Carl Runefelt Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Family

Carl Runefelt Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Carl Runefelt also aka The Moon a crypto influencer is a billionaire in his twenties. Carl Runefelt has amassed millions of fans from all over the world. His money-making strategies has grabbed the attention of the entire world. Carl Runefelt after high school has no education. He used to do small jobs so how did he have so rich.

Carl Runefelt is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and investor who have made billions. Carl Runefelt has invested in many private companies and is also founder of many crypto jobs. Carl Runefelt had huge interest in crypto and he made money from it.

He says that he seized every opportunity he came across and today has established himself as a billionaire investor who is now giving other people jobs. Some of his popular investments are Ka App, Medieval Empires, Magic Craft and four hundred more.

Carl Runefelt receives tons of profits from his investments which he uses to live a billionaire life. He has also taken the social media like a fire.

He is a latest internet sensation who looks like a child but is a billionaire multitalented man who has invested in more than four hundred companies. His weekly income is in the millions.

carl runefelt net worth
carl runefelt net worth

Carl Runefelt Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Family

NameCarl Martin
Carl Runefelt Birthday1994
Carl Runefelt BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden
Carl Runefelt NationalitySwedish
NicknameCarl Runefelt
Carl Runefelt HomeTownStockholm
Sun SignNot Found
Carl Runefelt Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Carl Runefelt Weight67  Kilograms
HobbiesInvesting and traveling
EducationHigh School Pass out 
QualificationHigh School Graduate
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boy Friend/ Girl Friend(ex)Single
Carl Runefelt Family Father:- Not Found Mother:-  Not Found Sibling(s):-  Not Found
Carl Runefelt Wife/SpouseNone
Carl Runefelt ChildrenNone
ProfessionProfessional Basketball player
Carl Runefelt Net Worth$1.5 Billion
Social MediaFacebook- Present YouTube:- 58900 K Followers Twitter:- 1M Followers, Carl Runefelt Instagram:@themooncarl
Carl Runefelt Age30 years old as of 2024.

Carl Runefelt Wikipedia, Biography

Carl Runefelt was born in the year 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in a modest family and had a rough start. He used to drink alcohol and take drugs as a child to cope up with his anxieties. He got out of his school too soon. He got a job of a grocery attendant.

He used to watch YouTube videos on cryptocurrency while working at the store. There is no information available about his family. He hails from Sweden.

Carl Runefelt is not married and is not having any romantic relationship. Carl Runefelt is having huge fan following on social media with one million followers on Twitter only,

What is Carl Runefelt Net Worth?

Carl Runefelt is a smart guy who is not having any formal education or experience. He just makes smart investments. Investments are also his primary source of income. In 2024 Carl Rune felt’s net worth is $1.5 billion.

He makes investments in Bitcoin and few other cryptocurrency. He has been actively trading n cryptocurrency and receiving significant returns. With his smart decisions he converts his modest investments into lucrative profits.

He is also named in the list of 30 under 30by Forbes. He faced many setbacks in his business he continued investing and as a result he became an expert in the right investments. The majority of his assets are held in cryptocurrency.

He makes $1 billion every year from his investments. Carl Runefelt is having a long list of assets. He is having many expensive sports cars, Yacht, luxurious house etc. He can be seen enjoying his luxuries on social media.

He often shares pictures with his fans. Carl Runefelt is a billionaire and a successful investor who mainly invest in Bitcoin. He also helps others and his fans can subscribe to his YouTube channel and gain his valuable advice on how to make money through cryptocurrency.

Carl Runefelt Career

Carl Runefelt has made his career in the field of investors and came out as a successful investor and entrepreneur. He is having huge expertise in cryptocurrency and has achieved huge success in it.

After 2018 he started paying attention in cryptocurrency and started with social media. He gained 50k subscribers with 70 million views. He posted his first video in 2017.  He dropped out from school early and did not have enough money then.

He worked at a grocery store and used to watch cryptocurrency videos from where he got inspiration. He learned everything about cryptocurrency and this changed his life completely. Eventually he gained knowledge and started investing in cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

He employed variety of strategies to maintain his portfolio. He never relied on single investment and spread his investments across the countries, sectors and classes. He carefully analyzes the market before investing.

He takes advantages of the market and also evaluates risks. There are many things which he does to make right decisions.

His smart decisions, knowledge and experience makes Jim a successful investor in the field of cryptocurrency. Carl Runefelt is having $1.5 billion net worth in 2024 and it is rapidly increasing.


Who is Carl Runefelt?

Carl Runefelt also aka The Moon a crypto influencer is a billionaire in his twenties. Carl Runefelt has amassed millions of fans from all over the world. His money-making strategies has grabbed the attention of the entire world.

How old is Carl Runefelt?

30 years old as of 2024.

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