Triumphant Quartet Net Worth, Wikipedia, Songs, Members

Triumphant Quartet Net Worth, Wikipedia, Songs, Members, Triumphant Quartet is a Southern Gospel music group known for its tight harmonies, uplifting lyrics, and dynamic performances. Triumphant Quartet is known for its traditional Southern Gospel sound infused with modern influences. They are recognized for their powerful vocals and energetic performances.

Triumphant Quartet (formerly Integrity Quartet until 2005) was founded in Sevierville, Tennessee, in 2002. The original line-up consisted of Clayton Inman (tenor), David Sutton (lead), Jeff Stice (piano), and Eric Bennett (bass).

Triumphant Quartet has released several albums and singles throughout their career. Their music often carries messages of faith, hope, and inspiration.

triumphant quartet net worth
triumphant quartet net worth

Triumphant Quartet Net Worth, Wikipedia, Songs, Members

Triumphant Quartet Net Worth

Triumphant Quartet may be earning a decent income in their profession. For Triumphant Quartet’s Net Worth, it is recommended to check reputable sources within the music industry, and financial news articles.

Official statements from the group’s management or representatives, if available. Below are some estimated Net Worth of Triumphant Quartet for the past 5 years (To Be Varied).

Triumphant Quartet groupNet Worth year by year
Triumphant Quartet Net Worth 20233.45 Million
Triumphant Quartet Net Worth 20223.11 Million
Triumphant Quartet Net Worth 20212.77 Million
Triumphant Quartet Net Worth 20202.42 Million
Triumphant Quartet Net Worth 20192.09 Million

Triumphant Quartet Earnings

Earnings for musical groups can vary widely based on factors such as album sales, concert ticket sales, merchandise, royalties, and other revenue streams. Additionally, financial details of musical acts may not always be publicly available or extensively reported.

Who started the Triumphant Quartet?

Triumphant Quartet Members

People always wanted to know who the members of the Triumphant Quartet were. Well, let us see some details of the founding members of the Triumphant Quartet group.

1. Clayton Inman (2002–present): Tenor and one of the founding members of Triumphant Quartet.

2. David Sutton(2002–present): Lead vocalist and one of the founding members of the group.

3. Jeff Stice (2002–present): Pianist and one of the founding members. He is known for his piano skills and contributions to the quartet’s sound.

4. Eric Bennett(2002–present): Bass vocalist and one of the founding members. His powerful bass vocals have been a signature of the group’s sound.

5. Scotty Inman(2002–present): Tenor vocalist who joined the group after its formation. Scotty is also known for the songwriting.

6. Erica Arnold(2002–present): Alto vocalist who joined the group in recent years.

Triumphant Quartet on Social Media

1. Facebook: Look for their official Facebook page where they might share updates, tour information, and more. Facebook ID: @TriumphantQuartet

2. Twitter: Check if they have an official Twitter account for sharing short updates and engaging with fans. Twitter ID: @TheTriumphantQt

3. Instagram: Search for their Instagram profile for visual updates, photos from concerts, and behind-the-scenes content. Instagram ID: @triumphantquartet

4. YouTube: Look for their official YouTube channel where they might upload music videos, performances, and other related content. Youtube ID: @triumphantquartet357

5. Official Website: Often, music groups maintain an official website where they provide information about their music, tour dates, and social media links. Website:

Triumphant Quartet Bus Fire Incident

On Saturday morning, Triumphant Quartet was on their way to a concert in Wisconsin when their bus caught fire on I-39 outside of Rockford, Illinois. Despite the efforts of three local fire departments, the bus and trailer were unable to be saved.

Thanks to the quick thinking of bus driver Jamie Bramlett, who got the bus pulled over and woke up the sleeping group members, everyone was safely evacuated. The authorities gave them a ride to Rochelle, Illinois, where they arranged for alternative transportation.

Triumphant Quartet Awards

Triumphant Quartet has received recognition and awards within the Southern Gospel music industry for their contributions to the genre. Here are some of the awards and achievements that the group has earned:

  • Singing News Fan Awards
  • GMA Dove Awards: The Gospel Music Association (GMA)
  • NQC Music Awards: The National Quartet Convention (NQC)
  • Other Industry Recognitions: Triumphant Quartet’s harmonious vocals and impactful performances have likely earned them recognition from various Southern Gospel music organizations and industry events.

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