Harriet Tubman Biography For Kids, Facts, Net Worth

Harriet Tubman Biography For Kids, Facts, Net Worth, Harriet Tubman was born on a plantation into slavery in Maryland. There were no birth records of enslavers kept at that time so according to historians Harriet Tubman was possibly born in 1820-1821.  At her birth, she was given the name Araminta Ross but when she grew 13 she took her mother’s name. Harriet Tubman was in slavery so life was not easy for her from the moment she was born.

Life was difficult and she used to live in just one room with her complete family. There were eleven children in her family. She was just six when she was sent to another family where she used to help take care of a  baby. 

She was never treated properly. She sometimes used to face beatings, she used to live on scraps. Then she used to work on the plantation and used to plow fields and load crops into wagons. She went for many jobs and during her manual labor, she gained strength.

She used to drive oxen and haul logs. When she was just 13 she experienced a serious head injury. There was one enslaver who was throwing an iron weight at his enslaved but it hit her. The injury was so serious that she had to face blackouts and dizzy spells all her life.

harriet tubman biography for kids
harriet tubman biography for kids

Harriet Tubman Biography For Kids, Facts, Net Worth

NameHarriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Birthday1820
Harriet Tubman BirthplaceDorchester County, Maryland
Harriet Tubman NationalityAmerican
Home TownDorchester County, Maryland
Sun SignNot Known
Harriet Tubman HeightAverage
WeightNot Known  
HobbiesNot Known 
Harriet Tubman EducationNo  Education
QualificationNo Qualification
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Harriet Tubman FamilyFather:- NA Mother: –  Harriet Sibling(s):- 11
Harriet Tubman SpouseJohn Tubman  in 1844  Nelson Davis  n 1869
Harriet Tubman ChildrenNot Known  
ProfessionCivil Rights Activist &   Nurse
Harriet Tubman Net Worth Not Known
Harriet Tubman Death10 March 1913

The Underground Railroad

 There were few states in the northern United States where slavery was illegal. All those who were enslaved in the South used to attempt to escape to the North using Underground railroads to escape. This was not a railroad but an escape way.

There were many safe homes inside where enslave used to stay while their escape journey. They used to rest, eat and hide. Some people used to help enslaved escape and they were called conductors.

They used to move from one station to another at night, hiding in woods and sneaking into trains until they finally reach north and see freedom. Harriet Tubman helped escape 300  enslaves along with her.

Harriet Tubman Escapes

Harriet Tubman decided to escape in the year 1849 through  Underground Railroad. She had to go through a very long journey and a very scary trip. She finally made it to Pennsylvania and got freedom. 

In the year 1850 when  Fugitive Slave Act was passed it was clear that enslaved can be now freed from the states and returned to their owners. Now to be free enslaved had to escape to Canada. Harriet Tubman had gone through a lot and knows how bad slavery is.

She decided to escape others including her family. Harriet Tubman joined the League of underground railways conductors. She was pretty famous as a conductor. She helped in nineteen escapes in which she escaped three hundred people including her family from the south. 

She was popular by the name of “Moses” because she led her people to freedom. Harriet Tubman was a very strong and brave woman. She risked everything even her freedom to free others. 

Fortunately, she was never lost to slavery or caught ever. Harriet Tubman was a very soul and very kind-hearted too who was never afraid to lose.

Harriet Tubman Personal life

Harriet Tubman got married in the year 1844 to a black man and his name was John Tubman. They got separated for personal reasons and Harriet Tubman married again in 1869 to Nelson Davis. There are no details of her children though she is a mother. 

After the Civil War, she used to live in NY with her husband and children. She never stopped helping people. She used to help sick and poor people by becoming a nurse. She also became a social rights activist.

Harriet Tubman Facts

  • Harriet Tubman was born into slavery on a plantation in Maryland
  • Harriet Tubman  escaped 300 enslaves along with her family to south
  • Harriet Tubman was called Mosses because she helped escape enslavement by risking her freedom
  • Harriet Tubman was married twice. She married John Tubman  and then  Nelson Davis
  • Harriet Tubman was religious and  had huge faith in Jesus
  • Harriet Tubman bought a house in Auburn  for her family  after helping them escape
  • It is also  said that there was a $40,000 reward for Harriet Tubman by the slaveholders
  • Harriet Tubman used to work as a conductor in winter when nights were long and people used to spend their time inside.

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