Phil and Kim Collingsworth Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age

Phil and Kim Collingsworth Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Kim and Phil are popular by the name of the Collingsworth family which is a southern Gospel and inspirational group. This group was started in the year 2000 by Phil and Kim and it features their family as an inspirational group. The family includes Kim and Phil and their four children. They are gospel singers and they are signed to the Gaither Music group gospel label.  

The family makes money from YouTube videos and other sources. They created a YouTube channel eight years ago and have 154.00k subscribers and more than 120 videos. The couple has accumulated a net worth of a couple of million from their gospel singing profession.

They are also present on social media channels where they post videos. They also work with camps, campaigns, and colleges. The couple also signs records and earns from their music career.

Everyone in the Collins family is a great singer but uses their voice for gospel singing and providing comfort to people with their singing. The couple and their four kids all are blessed with beautiful voices.

phil and kim collingsworth net worth
phil and kim collingsworth net worth

Phil and Kim Collingsworth Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age

NameThe Collingsworth Family
Origin2000- Present
Origin of  PlaceMt. Orab, Ohio, United States
NicknamePhil & Kim
Home TownOhio, United States
Sun SignNA
EducationKim ( High School Graduate) Phil ( University Graduate)
QualificationHigh School and university graduate
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone 
FamilyFather:- NA Mother: –  NA Sibling(s):- NA  
SpousePhil (Husband)  Kim (Wife )
Children Olivia Diane, Brooklyn Rose, Philip Jr, and Courtney Noel
ProfessionSouthern Gospel Inspirational Group 
The Collingsworth Family Net Worth2_4 $ Million

Phil and Kim Collingsworth Net Worth

The Collingsworth Family Net Worth

Daily Income$308
Weekly income$2,158
Monthly income$8,838
Yearly income$125,323
Net worth (2023)$2-$4 Million

History of the Collingsworth Family

Phil and Kim are the two behind the Collingsworth family. The couple made the southern gospel and Inspirational group in the year 2000. Both Kim and Phil belong to a family that was very religious and a follower of Christianity.

The couple met in high school and then they got married after passing out from their institutions. Kim once said that they went on a date when Kim was just 16 years old and Phil was 21.

Phil waited for too long till Kim grew up. The couple was truly and madly in love with each other and wished to get married soon. Kim decided to cram four years of studies into three so that she could marry the love of her life.

In the year 1986, Kim graduated from high school and Phil graduated from his college. This plan worked both graduated and then got married to each other. The couple is having four kids and six grandkids.

Their kids are Courtney Noel, Brooklyn Rose, Olivia Diane, and Philip Jr. The couple had a beautiful married life.

They made a beautiful family and then dedicated themselves to the services of the gospel and church. The family is quite popular and known as a Southern gospel group.

The Collingsworth Family Career

The couple Kim and Phil started the Collingsworth family group in the year 2000. Then they signed with Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing in the year 2003. They have already signed the new Christian label town records in the year 2009. 

In the year 2014, the family recorded live projects in South Carolina and Spartanburg. Majestic, a live DVD and CD from piano performer Kim and friends steamed from a show in Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.

There was a crowd present of two thousand and three hundred for over five-hour concert. A DVD was released, We Will Serve the Lord, was released in the year 2014 only. Both their DVD and CD were huge hits. 

Later in 2018, the family released a new album called Mercy and Love which was a collection of new songs and covers. The influence of The Collingsworth family is beyond America.

In the year 2003, the Colligns Worth family performed in Kosovo where more than 65, 00 United States army personnel were present at the Christmas concert at two military bases.

Then later the next year in 2004 they performed a concert in the Cayman Islands. The family is successful and is worth millions.

The Collingsworth Family Ministry

The couple started in the music ministry when they were working as musicians at a church camp in Petersburg, Michigan in the year 1986. The couple used to perform together and they did this for 14 years together.

The couple had other responsibilities like Kim used to take care of the kids and Phil had an insurance agency job. But in 2000 they made action to tour full time.

This was the time when their kids also became part of the group. The couple provides church camps and revival campaigns. They were also in the position of minister in a church.

Why Does The Collingsworth Family Not Wear Wedding Rings?

Currently, there is no answer to this question, but according to us, it is a personal choice to wear or not.

What is The Collingsworth Family Net Worth?

Approximately $2 to $4 million.

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