Disaster Management Essay in English

Disaster Management Essay in English, We are living in nature, which has many manifestations both aggressive and gentle. There are many situations when nature shows its aggressiveness. Of course, the calm side is appreciated by everyone. But on the other side, when there is violent behavior in nature, it tends to be a state of devastation. It is not in our hands to control the behavior of nature because it becomes out of control when it gets aggressive.

The same thing happens with disasters. When any kind of natural disaster occurs, we cannot control it because it is not in our control.

But there are things, we can prevent up to some extent. In simple words, when there is a disastrous situation happens, there are lots of emergency measures to be taken so that human lives can be saved and preserved. Different disastrous situations can disturb the life and ecosystem.

disaster management essay in english
disaster management essay in english

Disaster Management Essay in English

We cannot predict natural disasters because they can take place anywhere and at any time without predictions. But at the same time, disasters can be prevented and managed. However, the first and important step we need to take is to identify the type of disasters, which can happen over time. Managing disasters is only possible if we completely comprehend the disasters and their behavior. So, proceed further:

paragraph on disaster management

When we think of previous disasters that happened, it is important to know that nature is not solely accountable for them to occur. There are many other reasons for causing disasters. Some disasters are caused by natural processes, which are considered to be the most dangerous and can cause damage to the earth and loss of life. These natural disasters include floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, cyclones, and many others.

On the other hand, there are man-made or artificial disasters. These disasters can cause due to the carelessness of human beings. Today, human beings tend to do many technological developments, which affect the natural environment to a great extent and can become the cause of disasters to happen at any time.

Some examples of man-made disasters are nuclear explosions, fires, radiation, transport accidents, oil spills, terrorist attacks, and a lot more. When we talk about man-made disasters, nature has no or little role to play in their occurrence and causing damage to the lives of people and the earth as well.

These days, there is no exceptional country, which has suffered from any kind of disaster. Almost every country has become a victim of any kind of disaster. In India, there are many natural and man-made disasters that happen every year. If we have a glance at the man-made disaster that happened in India, then we have examples of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the plague that occurred in Gujarat.

How do control or prevent disasters?

As mentioned above, we cannot control natural disasters. But when it comes to man-made disasters, we may control them to some extent. It is important to improve disaster management strategies and techniques. This is how we can prevent some kind of destructive damage. After understanding the types of disasters, we will proceed to know what disaster management is

Essay on Disaster: Introduction to disaster management 

It is the process, which is defined as the management of responsibilities and resources in an effective manner. With disaster management, we can lessen the impact of the disaster. It is important to think of a well-planned action plan and implement it so that some effective efforts can be made to decrease the dangers caused by any kind of disaster to a minimum. At the same time, you should understand the fact that disaster management does not essentially abolish the threat completely. It only reduces the impact of the disaster.

The concept of disaster management aims at formulating specific plans to achieve the targets. In India, NDMA or National Disaster Management Authority is the authority, which is responsible to monitor the disasters of the nation. This authority has many programs, which are designed to mitigate the risks and boost responsiveness. There are many steps to be taken when it comes to managing disasters.

Stages of Disaster Management 

There must be proper implementation and structured action to follow if we are interested in preventing or reducing the impact of any kind of disaster. The concept of disaster management involves many stages, which are considered to be the cycle of the disaster management plan. This plan includes policies and emergency responses, which are needed for a prospective recovery as a whole. Let’s understand the vital stages, which are mentioned below:


Acting in a proactive manner is the most suitable way to deal with any kind of disaster. It is better to prevent it instead of rushing later to find the cure. In this stage, it is important to recognize the potential hazards and work towards infrastructure. This way, the impact can be mitigated. This stage focuses on creating permanent measures to reduce disaster risk.


It is the first and vital attempt when it comes to saving human lives when a disaster takes place. Considering the recovery of those people who are stuck in those disasters is important. Such measures can be taken on both structural and non-structural. Structural mitigation measures include changing the physical features of a building or the surroundings to control the effect. On the other side, non-structural measures are designed to amend the locality or building codes to improve safety and prevent those disasters.

Preparation and response 

In the preparation stage, it needs to train people, businesses, institutions, or the head of the community regarding what actions to be taken during the disaster. This process is ongoing and needs continuous training. Moreover, the response is defined as the action taken once the disaster has happened to save some life from it. Responses can be long-term and short-term.


Last but not the least, recovery is the final stage of disaster management. This stage can take many years or decades to take place. It depends on the extent of the destruction. It takes many years to stabilize normal life in a destructive place.

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