Phil Stutz Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Birthday, Net Worth

Phil Stutz Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Birthday, Net Worth, Phil Stutz is a doctor, author, therapist, and Psychiatrist from America. He was born in the year 1950 and he is currently 73 years old happy and healthy. His full name is Dr. Phil Stutz and he is working as a psychiatrist for more than forty years now. The thing that makes him popular is that he has given therapy to many Hollywood celebrities.

Not only Hollywood famous personalities but executives and elite businessmen seek his help when they are losing their mental states. His name found popularity once he released his book called “The Tools” in the year 2023. This is the trending book of the year and has made Phil the favorite of many.

His struggle, experiences and full life story is present in the movie called “Stutz” directed by Jonah Hill.  It is a documentary and that makes Phil a celebrity now.  The exact date of birth of Phil is not available online.

phil stutz wikipedia
phil stutz wikipedia

Phil Stutz Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Birthday, Net Worth

NameDr. Phil Stutz
Birth Date1950
Birth PlaceManhattan, New York, United States
Phil Stutz NationalityAmerican
Phil Stutz HometownManhattan, New York
Sun SignNot Known
Phil Stutz Height5 Feet 6 Inches
WeightNot Known
HobbiesNot Known
Phil Stutz EducationDoctorate from Bond University 
QualificationDoctorate from New York University 
Marital StatusNot Known
Phil Stutz Girl FriendNone
Phil Stutz FamilyFather:- NA Mother: – NA Sibling:-  NA
Phil Stutz Wife/SpouseNot Known 
Phil Stutz ChildrenNot Known 
Phil Stutz ProfessionAuthor, Doctor, Psychiatrist 
Phil Stutz Net Worth$ 2 Million
Social MediaTwitter:- Present, Phil Stutz, Phil Stutz Instagram:@thetoolsbook
Phil Stutz Age73 years old as of 2023

More about Phil Stutz Biography

Phil Stutz was born in the year 1975 in Manhattan, New York, united states and he holds American nationality. He is right now seventy-five years old. Phil Stutz had to struggle from a very early age. He decided to become a doctor and his willpower and hard work helped him achieve his goals.

At a very young age, Phil Stutz was having a doctorate on his hands. After receiving his degree he started psychiatric training and became a professional. Today he is a well-known personality who is helping the world with his experience and learning.

Phil Stutz’s Early Life and Parents

Phil Stutz is a popular author and made has made his mark on the world. His book The Tool has grabbed worldwide attention. Phil Stutz was born in Manhattan but he never talks about his parents. He is having social media accounts but there is hardly any information accessible about his family background and siblings.

In the name of family, he shares pictures and time with his boyfriend Barry Michaels who is also the co-author of his book The Tool. The friends wrote a book in the year 2012c and since they are family.

Phil Stutz Education

Phil Stutz loves psychiatry and right now he is 75 years old which means he is having a huge amount of experience in this. Phil Stutz went to a residency clinic and also served at the NY clinical school in the year 1972 as a student.  He then relocated to LA and started practicing in 1982. He is viewed as one of the world’s driving specialists and mentors. 

He has worked with many familiar faces of Hollywood, first-class chiefs, and many others.  He went to a local high school, he went to NY University and then he received his Doctorate from Bond University. 

It will not be wrong to say that Dr. Phil is the principal specialist on this planet.  He has worked with confidential practices as well. Many seek help from Phil Stutz especially the ones who are stars to the world or the best in their industry.

Phil Stutz’s book: The Tool

Phil Stutz’s book is the best book of the year which makes him the author of the year as well. The book is about Phil’s thoughts and even his partner Barry Michaels. Barry is also a psychiatrist and having huge experience in the field. They both have blended their thoughts and come out with productive self-help for those who need it the most.

There are many tools mentioned in the book that will help the readers connect with themselves. There are even stories of Phil’s struggles, his stories, experiences, and failures. Some facts about spiritual approaches can help with inside healing.

The five tools that Phil has mentioned in his book The Tool are Creativity, Courage, and Willpower, the rest two you can find yourself in the book. There is also a documentary regarding Phil’s life experiences on Netflix.

Phil Stutz Net Worth

Phil Stutz earns from his profession of being an author, psychiatrist, and mental health advocate. People pay high for his services and his clients are mostly high profile, his estimated net worth is around $2 Million. Phil Stutz is present on social media like Twitter and Instagram where his fans and followers can find his content.


Q1. Is Phil Stutz Still Alive?


Q2. How Old is Phil Stutz?

73 years old as of 2023

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