Vania Mania Family Wikipedia, Ages, Nationality, Net Worth

Vania Mania Family Wikipedia, Ages, Nationality, Net Worth, If you love to watch youtube channels then you are definitely aware of the Vania mania kids. Vania mania is a Dubai based family of 7 5 kids and their parents and they are the most popular YouTube creators of 2023.  The channel was launched in the year 2015 when they had no realization that their fun hobby is going to get so popular.

They have already become a millionaire with Vania mania. It started with one channel but today they are having 15 channels and have expanded its empire with twenty million subscribers who daily look forward to its YouTube content. These YouTube content creators h are hugely successful. The credibility of their success also goes to AIR Media Tech which is a global company for digital creators. 

vania mania family wikipedia
vania mania family wikipedia

Vania Mania Family Wikipedia, Ages, Nationality, Net Worth

Vania Mania Parents Name

In the beginning parents, Diana and Evgeny Bolbat were working full time jobs and had two kids to look after. They never even had the farthest idea that they are going to make a career in the content creator field. Their two little kids Vania and mania used to enjoy watching videos of Max and Katya who were very popular YouTube kids and they wanted to become like that and have fun like that.

The kids used to love watching their videos in fact more than cartoons. They used to ask their parents to make the same videos. They wanted to have all the fun and adventure like their favorite kid heroes. The parents paid attention to it and started watching the videos so that they can learn about it. They did the research for a month and started shooting their own videos on weekends.

They first started with few a videos then they started focusing on it more and after 6 months they even started their own youtube channel from where they also started earning. Diana left her job and after one year Evgeny also quit his job because they were earning pretty well on their YouTube channel.

Vania Mania Biography

These parents got successful because they took the right decisions in their life. They both shifted from their jobs to the content creator at the right time. They made strategies that proved worthy for them.

Then they hired a team that had 12 members who were working on things like scenery, editing, and screenwriting so they asked help from the AIR Media Tech who helped them with the development of their YouTube channel.

AIR Media Tech co-founder Sergii Bielousov has also commented that Vania mania joined their team when they just had three thousand subscribers. The company has experienced so they saw potential in the family so they helped them with channel optimization, visual design, and other ideas. They also helped them with the platform and trend updates.

With all this, they got huge help in the early stage of their career. The channel started with unpacking, the family then expanded their video formats according to the trends. This helped them get more recognition on YouTube. 

Slowly the Vania mania kids gained momentum and started providing engaging, entertaining, and fun content to their subscribers. They had an effective team working behind them.  Now there are unlimited educational and fun videos of Vania mania on YouTube. You can see them enjoying leisure, travels, and everyday life.

The next step family took was to expand globally. In the beginning, their videos were only popular in Russia. But they also wanted to focus on English-speaking audiences. Then they entered the new market and made a name all over the world. The family started with one YouTube channel with just unpacking content.

Today they have fifteen channels and tons of videos in a variety of areas. They have YouTube channels in different languages. Their Arabic channel is having the largest number of subscribers which is three million then comes Indonesia with two million subscribers. If you think they easily got what they were looking for then you are wrong.

They also came across many channelings all the way. One of the biggest glitches they had to go through was the demonetization of their channel. In 2017 when YouTube canned its policies then kids’ channels faced demonetization including Vania mania kid’s channel. AIR Media Tech helped the family in restoring monetization.

It took a lot of effort but after the hard work of eight months, things got back on track. The outbreak of Ukraine Russian war was also a serious challenge the family had left Ukraine but they lost a team member who stayed in Ukraine. The channel started with two kids but expanded to five.

  1. Ivan
  2. Stefania
  3. Dasha
  4. Maria
  5. Alex

Vania Mania Kids Net Worth

Vania mania kid’s channels are very popular and their net worth is $54.86 million which they earn from creating YouTube content only. Their sources of profits are many. The channel gets about 228.50 million views in a month.

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