Bruce Rosenbaum Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife

Bruce Rosenbaum Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife, Bruce Rosenbaum is a well-known American artist and designer who is known for his unsurpassed artistic skills. He is best known for his Steampunk design. He owns a company called ModVic and he is popular all over America with the name Steampunk Guru. He was given this title by the Wall Street Journal and Steampunk evangelist by Weird Magazine.

Bruce Rosenbaum is a true artist who blends technology, science, and math all together to form steampunk art. He is amazing at what he does and with his talent has impressed the world.

Bruce Rosenbaum is not only good at building steampunk art but he has also earned huge amounts of money through his talent. He also teaches kids about art and science.

His art is unique and there are many who have noticed it and also honored him for what he creates The biggest example of Bruce Rosenbaum’s art is his own house in Sharon Massachusetts which is well known as Steampunk House.

His entire home has functional steampunk and it was also featured on MTV Extreme Cribs. Bruce Rosenbaum’s home is the only home on the planet with functional steampunk art.

bruce rosenbaum net worth
bruce rosenbaum net worth

Bruce Rosenbaum Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife

NameBruce Rosenbaum
Bruce Rosenbaum BirthDay4 February 1962
Bruce Rosenbaum BirthPlaceBoston, MA
Bruce Rosenbaum NationalityAmerican
Bruce Rosenbaum HomeTownMarblehead, Massachusetts
Sun SignAquarius
Bruce Rosenbaum Height6  Feet 0.5 Inches
Bruce Rosenbaum Weight76 Kilograms
Bruce Rosenbaum EducationBachelors in Business at UMASS Amherst MBA from Duke University
QualificationUniversity Graduate 
Marital StatusBruce Rosenbaum Married
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Bruce Rosenbaum FamilyFather:-   Not Found  Mother: –  Not Found Sibling(s):-  Not Found   
Bruce Rosenbaum Wife/SpouseMelanie Rosenbaum
ProfessionAmerican Artist and Designer  
Bruce Rosenbaum Net Worth$5 Million
Social MediaBruce Rosenbaum Instagram:@rosenbaum.bruce, Twitter:- Present YouTube:- Present  
Bruce Rosenbaum Age61 years old as of 2023.

Bruce Rosenbaum Net Worth

Bruce Rosenbaum is popularly known as a steampunk guru and his life and earnings are all around steampunk. He is the owner of a successful company which is a Victorian home restoration company launched in 2007. 

Bruce and his wife focus on integrating new tech with appliances and the objects are alive and restored. Bruce Rosenbaum works with everything that is broken and puts new life into them and an art is created.

Bruce Rosenbaum makes millions from his talent and he has accumulated a net worth of around$5 Million in 2023. His home alone holds a net worth of millions as it is a creative steampunk house and Bruce Rosenbaum has built it with his own hands. 

He is a well-known American artist and designer who makes millions and lives a lavish life in his steampunk house. He also owns cars and other investments that add to his net worth.  

Bruce Rosenbaum works on various projects and he has also created a six-foot mechanical whale for a hotel in Nantucket. There are a number of projects that he has completed and built functional things using scrap and useless instruments.

Bruce Rosenbaum Career

Bruce Rosenbaum was creative and he started his career along with his wife when they both started ModVic which is Modern Victorian a home restoration company in 2007. The couple used to blend modern functionality into Victorian designs.

Then they started integrating modern technology and appliances into restored period objects. He not only produces custom-built parts for his clients but he has also created his family home known as steampunk house.

It is the only steampunk fully functional home in the world. His projects are very interesting like his personal computer workstation which is built in a Victorian pump organ, a 6-foot  whale for a hotel, and the late 1800s band which was rebuilt as a workstation and conference table. 

There is a long list of such projects which are completed by Bruce Rosenbaum. His art has been on display since 2010 and his art exhibits are conducted mostly in NY and MA.

Bruce Rosenbaum has also created a nine-week program with DR. Ashleigh Hillier who is an associate professor. The program is called Steampunkinetics: Building Art into Science for kids on the autism spectrum.

The program is very interesting and includes everything Technology, mathematics, engineering, and science.

Bruce Rosenbaum Wikipedia, Early Life and Education

Bruce Rosenbaum was born on 4 February 1962 in Boston, Marblehead, Massachusetts. There are no further details of his family. He went to Marblehead High School for his schooling and then attended UMASS Amherst and obtained his bachelor’s degree.

After graduating he worked in Stamford as Department manager and later took admission at Duke University and completed his MBA. He then worked for some time and then started his own company called ModVic.

Bruce Rosenbaum is a happily married man and he is married to Melanie Rosenbaum. The couple helps people get their custom-built designs. There are no details of the couple having kids or not.

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