Winter in Kashmir Essay in English

Winter in Kashmir Essay in English, Kashmir is a place where you can see heaven on earth with your own eyes.  In winters it becomes more beautiful when the blanket of snow covers everything in its gasp. Snowfall is beautiful and the majority of the people who live in cities and towns wish to see snowfall at last once in their lifetime. There is no other great place than Kashmir to witness this wonder of nature.

I visited Kashmir with my family last winter and it was an amazing experience. It was my first time to witness snowfall and it was no less than heaven. Everything was white yet beautiful in all the terms. The beauty of Kashmir gets more and more in the winters as well.

It is comparable but life gets difficult in winters. There are many places in Kashmir where tourists can visit and enjoy the winter season to its fullest. In Kashmir, winter starts from 21st December-31st January called chillai- Kalan which is 40 days. Then comes chillai khurd which is 20 days and the last period of winter is ten-day chillai bacha.

winter in kashmir essay
winter in kashmir essay

Winter in Kashmir Essay in English

Essay On Winter in Kashmir

The first phase of winter in Kashmir is extremely chilly and harsh. At this period of time, it is bone-chilling cold and it’s absolutely freezing lasting longer. I remember we had to wear plenty of layers of clothes to get out and enjoy. 

According to the elder people of Kashmir, the snowfall we see today is nothing compared to the past. They said that it used to snow at least one story in the past days. It used to get difficult to get out of the house because everything from windows to doors used to get covered due to snow. People used to live a very difficult time in the older times.

Today people have facilities so life is a little easy still people have to struggle a lot to get through winters in Kashmir. People have to stay in their houses for a longer period of time. Nowadays due to climate changes Kashmir does not get weather and snowfall as it used to decades ago. Still, it is difficult to endure winters in Kashmir.

Now the winter period has also shifted from December-January to February and March. Last year when I visited Kashmir the winter did not receive that much snow. In recent years chillai kalan winter period also went without snowfall.

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This is a major concern because a mountain without snow is like a royal head without a crown. Snowfall excites everyone equally and this is why it is important. We had great moments and collected lifetime memories on our vacation winter in Kashmir.

I and my brother and grandparents had the best time of our life. We went to many snow rides and it was a totally new experience for us. We made snowmen, throw snowballs at each other, and made millions of videos and reels in Kashmir.

The winter was pleasing and the white sparkling snow everywhere just cheered us up every time we went outside playing.  We used to play in the snow from morning to evening. My mother used to pack us so that we do not get sick, but the excitement level we had was unmatchable. The energy of winter in Kashmir is totally different.

Everything is so beautiful and heavenly here. The satisfaction of having warm things and fire by our side was unbeatable. After playing in snow every time we had kawa, chai, and warm soups. It was delicious warming satisfactory taste bud treats. Our room had heaters, but sitting with local people around the fire was something different.

We made some local friends in Kashmir who invited us to their homes. They told us many winter stories and how they used to survive in winters when snowfall used to cover their entire homes. People were unable to walk so they used to walk in lines. 

The stories were amazing and I also shared them with my friends when I came back to my friends at school. I can’t forget the cold chilling shivering down the spine, red nose and cheeks, shivering from chills when we used to play in the snow in Kashmir. We were in Kashmir for 10 days and those were the best days of my life.

Paragraph on Winter in Kashmir

Visiting Kashmir in winter was a good idea though my mother was scared that we will get sick. The excitement was so high that we used to play for hours in the snow still nothing happened. Instead, we gathered cherished moments making snowmen, throwing snowballs, making snow fairies and ice cream from freshly poured snow.

I always loved winters because it gives warmth and the beauty of the mountains is majestic. We made our own homemade slides and went sliding on mountains.  It was homemade snow rides which were not scary at all. In fact, they were daring and lots of fun. I remember that one day I and my brother went sliding in the morning and returned in the evening.

It was so fun that we totally forgot about even eating food that day. My mother was okay with it because we were on vacation and to enjoy ourselves to our fullest. We got so tired that day that after having dinner we slept instantly after going to bed. The rooms were cozy enough to make us warm. The fire in the fireplace makes everything magical.

Outside it was chilled windy nights, but inside with my entire family and fire in the fireplace made everything so cozy and warm. At night the mountains used to look majestic in the moonlight. That sight I cannot ever forget because it was not from the earth but directly from the land of the gods. 

Winters in Kashmir is something every Indian should experience at least once in a lifetime because it’s simply beautiful. Kashmir is not only beautiful in summers, but it is also amazingly pleasant and happening in winters. Winter in Kashmir should be experienced beacuse its majestic.

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