Role Of Youth in Development Of India Essay in English

Role Of Youth in Development Of India Essay In English, Youth plays a very important role in the success of that country. There is no surprise in saying that youth is the backbone and fortunately India is a place with youth in heavy numbers. Youth is important for the country because they are the future. If the foundation of the building is strong no gale will be able to damage that building.

India is a country where the ratio of youth is more than another age group. Youth means young minds, energetic bodies, and motivation that is extremely strong. Young people can change the fate of any country if they decide to do that. In India young population is high and the dilemma is that the youth of India has lost track.

role of youth in development of india essay in english
role of youth in development of india essay in english

Role Of Youth in Development Of India Essay in English

Youth of India Essay

Youth cannot alone do that as it needs help from the experienced.  Both experience and young energy can help in the development of India. Today students are losing their path. They are not determined to do hard work. Drugs are another challenge that youth have to fight. 

The journey of youth in India is definitely not easy. Young people from poor family backgrounds have to face many issues. They remain uneducated and are finding an easy way to make money.

India has many issues and keeping the youth on track is one major challenge. It is very easy to misguide the youth population in India. India is a country where poor people are struggling. There is an unemployment rate that troubles the youth. 

Role of Youth in Making New India

For the development of India, we should support our young population because they can help in building a strong foundation of India. Youth can help in nation-building and India is a country that is developing. There is no doubt there are many opportunities and issues in India, but if the youth decides to speed up the development of India, it will be a task easily done.

Youth has a very important role to play and also have huge responsibilities on their shoulders. Youth not only supports their family but can take the entire nation to the next level. Youth can blow away the fog of lies created by politicians and other social evils.

It is very easy in India to distract the youth which is threatening the future of India. Yong people are very strong but they don’t realize their powers. They can bring a change to the entire nation, can help in pacing up the progress of the country, and can also eliminate all the evil from the country. Young minds are curious, loaded with willpower, and prefer honesty.

From the beginning youth has shown its power. From the time of independence, many young people have fought for the freedom of India. Many young people have lost their lives to free India from British rule.

The problem with India is that it is highly populated and it is very difficult for the country to provide education to all. Education of young people is the most important thing. The more the children will attend school and get an education the better is going to be the development of India.

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Uneducated youth is no good for the progress of the country in fact the uneducated ratio of young people can drag India towards negativity.  Literacy is important and it starts at young ages. The first thing we must do is to educate every child born in India. The more the literacy rate the easy is going to be the development of the country.

The Role of Youth Today Essay

Youth has all the aspects that can turn every bad fate into a good one. Today youth holds a huge responsibility in taking India to the list of the fully developed countries. Youth is the only age group that has all the energy.

They can deal with all the hardships and can earn anything in their life. You know the difference between the good and bad, they can think creatively and positively, they can generate plenty of new ideas, and are also full of confidence to take action.

India is a country with many challenges to deal with. If every young person of India understands their role there will be no going back. The youth of India needs to be punctual, disciplined, creative, confident, and brave to take action.  Young people of India are the future of the country and it is time that we make our young generation zealous and fearless.

Youth has every power in its hands. They can provide security to the nation, they can help in dealing with unemployment issues, they can give new innovations and ideas for the development of the country, and they are fearless and can also fight for injustice. No one likes to mess with a country having youth power with corrective actions.

Young people cannot fight all the problems our country is facing right now. Young minds need direction in their early ages and this direction comes from society.  Parents must build a strong foundation for youth when they are parenting their kids.

Then comes the role of schools where not only education must be stressed but every child must be prepared to know what their role is and how they can help build a strong nation.  Society must also come forward when they see the youth of India getting distracted from their paths.

We all together can bring up a generation that can make India a more fruitful country. India is having everything passion, hope, motivation, and young energy that no other country has.

National development is totally in the hands of the youth of India. The hard work that is required for the development of India can only be provided by young people living in the country. 

Youth empowerment is important and we must build an easy path for the youth to cross over to a brighter future. Youth can deal with challenges India is facing right now. We must concentrate on making our young generation literate, focused, and motivated. We will soon be living in India that is flourished and developed.

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