Poverty Essay in English

Poverty Essay in English, There are many social evils people face in different countries. One of them is poverty. Some people are rich, while some are poor. Some have big homes and earn a lot of money. But some people do not have money to meet their basic necessities. This is how we define poverty. In this essay, we are going to know about poverty. So, let’s discuss:

Poverty is one of the worst conditions, any country can face. It is described as a condition, where a particular individual or family lacks the financial resources so that they can get a basic, minimum standard of living. People who come under the poverty line, do not have sufficient income resources. It means that they are not able to afford housing, education, and health facilities.

A person needs many basic facilities for his or her survival. But when he or she cannot afford it, it states that they belong to the poor category. So, we can understand poverty simply as a lack of money. Poverty creates barriers to everyday human life. There are many causes of poverty.

poverty essay in english
poverty essay in english

Poverty Essay in English

Short Essay on Poverty

There are different causes of poverty. Some causes of poverty are fatal and contagious diseases, excessive population, natural disasters, caste, unemployment, low agricultural yields, environmental issues, gender inequality, illiteracy, untouchability, changing trends in the country’s economy, little or limited access to the rights of people, and many others.

Poor individuals or families have to face a wide range of problems in their daily lives such as sponsored crime, political violence, and lack of encouragement, corruption, ancient social beliefs, inaction, and a lot more.

Talking about the issue of poverty, it is one of the biggest and worst conditions that can happen in any part of the world. Of course, many hard efforts are made in different parts of the world to get rid of poverty. But the reality is that there is no end to poverty. This issue impacts the economic and basic life of a human being. When a person is poor, he or she starts living like a slave.

They have no particular place to live. They have to change their place over time. This is how they suffer from a lack of education and basic facilities. They also become a victim of low confidence, rude and bad nature, and violence. If a person is poor, then he/she is treated as a curse by society. Getting adequate money to get food is like getting relief from an obscenity for the poor. This is the main reason why they are restricted from getting an education.

Know the reasons for poverty

When you want to do something to get rid of poverty in your surroundings, it is important to understand its major reasons. There are many reasons for poverty that have been sustained with carrying it for a long time. This is the main reason why a poor individual has a lack of security, no mental freedom, and poor physical fitness.

If we want that all people live a normal and sustainable life, then it is important to eliminate poverty from our society in any way. the country and the entire world will have to come together and work to bring complete education, proper mental and physical health, a home for everyone, etc. every person must get all things required for a normal survival in the country.

In today’s world, we can see the problem of poverty in most countries. Not only this, there are several developing nations, which are facing the problem of poverty. This problem gives all the pain and despair to the poor.

How to Measure Poverty?

In order to measure poverty, the United Nations have invented two measures of poverty. These are absolute and relative poverty.

Absolute poverty is utilized to measure poverty in some developing nations like India. In it, a line based on the minimum level of income has been made, which is called the line of poverty. If the per day income of the family is below this level, then they come under the category of poverty. They are called to be poor or below the line of poverty.

If the per day income of a family is above this level, then they are known to be non-poor or above the line of poverty. Talking about the poverty status in India, the new line of poverty is Rs 32 in rural areas while Rs 47 in urban areas.

While on the other hand, relative poverty is utilized to measure poverty in some developed countries such as the United States of America.

What are the causes of poverty?

Nelson Mandela said that poverty is not natural, it is manmade. Of course, this statement is true. The reason is that the causes of poverty are normally man-made. The population is one of the most common causes of poverty. With the increase in population, there is a lot of burden on the resources and budget of nations.

The rising population creates difficulty for governments to supply food, employment, and shelter to all.

As the population is the most common cause, but there are many other causes, which are natural disasters, war, lack of infrastructure, lack of employment, political instability, and many more.

Ill effects of poverty

Poverty is the worst condition that anyone can deal with. There are lots of poor effects of poverty. There will be a lack of food and nutrition, affecting the work capacity of a person. This is how poor people get no income at all. Children from poor families do not get proper schooling. Rather than studying, they have to work and earn their livelihood. This is how their childhood gets destroyed.

Some children get engaged in crimes such as murder, theft, robbery, etc. they start living in slums, where they get many diseases because of no proper sanitation and drinking water facility. Generally, a poor person dies an early death.

It means that all social evils are linked to poverty. The government must do something to help people get their basic facilities. Implementing some government schemes to eliminate poverty is an important step.

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