Federico Villa Wikipedia, Biography, Singer, Age, Family, Net Worth

Federico Villa Wikipedia, Biography, Singer, Age, Family, Net Worth, Federico Villa was a popular Mexican vocalist who drowned the world with his melodies and tunes. He was the dearest individual in his community and millions were heartbroken by his demise. His name is present in the list of the most popular Mexican vocalist. Federico Villa died at the age of 70 and left the treasure of his music behind for his fans. 

His relationship with the music is how we get the best music from the popular Mexican vocalist Federico Villa. In his profession, he has given many hit albums and all are available online. He was the best lyricist of his time.

federico villa wikipedia
federico villa wikipedia

Federico Villa Wikipedia, Biography, Singer, Age, Family, Net Worth

NameFederico Villa
Federico Villa Birthday2 March 1940
Federico Villa BirthplaceChilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero, Mexico
Federico Villa NationalityMexican
NicknameFederico Villa
Federico Villa HometownChilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero, Mexico
Sun Sign 
Federico Villa HeightNot Known
Federico Villa WeightNot Known
HobbiesNot Known
Federico Villa EducationNot Known
Federico Villa QualificationNot Known
Federico Villa Marital StatusMarried
Federico Villa Girl FriendNone
Federico Villa FamilyFather:-Dimas Villa  Mother: –  Medesta Tenori Sibling(s):- NA
Federico Villa Wife/SpouseNot Known
Federico Villa ChildrenNot Known
Federico Villa ProfessionMexican Vocalist, actor
Federico Villa Net Worth$6 Million
Federico Villa Death13 July 2022 in Mexico
Federico Villa Age82 years old as of 2022.

More about Federico Villa Biography

Federico Villa was born on 2 March 1940 in Chilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero, Mexico. His full name was Federico Villa Bravo and he used to live in the city of Zamora, Michoacán with his family. Sadly, we know very little about Federico Villa. And Federico Valle Tenori. 

His last known residence was Lodi, San Joaquin County, California. He was having Mexican nationality but made fans all over the world.  His music is listened to all over the planet. Music has no boundaries and amazing artist like Federico Villa is a great example.

The Early Life of Federico Villa

Federico Villa was born in Chilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero, Mexico. He was born to Modesta tenori and Dimas Valle. He is having siblings but we do not know their names. There is no further information available about his family background.  

He might have attended high school but there are no details about his educational background either. He was one of the greatest icons of ranchera music. He was the performer of the most famous tune called “Streets of Michoacán”. He has given many popular tunes and lyrics to the world which are even popular today.

Federico Villa Career

Federico Villa was originally from Zamora, Michoacán and he was a great regional music singer. He was having a successful career of forty years. He was passionate about music since his childhood. Federico Villa knew where he is going to go in the future.

He never hesitated to work on his dreams and became one of the most popular vocalists in Mexico. He tried hard in the initial days and made his way to a radio contest. He never gave up and won the contest. 

After making success in music he also tried acting and became an actor. His first acting debut was Nobody’s Daughter and in 1982 in The Blood of Our Race next to John Sebastian. Federico Villa used to love music so much that he never stopped.

He is also known for his performances in movies like Ojo por ojo (1981), Las tres tumbas (1980), and La sangre de nuestra raza (La sangre de nuestra raza) among other films (1982).  He has also many music albums with Mexican lyrics. 

His music is amazing and loved by all who love Mexican-style music.  His movies were also super hit in Mexico.  He has worked in many successful movies. He was very popular and his people used to love him a lot.

Federico Villa Death

Federico Villa is no more in this world. He died on 12 April 2010 at the age of 70. There was no explanation given about his death as it can be due to old age. Federico Villa was old but not sick so it is a secret how he died.

Alexandro Villa was a young  Mexican vocalist and also the grandson of Federico Villa. He was killed by gunshot. He was on the verge of his success when he was killed. He was the most successful vocalist in Mexico at the time of his death.

Federico Villa Net Worth

Federico Villa had a successful career in music as well as acting. He acted in many movies and has sung many songs. He is one of the most loved and successful Mexican vocalists of his time. His net worth was growing every year with his success. At the time of his death, Federico Villa was having a net worth of $6 Million.

He used to live with his family in Mexico. He used to live a humble lifestyle.  He was married and also having a grandson who was killed by a gunshot. Federico Villa was not present on social media but his music is available on the internet.


Q1. How Old is Federico Villa?

82 years old as of 2022.

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