Veer Gatha Project Essay in English

Veer Gatha Project Essay in English, India is a nation, where we find thousands of heroes who fought for the country in different aspects. Today, we are going to talk about Veer Gatha in this post. Veer Gatha is a biography of war heroes. They will be remembered always for what they had done for our country with indomitable courage and motivation. They had shown their devotion to duty.

At the same time, they also fought for the country due to their undying love for our motherland. This is why India will make all these heroes memorable for always via this Veer Gatha award.

veer gatha project essay in english
veer gatha project essay in english

Veer Gatha Project Essay in English

Veer Gatha Essay in English

Veer Gatha is an award, which serves as the highest military decoration for our country. It is also designed for supreme courage, gallantry, leadership, self-sacrifice during the war, and exemplary devotion to duty among heroes and patronages.

As we already know war is the biggest man-made disaster. During wartime, the entire mankind gets affected and suffers from harmful consequences. However, the main question is that can we survive the war? Possibly, there is no sure-shot answer to this question.

But it is true that wars do not give the message of peace and patriotism in the world. This is why wars should not be accepted and we certainly should not support wars. Through the award of Veer Gatha, we can give a true tribute to real heroes who fought and died in wars for our country.

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Some of them laid down their lives for saving the nation and also a noble cause. This award must make sure that peace and harmony succeed.

We can go through many stories, which will give us the chance to get connected with the history and motivate us to take a stand for our country.

Even, from these stories, we can also come to know about how the real heroes survived in those hard times, how they gave their lives for our nation, etc. The stories of Veer Gatha also tell us what must be happening in the present- peace or war forever.

Veer Gatha Project Paragraph 300 Words

There are millions of stories, which are an example of Veer Gatha for our country. These stories are instructive and inspiring. They will explain to us our Param Veterans, who were the Brave hearts for our country.

It was only their determined and disciplined characters, as well as their commitment to responsibility, which led them to fight for our motherland. When we read such inspiring stories, we will become inspired to guzzle the quintessential qualities of those real heroes of our country and carry forward those glorious traditions made by them.

Through these stories of Veer Gatha, we can remind ourselves that the time has come for all of us to resolve conflicts between different nations or societies and rise as members of one single family.

It is also stated by the Indian Constitution that the State shall encourage to promote global security and peace. They must maintain peaceful and honorable relations between countries. It is also to be stated that it is important for them to promote respect for global law and to motivate the settlement of global disputes by adjudication.

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But there were circumstances that arose at those times, when it was required for independent India to get engaged in wars with other countries like China in 1947 – 48, 1965, 1987, 1971, 1962, and 1999. In addition to that, the armed forces of our country were also called upon to serve to maintain peacekeeping situations via missions in countries like DR. Congo from 1960 to 1964, and Sir Lanka from 1987 to 1990.

Not only this, but even the personnel of all the services had made great sacrifices for our country when it comes to attaining the objectives of national security and honor at home as well as in international nations.

There is also a book related to Veer Gatha, in which we can see inspiring stories of 21 brave hearts. They were awarded the Param Vir Chakra or PVC for their hardships and bravery. This award is the highest wartime gallantry medal in India.

This award was given to our real heroes for their kind and devotional service to the country. Only 21 heroes were awarded this award for fighting in the wars and getting success since 1947 in any manner.

Veer Gatha Project Paragraph 150 Words

Among 21 brave hearts, 14 were retrospectively awarded the Param Vir Chakra. While other 16 took part in the wars and conflicts between India and Pakistan alone. Such awardees or real heroes come from a different range of educational and socio-economic backgrounds. It is true that some heroes come from defense families.

While on the other hand, most heroes are from other walks of life. In fact, half of them are officers, while on the other side, others belong to NCO, JCO, or Jawan categories. These heroes of our country can belong to different regions, communities, services, units, regiments, ranks, age groups, etc. If we see our history, then they could be related to different periods of the post-independence history of India.

But the major thing to know is that they all have one thing in common, which is none other than the spirit and devotion of patriotism. They all show the highest level of bravery on the battlefield.

Essay on Veer Gatha Project

While checking out such stories, we also see that they understand one thing and rely on the saying, ‘One for all and one for all.’ we can see this thing in every story of real heroes of our motherland in past times. They lived up to this motto, which showed their honesty, devotion to duty, non-discrimination, respect, and also the spirit of selfless sacrifice.

Recently, to propagate the details of acts of bravery of real herpes and their life stories among the students, the Ministry of Defense has proposed schools to motivate students to do some projects or activities based on such bravery award winners.

Many schools have organized projects on Veer Gatha in previous years so that everyone can come to know about their hard stories and get motivated to do something for our independent nation.

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