William Boyett Wife/SpouseJoan Amelia Reynolds Willagene Wither
ChildrenSuzy and Kevin Boyett
William Boyett Net Worth$15 Million
William Boyett Death29 December 2004
William Boyett Age77 years old as of 2004.

William Boyett Biography

William Boyett was born in the year 1927 and he died at the age of 77. His real name was Harry. He was born in Akron, Ohio but he was raised in who, Texas, and then his family relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1940s.

There are no details about his parents and family background. William Boyett was known for his performances. William Boyett started as a weather forecaster on KCEN-TV channel 6 in his hometown and then shifted his focus to the acting industry. 

William Boyett was best known for the role of Sgt, William MacDonald in The Adam -12 which was a popular police drama in 1968. He has done many movies like when a stranger calls and Newsies.

William Boyett was a successful actor and he was having a net worth of millions. He was a man of taste and had expensive assets like cars in his possession.

William Boyett Career

William Boyett served in the United States Army during World War II and then he performed in theatre in Los Angeles and New York City. William Boyett started his television career in the year 1954.

He first played the role of Jim Hardwicke in the Death Valley Days. Then he was seen in the Highway Patrol in which he again played the role of a patrol officer.

And he appeared in 65 episodes. Then he performed Sgt Johnson between 1955 and 1959.  He has played roles of a policeman in many different series like

Gang Busters: The Man Behind the Badge I Led 3 Lives

MS quad: The Detectives Sea Hunt, Batman Gomet Pyle, Star Trek the next generation. He made 8 guest appearances on CBCs Perry Mason throughout the series and he was mostly seen in the law enforcement roles. 

He played the role of Otto Norden in The Case of the Hateful Hero”. He was also seen in many TV programs like a navy log, The Love Boat, tales of the Texas Rangers, the a-team, space patrol, knight rider, the Andy Griffith Show, Fantasy Island, family affair, and many others.

His roles in TV were also around many genres. He was a diverse actor but people used to love him in the police officer roles. After TV he has also performed in many movies such as the hidden in 1987, The Rocketeer in 1991, and many others

William Boyett Wikipedia, Personal Life

William Boyett was married two times. He first married Willagen Wither on 9 August 1947.  Willagene was his first wife. The couple got separated due to personal reasons in the year 1950.

William Boyett married once again and this time he married Joan Amelia Reynolds on 5 October 1957. The couple was happily married till his death in the year 2004. William Boyett and Joan were also having two children together.

The details like the name and profession of his kids are not known. William Boyett was a handsome fellow and had a very charming personality.

William Boyett had a huge fan following and also had many female fans when he was young.  His acting skills gained him huge popularity.

William Boyett Cause of Death

William Boyett was a great actor and he said goodbye to the world at the age of 77. He died on 29 December 2004 in Mission Hills, California. William Boyett died of pneumonia and kidney failure. William Boyett is peacefully sleeping at his resting place in the United States.

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