Clay Cowart Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife

Clay Cowart Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Clay Cowart is a popular YouTuber who makes his money by sailing on the sea with his wife. His life is full of adventure and he has made millions with his profession. Clay Cowart and his wife share a huge passion for sailing and Love Ocean so much that they started sharing their sailing experiences with their viewers. 

Their adventures instantly went viral and now they are professionals. Clay Cowart’s YouTube channel name is Life by the Bow and it made the worth of $5 Million. Clay Cowart is fully dedicated to sailing and turned it into a profession. 

He is having sailing YouTube channel it is having a million subscribers. There are many things that make a couple successful you tuber.

They post videos every week and show how is life on the sea. Their content is attracting people who wish they could have this life too. Now the couple is earning millions and is having huge net worth.

clay cowart net worth
clay cowart net worth

Clay Cowart Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife

NameClay Cowart
Clay Cowart BirthdayNot Known
Clay Cowart BirthplaceHomestead, Florida. USA
Clay Cowart NationalityAmerican
Clay Cowart HometownHomestead, Florida
Sun SignNot Known
Clay Cowart HeightNot Known
WeightNot  Known 
HobbiesSpending time on the water 
EducationUniversity of Miami
QualificationUniversity Graduate
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Clay Cowart FamilyFather:- NA Mother: –  NA Sibling(s):- NA  
Clay Cowart Wife/SpouseStephanie
Clay Cowart Net Worth$5 Million
Social MediaClay Cowart Instagram: @CCowart35
Clay Cowart Age

Clay Cowart Net Worth

How Did Clay Cowart Make His Money?

Clay Cowart launched his YouTube channel in the year 2007. He hails from the United States. He kept his YouTube channel name Life by the Bow. This channel is having huge popularity and earns pretty well.

The channel is also sponsored by advertisements which help them make more money. The monthly income of Clay Cowart is estimated to be $20K and they yearly earn $240K from their YouTube channel. Their channel net worth is $5 Million and increasing.

Clay Cowart and Stephanie

Stephanie is not just Clay’s life partner but her adventure partner too. They are known as the sailing couple on YouTube and have a huge fan following now. The couple met on a boat in Florida. They were best friends as they had the same passions and interests.

Both make the best couple because Clay is informative and calm and on the other hand side Stephanie is comical and upbeat. The duo makes sailing more entertaining and fun. Their channel name is Life by the Bow and it is a very popular channel on YouTube.

Their channel only focuses on providing calming and refreshing experiences to their viewers.  They release their videos every week and people wait for their content.

The couple makes videos of sailing on the sea, catching fish, and all the adventure people can have sailing on a boat in an open ocean. Their adventures are loved by their viewers. They have 100K+ subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Clay Cowart Career

Clay Cowart hails from America but his exact date of birth and birth place is not available. He is an American you tuber and it is his hobby to create videos.  He posts videos in different categories like lifestyle, pet, hobby, food, and vehicle. 

His fans can contact him at [email protected] where they can directly connect with his fans. By subscribing to his channel one can enjoy the thrills of the Florida Keys. Clay Cowart is the host of the channel along with his wife Stephanie.

Fans can discover the total beauty of the Florida Keys. Clay personally takes his fans to boating adventures, local fishing hotspots and mouthwatering recopies.

The couple is so popular on YouTube that they are ranked in the top list of YouTube channels.

Clay Cowart Biography

Clay Cowart hails from Homestead, Florida United States. There are details missing from his family background. He is having American nationality and is known as an American Youtuber. When he was small he had an adventurous soul.

He used to love to capture videos as well. Clay Cowart went to high school in his hometown and then went to the University of Florida for his higher education. He had an academic scholarship to support his studies.

Now after achieving success in his academics, he followed his passion for sailing on the sea and today he earns millions from his YouTube channel. He spends most of his time fishing around the Florida Keys. 

He also indulges in small video projects and earns extra. Clay Cowart is also active on other social media channels like Instagram. Clay Cowart married Stephanie and they both are the owners of their YouTube channel. Their YouTube channel Life by the Bow makes millions. 

Clay Cowart’s Interesting Facts

  • Clay Cowart hails from Homestead, Florida, and is a popular American YouTube
  • Clay Cowart and Stephanie Cowart are the duos behind the Life by the now
  • Clay Cowart makes $5 million from his YouTube channel

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