Ola Ibironke Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

Ola Ibironke Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, In this post, we are going to talk about Ola Ibironke, who was a popular Nigerian music promoter. He was also named Dudu Heritage. It is believed that he is dead. This post will cover a lot of information about Ola Ibironke in detail. Let’s get started:

Who was Ola Ibironke?

Ola Ibironke aka Dudu Heritage was a famous music promoter in Nigeria. According to the reports on the internet, he is not alive. This shocking news was confirmed by one of his friends. Ola Ibironke was based in the United States of America. He was originally from Ijesha, Osun State. In Ijesha, he grew up. It is supposed that Ola Ibironke completed his early education in this state.

Ola Ibironke was born in Osun State, Nigeria. But we are not able to get the exact details of his birth date. Osun state was the place where he had his early life. After his primary education in Ijesha, Ola Ibironke traveled to London to complete his higher studies. It is also expected that he also went to the United States of America for his education before coming back to Nigeria.

ola ibironke biography
ola ibironke biography

Ola Ibironke Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

NameOla Ibironke
Birth DateNot Known
Birth PlaceOsun State
NicknameDudu Heritage
Home TownUSA
Sun SignNA
EducationAttended a local school in Ijesha
QualificationA degree holder from London and USA
Marital StatusMarried
Girl FriendBimbo Oshin (now wife)
FamilyFather:- Not Known Mother:- Not Known Siblings:- Not Known
SpouseBimbo Oshin
Children2 kids (Iyanuoluwa Ibironke and Michael Olusegun Ibironke)
ProfessionMusic Composer in Nigeria
Net Worth$1 million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: Not Known Twitter ID: Not Known Instagram ID: Not Known
Ola Ibironke Biography Age 

Age details of Ola Ibironke

As he was a Yoruba man from Ijesha land in Osun state located in South West Nigeria, but there are no exact details about his birth date. But it is speculated that Ola Ibironke was born in the 1950s. So, from the speculated date of birth, we can deduce that he was in his late 60s.

How Ola Ibironke became Dudu Heritage?

Dudu Heritage Biography

He lived off the shores of Africa for several years. Even after completing his education, he used to spend some years moving here and there between London and the United States of America. At that time, he was trying to develop his entrepreneurial skills.

At some point in time, Ola Ibironke was willing to set up a store for African items in the USA. He struggled a lot to get a perfect name for it. As his store would be offering African items, music, etc., this is why he chose Dudu Heritage, the home of Africa’s Culture, Entertainment & Arts. He also revealed in an interview that his dreams about that shop came to end as blacks and Nigerians alike patronized it.

His business became successful in an overseas nation. Despite this, he decided to return his home to Nigeria so that he could establish more and more businesses including event management and publication. Ola Ibironke even has a magazine known as Society Facts Magazine. Till the time of his death, he was also popular for ICT Networking.

The relationship details of Ola Ibironke

Based on the reports available online, Ola Ibironke had been in a relationship with Bimbo Oshin. The couple got married in 2005. They were in a married relationship for more than 15 years now. In their 15-year relationship, they were blessed with two kids named Iyanuoluwa Ibironke and Michael Olusegun Ibironke.

It is also reported that Ola left his wife in the United States of America to marry Bimbo Oshin. Based on the rumors, he also dated many popular ladies in the movie and entertainment industry, but this was not actually confirmed. There were several reports which had been surfaced around September 2020.

Accordingly, it is claimed that the marriage between Ola Ibironke and Bimbo Oshin had gone off. It is because reports were saying that his wife had left her matrimonial home. But after some time in an interview, Ola Ibironke disagreed with the claims and stated that he and his wife were happy with each other and still living in the same room.

The reports also exposed that Ola went on to call his wife throughout the interview to approve his statement. His wife is a Nigerian actress. She confirmed that she is still in her husband’s house. This is how she is clearing off every rumor.

The career details of Ola Ibironke

Talking about the career of Ola Ibironke, he was a renowned music promoter in the movie and entertainment industry.

Ola Ibironke Net Worth

There are no details available about the net worth of Ola Ibironke anywhere online. But it is reported that he was living a comfortable life until his death. So, we can expect his net worth to be $1 million.

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