Mr Eazi Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Cars

Mr Eazi Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, Mr Eazi is a well-known Nigerian songwriter and singer. He is a huge hype these days because of his music. He is a pioneer of Bank music which means fusion of Nigerian and Ghanaian highlife chord progressions and patterns. Mr Eazi took the education of music and rest he had skills. Mr Eazi started his career by singing at birthday parties in Nigeria.

He has recorded many songs some of them with well-known music studios. His song My Life instantly gained huge popularity and also became a popular record at KNUST where he used to study.

In 2013 he released his debut mix tape About to Blow and this album was a huge hit among international audiences. Following that he released Skin Tight which was the second mix tape and another huge hit.

mr eazi net worth
mr eazi net worth

Mr Eazi Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife, Cars

Mr Eazi Real NameOluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade
Mr Eazi Birthday19 July 1991
Mr Eazi BirthplacePort Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Mr Eazi NationalityNigerian
NicknameMr Eazi
Mr Eazi HometownPort Harcourt, Rivers State
Sun SignCancer
Mr Eazi Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight68 Kilograms
Mr Eazi EducationHarvard University 
QualificationUniversity  Graduate
Marital StatusMr Eazi Married
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Mr Eazi FamilyFather:-  Not Found Mother: – Not Found Sibling(s):-  Not Found
Mr Eazi Wife/SpouseNone
ProfessionNigerian songwriter and singer   
Mr Eazi Net Worth$ 3.5 Million
Social MediaYouTube:- Present, Mr Eazi Instagram:@mreazi, Facebook:- Present Twitter:- Present  
Mr Eazi Age32 years old as of 2023.

Mr Eazi Net Worth

Mr Eazi is a prominent singer in Nigeria and he has established a huge reputation in the singing world. He has billions of fans and his net worth is approximately $3.9 and increasing. 

Mr Eazi resonates across Africa and has given him wide acceptance, and fame in his eight years of musical journey. Mr Eazi earns from his music career. 

His music is streamed on various platforms, each time people stream his songs he earns from it. Mr Eazi also reels albums and has collaborations with endorsements, investments, and royalties. All these contribute to his net worth.

Mr Eazi also earns from his YouTube channel where his songs are streamed and with each view he generates profit. Some of his songs on YouTube have 410 million views and he also has one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Mr Eazi is definitely one of the wealthiest Afrobeat musicians and he has also surpassed Burma Boy and Wiz kid-liked singers.

Mr Eazi Wikipedia, Early Life, and Education

Mr Eazi actual name is Oluwatosin Ooluwole Ajibade and he was born on 19 July 1991 in Rivers State, Nigeria. He belongs to a family where everyone used to do something to earn money. His mother had a small business and his father was a pilot. 

His father also had his own private aviation consulting practice. Mr Eazi studies in high school in his hometown. He used to sing in his school choirs. When he was growing he used to listen to music and there were many artists who used inspired him. 

He went to Ghana when he was 16 and enrolled in a mechanical engineering program at KNUST University. This was also the time when he started creating music on his own. His song My Life at KNUST was the biggest hit he developed while studying there.

Mr Eazi also used to promote events and book shows. When gewas23 he returned to his hometown and started his e-commerce platform. He worked different jobs back there like gold mining, soft drink imports, and food distribution.

He started his own business ventures. Mr Eazi developed his own sense and style of music which is loved all over the world. Mr Eazi has gained education and he came out as a graduate from Harvard University in Cambridge in 2022.

Mr Eazi Career

Mr Eazi started his career with 13 track debut mix tape About to Blow in July 2013. There were two singles Bankulize and Pipi Dance. Then he released The Fader in 2014 and many other songs and albums the same year which were liked by her fans. 

In 2016 he released a song with Burn Boy and many others as well. He was well teamed up and enjoyed his hit songs getting more successful. In 2015 he released Skin Tight, and Dance for Me 2016 and he was featured incest African music and other charts. 

There were many who were looking for the Nigerian rapper to complete their songs after that. Mr Eazi is especially known for his Banku music and his music fits in afro beats. He loves creating music and sharing it with the world.

Mr Eazi is enjoying his successful music career right now and working on several projects. He has worked with many well-known artists, and records and also created self-titled albums and all are loved by his fans. He is also very popular on social media.


Is Mr Eazi Married?


How Much is Mr Eazi Net Worth?

$ 3.5 Million

How Old is Mr Eazi?

32 years old as of 2023.

Is Mr Eazi a Ghanaian?


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