Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband, Meet Alaina Urquhart, the co-host of the highly popular Morbid: A True Crime Podcast. With her expertise as an autopsy technician, Alaina provides a unique perspective from inside the morgue. Alaina is from Boston, where she lives with her husband, John, and their lovely daughters. Alaina is fueled by coffee, which makes up about 75% of her being.

Urquhart shares a passion for crime-solving with Agent Clarice Starling and hopes to be friends with her someday. Alaina pursued a degree in criminal justice, psychology, and biology, which inspired her to write her first psychological horror novel.

Aside from hosting Morbid, she also hosts two other podcasts: the podcast original show Crime Countdown, and a horror movie podcast named Scream! Her days are filled with either recording or conducting autopsies.

To her, when she wraps up her podcast for the day, it’s time to allow the deceased to speak their truth.

alaina urquhart net worth
alaina urquhart net worth

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband

NameAlaina Urquhart
Alaina Urquhart BirthdayDecember 28, 1985
Alaina Urquhart BirthplaceBoston, USA
Alaina Urquhart NationalityUS
Alaina Urquhart HometownBoston
Sun SignTo be updated
Alaina Urquhart Height158 cm
Weight55 to 65 Kilograms 
HobbiesPodcast, writing
Alaina Urquhart EducationDegree in Criminal Justice, Biology
Marital StatusMarried
Alaina Urquhart HusbandJohn White
Alaina Urquhart FamilyAlaina Urquhart Parents:Father: – Mr. Urquhart Mother: Mrs. Urquhart  
Alaina Urquhart Husband/SpouseJohn White
Alaina Urquhart Kids2 twin Daughters
ProfessionAutopsy technician, Author
Alaina Urquhart Net Worth$2.5 (approx.)
Social MediaAlaina Urquhart Instagram:@alainatothemax Facebook: – To be updated Twitter: – To be updated
Alaina Urquhart Age38 years old as of 2023.

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth

The profession of Alaina UrquhartAutopsy Technician, Author
Net Worth$2.5M (approx.)
Earnings$1m to 2M (approx.)
AssetsTo Be Updated

Alaina Urquhart, who appears in the popular American Crime Series ‘Morbid Podcast’, and other movies, earns most of his income through podcasts, shows, and brand endorsement content. It is estimated that Alaina makes around $1 million to $ 2 million a year and has a net worth of $2.5 million.

Alaina Urquhart Earnings

Talented in her profession, Alaina is also an author. She writes novels based on crime and investigation. Alaina’s talent for writing books gives her a good income. Alaina also has some good assets.

She lives in a beautiful house with her husband John White and their twin daughters. Alaina earns about $2M. Still exact figures about her net worth are not available.

Alaina Urquhart Wikipedia, Birth Place

Alaina Urquhart-White was born on 28th December 1985, in Boston, United States. Alaina earns most of her income through his profession, podcasts, and social media channels. Some of her income may be earned by sponsored content. Alaina’s net worth is around 1M USD to 2M USD.

Alaina Urquhart Age

As of August 2023, Alaina Urquhart would be approximately 38 years old. Moreover, she is a mother and a wife but keeps herself fit to look young and healthy. The age of a person differs year by year. It is better to check the age of any person by keeping their Date of year and present year in mind.

Alaina Urquhart Early Life & Family

Alain was born Christian and raised in her hometown. She attended her school. After completion of her school, she joined college to get a degree in criminal justice, psychology, and biology.

Alaina was a confident and bright student during her education days. After her education, Alaina decided to make her career in her profession. She now co-hosts ‘Morbid Podcast’.

Alaina is married to John White. John is a supportive husband. The couple has a twin daughter together.

Alaina Urquhart Education

After her school education, Alaina joined college. Keeping her career goals in mind, Urquhart earned degrees in criminal justice, psychology, and biology. These degrees eventually helped her to move forward with her career plans.

She also started criminal novels and books. Alaina being a podcaster, is also a wonderful author. Some of her novels have grabbed the attention of many. She shares the details of her novels on her social media platforms.

Alaina Urquhart Husband

Alaina got married to John White in the year 2012. Following their marriage, the couple have twin daughters together. Both Alaina and John share wonderful chemistry. John is a supportive husband, who also helps in publicity of Alaina’s new novels.

The power couple are romantic and have a good time together as a family. Very limited details of John White are available. We will share details about Alaina’s husband White’s profession once we find out.

Alaina Urquhart on Social Media

Alaina Urquhart is connected with her followers on multiple social media accounts. It is a good platform for Alaina to connect with her fans and share details about her profession, podcasts, family, and books.

  • YouTube: @Alainaurquhart
  • Facebook: To be updated
  • Instagram: @alainatothemax
  • Twitter: To be updated
  • TikTok: @alainatothemax

A lot of personalities use social media accounts and profiles to promote their businesses, podcasts, books, sponsored products, and other forms of entertainment or details.

However, it is suggested to check them through other parameters or by visiting Alaina’s verified web page.

Alaina Urquhart Height

According to recent findings, Alaina Urquhart – also known professionally as Alaina, an autopsy technician – stands at around 5 feet 2 inches tall.

She is not as tall as her husband, John White. However, she is beautiful and looks confident. Alaina is fit, and healthy and exercises daily with a proper diet.

Alaina Urquhart Teeth

Many users are wondering about Alaina’s teeth. However, there is no significant information about Alaina Urquhart’s teeth. Alaina’s teeth may be natural and healthy. Alaina Urquhart’s teeth are the reason that she has a beautiful smile.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast and Alaina Urquhart

“Alaina Urquhart” is associated with the true-crime podcast “Morbid.” The hosts of the “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast” were Alaina Urquhart (Alaina Thomas) and Ashleigh Kelley.

“Morbid: A True Crime Podcast” is hosted by two friends, Alaina and Ashleigh, who share a passion for true crime. They discuss various true crime cases, mysteries, and historical crimes in their podcast episodes.

The show has gained a significant following and has become popular among true crime enthusiasts.

Alaina Thomas and Ashleigh Kelley

Alaina Thomas and Ashleigh Kelley were the hosts of the true-crime podcast “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.” They are two friends who share a passion for true crime and use their platform to discuss various true crime cases, mysteries, and historical crimes.

Alaina Thomas and Ashleigh Kelley’s engaging and conversational style has garnered them a significant following, and they have become popular among true crime enthusiasts.

They approach their discussions with sensitivity and respect for the victims and their families while delving into the details of the cases.

“Morbid: A True Crime Podcast” has gained a dedicated fanbase and continues to produce regular episodes exploring intriguing and lesser-known true crime stories.

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