Visit To A Garden Essay in English

Visit To A Garden Essay in English, I have always loved nature and I like spending time in a garden every evening. I have a garden in my backyard but I love to visit big gardens made for the public. In cities, gardens play a major role. It is the only way we can connect to nature in metro cities. Here nature is at its best and it is so calming there. I also live in a city and we have gardens near our house. I go to play in the garden with my friends.

Gardens are beautiful; they have trees, birds, fountains, statues, and many kinds of flowers. It is a happy to place for all. Everyone enjoys and feels pleasant in the garden. Every garden has a gardener who takes care of the nature in it. They plant new flowers and take care of the trees so that birds and humans both can enjoy nature in the garden.

visit to a garden essay in english
visit to a garden essay in english

Visit To A Garden Essay in English

Garden Essay in English

The atmosphere in the garden is totally different from the outside world.  When I visited a garden first I was mesmerized by the beauty of it.  It had huge and beautiful ornamental trees, birds were flying from one tree to another, there were children playing on swings and slides, and there was every color in that garden.

The fragrance in that garden was awesome and it was calming. There were different types of flowers in the garden placed beautifully all around the garden. There were pathways made of sea rocks where people took a stroll in the morning and evening. There was a huge fountain in the middle of the garden with different color lights. 

The fountain also had colorful fishes which added more attraction to the park. Everything about that garden was beautiful and charming. It was a delightful sight for everyone and it can be seen on everyone’s faces.

The garden was beautifully designed with everything in it and this is why it seemed heavenly in the garden. There were families on picnics, mothers playing with the children and there were also dogs playing in that garden.

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Essay On Visit To A Garden

Everyone loves to visit that park because it is paradise in our city. The air in that garden is totally different here everyone feels pleasant and happy. The park is Public Park and this is why it is open 24X7.

I have also visited that garden in the nighttime and it looks more beautiful in the moonlight. People like to take a stroll in the garden after dinner and this is why it is even safe to visit the garden at night.

Garden is important for humans because adults are living a very busy and stressful life. After a long tiring day at work, people come to the garden to have peacetime. Here they can play, meditate, spend time with their families, play with their pets or just enjoy alone time. Everyone will find relief in the garden because it has nature.

A morning walk in the garden every day not only keeps us healthy but also stress-free all day. Today more and more people wish to gardens in their house because they can sit there and have a fun time.

There are different types of flowers in the garden such as lily, rose, tulip, daisies, sunflowers, and local fauna. Some flowers are very easy to grow in any environment and are beautiful to have in the garden. These beautiful colors make a garden look so attractive and welcoming.

I have visited almost all the gardens in my city and the entire mare beautiful. It is a great place to take a break from everything that stresses us out. I also have a garden in my house and it is the most pleasing part of my house.

My mother takes care of our garden and we also have vegetables in them. In the garden, we have made many memories. It is a place where we celebrate every festival and even my birthdays. We should have more and more gardens because it is important for humanity to survive.

More and more urbanization is taking place and it is destroying Mother Nature. Cities lack nature and they live the most stressful lives. Even the behavior of humans can change if they are far from nature. Gardens can heal Mother Nature and this is why government must build more and more gardens so that humans can flourish.

It is the right of the children to have gardens so that they can play in the outdoor environment. Children are getting attracted to play stations, TV’s, and smartphones. They don’t get out much. Having gardens in the societies will encourage them to play out. These gardens must have swings and slides so that kids can have fun.

My Garden Essay for Class 3

Kids who love fish and fountains can fulfill their demands. When I first visited a garden was very happy that day. It was beautiful, everyone was enjoying that day and I also had a great day with my family. It was a beautiful and memorable experience of my life which I will never forget. Everyone from my family goes to the garden every day some to mediate, some to maintain their weight, and others to feel peace.

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I visit the garden to meet my friends, to enjoy games and to spend some time with Mother Nature. Gardens calm everything mind, body, and soul. Here we can rejuvenate ourselves and end or start our day with Mother Nature. Everyone must stay close to nature and cheer our lives. Even pets like to have a stroll in the garden, play with other dogs and children.

Everyone has a chance to make new friends in a garden. The site is pleasurable in the garden where there is tress, squirrels running around, there are nuts fallen on the ground, butterflies humming over the colorful flowers, and people having the best time of their lives.

Gardens are not just visually attractive but they have a strong impact on our brains, spending just thirty minutes in the garden can pump us up. I would like to visit every popular garden in the world.

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