Who is God Essay in English

God The Supreme Power

Who is God Essay in English We have never seen God with our own eyes, but we heartily believe in him. Since our childhood, we have heard the stories of deities and gods which made us believe that there is the supreme power and the creator of everything we see on earth and the universe. He is the creator and responsible for life on earth. God created beautiful nature like mountains, trees, insects, birds, and humans. Every religion has a different meaning and figure of the god.

We thank god every day because he is the father of mankind. We have heard that God is great; he is the supreme power who created the infinite universe. There are different definitions of god in every religion.

Some even claim to have an encounter with the god. Those people are really lucky. Whenever we feel sad, broken, or helpless we pray to god, and yes we get out of this situation because if there are bad times there is good as well. All this belief comes from the unseen presence of the supreme power.

We have Vedas in Indian religion, Quran in the Muslim religion, bible in Christianity that tells us how God looks like, how created the universe, how he helps humans and how we can build faith over this supreme power.

who is god essay in english
who is god essay in english

Who is God Essay in English

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay

It’s a very interesting concept for all those who believe in him and even for those who don’t believe in him. God teaches us to be good and kind so that we can get closer to the divine. There is a whole world of philosophy on this concept and everything about God is attractive and interesting. 

God gives us hope and those who surrender to God never face failure in their life because they get the power to deal with every challenge that life throws at us. We are hopeful because we know in our minds that there is a God somewhere.

I believe in God and everything that is connected to him. I see god in everything because I believe in his presence and miracles. Yes, there is god because when I see up towards the sky I feel how is it possible that we are living on a floating globe that is getting life-giving light from a burning star.

It is all miracles to me. How mother gives birth to a new life is amazing to me? There are so many miracles around us and all this is due to the divine presence that is residing somewhere in the realms we cannot reach in the human forms.

I have seen monks, sadhus, and even my grandparents talking about the miracles that are related to gods.  In just Hindu religion we have crore of Devi and Devta and all of them have miraculous stories attached to them.

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God is One Essay in English

I have heard experiences of people who talk about angels and deities who showed their presence when they needed them the most.  God is one presence that makes humanity come closer, to be one, and to fight for one another in this evil world.

People get filled with sentiment when they visit any holy place. They feel a presence there which is calming and soothing.  Why it is not present in other places if there is not any god? There are many questions in my mind when I think about god.

I pray to God every day and I believe my prayers are heard by someone who is above all, who is powerful enough to create this miraculous universe. We have never seen god and the beauty of this unseen power is that it is a strong belief that humans follow strongly.

There are different images of god, but every religion has one thing in common to say and that is God is light. Even Jesus said that I am the son of light and it is mentioned in the bible as well. I wonder how beautiful that light is going to be when I will get a chance to meet him when I will leave the costume of my human form.

Faith in God Essay in English

If we will feel with all our heart, body, mind and should we can experience the essence of god. God is imperative for our life because believing in him makes us balance. There is one thing which I never believed in god and that is that God is omnipresent.

No, he is not present everywhere. Is he present in the blood in the slaughterhouse? Is he present in the trash? Is he present in the house where evil lives? No god is not present everywhere because he is having infinite power and is just present infinite.

For some god is science, for others he is faithful, we all see him in different forms and our belief is where God is present. People have their own theories, experiences, and stories about god which is good.  We just need to believe in him no matter how we do because in this weary world only god is the only hope left for humanity. 

I really enjoy knowing more and more about god, the more I learn, the more I feel empowered, loved, and human. God wants us to be human in this inhuman world. In my childhood, I have heard from my grandparents that people who have compassion and pain for others in their hearts are closer to god. I never forget this thing because I believe in God and the good teachings he has left for us to follow. 

One thing to hold onto the belief of God is that we get strength and adopt good qualities in life. His knowing gives me a feeling of purity, love, and strength. It will be hard to survive in this unkind world if there will be no belief in the supreme power.

He is the ultimate truth which no one can deny. Believing in God is one choice and I believe in his presence. He is the truth on which humanity believes and thrives on. God is great!

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