Donnie Swaggart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Age

Donnie Swaggart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Age, Donnie Swaggart is a loved personality and he is a very popular religious leader. He is also wealthy. He lives a lavish lifestyle and his personality is adored by his followers. Donnie Swaggart was born on October 18, 1954, and he was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is having American nationality. Donnie Swaggart is having a net worth of five million as of 2023. 

Many like listening to Donnie Swaggart and his speeches are amazing. Donnie Swaggart can be seen with his father Jimmy Swaggart during his telecast and even at his father’s sermons. Donnie Swaggart is well known or say famous for being an Evangelist preacher.

He is also having his own place which is called Family Worship Center Church and a place where he worships a god. It is located in his hometown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

Donnie Swaggart seems to be close to god and this is why everyone who listens to him connects with the supreme with ease. Donnie Swaggart’s sermons are regularly telecasted on the Son Life Broadcasting Network. Millions watch this telecast every time.

Donnie Swaggart also releases religious DVDs. His DVDs are sold at a very good pace. People who worship god love Donnie Swaggart and his teachings as well.

donnie swaggart net worth
donnie swaggart net worth

Donnie Swaggart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Wife, Age

NameDonnie Swaggart
Donnie Swaggart Birthday18 October 1954
Donnie Swaggart BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana,  USA
Donnie Swaggart NationalityAmerican
Donnie Swaggart HometownBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Sun SignLibra
Donnie Swaggart Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight75 Kilograms
HobbiesNot Known
Donnie Swaggart EducationNot Known
QualificationNot Known
Marital StatusDonnie Swaggart Married 
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Donnie Swaggart FamilyDonnie Swaggart Parents: Father:- Jimmy Swaggart Mother: –  Frances Swaggart Sibling(s):-  NA
Donnie Swaggart Wife/SpouseDebbie Swaggart
Donnie Swaggart ChildrenMatthew, Gabriel, and Jennifer
ProfessionTelevangelist, Preacher
Donnie Swaggart Net Worth$5 Million    
Social mediaYouTube:- Present, Donnie Swaggart Instagram:@donnielswaggart, Facebook:-Present
Donnie Swaggart Age69 years old as of 2023.

Donnie Swaggart Net Worth

Donnie Swaggart is a well-known man among those who love to worship and listen to spiritual teachings.  Donnie Swaggart is from the United States and the majority is aware of his name. His teachings and speaking are telecasted on TV.

How Much is Donnie Swaggart Net Worth?

Donnie Swaggart is among the richest Religious leader in the united states. Donnie Swaggart’s source of income is being a religious leader. Currently, in 2023 Donnie Swaggart is having a net worth of $5 Million. He is one of the wealthiest religious leaders in America. 

He is also present in the list of the most popular religious leader with a net worth of millions. Donnie Swaggart’s annual salary is $86,500. Donnie Swaggart does not just focus on earning but he also donates a huge part of his annual salary.

According to online sources Donnie Swaggart donates around $30,000 from his annual salary to the ministry. Donnie Swaggart is a great man and he never donates to charity and this is why he is having a huge following. Donnie Swaggart is rich but he lives a modest lifestyle.

Donnie Swaggart Wikipedia and Early Life

Donnie Swaggart was born on 18 October 1954 in Baton Rouge, United States. He is the son of Jimmy Swaggart who is also a well-known Evangelist, singer, pastor, author, and pianist. Donnie Swaggart’s inspiration and everything he has now is because of his father.

Donnie Swaggart followed in the footsteps of his father. Donnie Swaggart’s mother was Frances Swaggart. Donnie Swaggart was born into a religious family and was also wealthy. Donnie Swaggart is having no siblings. He is the only son of his parents.

Donnie Swaggart found his influence in spirituality from his father Jimmy Swaggart. He used to attend his father’s worship sessions. He was close to ministry when he was small and when he grew up he became part of it.

Today he is a well-known preacher who helps people in pain emotionally. There is no other relief than god and on earth preachers are the ones who connect us to God.

Donnie Swaggart Personal Life

Donnie Swaggart never dated anyone. He married Debbie Swaggart and they are in a happy married relationship. Donnie Swaggart is in a loving and caring relationship with his wife.

Donnie Swaggart also supports her husband and is often seen in DVDs with her husband Donnie Swaggart. Donnie Swaggart and Debbie are having three children together and all work at the family church. 

Their kids’ names are Matthew Swaggart, Gabriel Swaggart, and Jennifer Swaggart. The entire Swaggart family is related to the ministry and they often work at the family church in Louisiana.

Donnie Swaggart Trivia

  • Donnie Swaggart is one of the most popular religious leaders in America
  • Donnie Swaggart is the son of Jimmy Swaggart who was a well-known religious leader himself
  • Donnie Swaggart’s name is present in the list of popular people born in America
  • Donnie Swaggart is having three children
  • Donnie Swaggart’s net worth is $5 million and he is also the richest American religious leader


How Old is Donnie Swaggart?

69 years old as of 2023.

Who is Donnie Swaggarts Wife?

Debbie Swaggart

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