Unemployment Essay in English

Unemployment Essay in English, People and the entire society are dealing with different common issues. These days, unemployment has become a serious economic and social concern. Not only in India, but unemployment is also destroying the entire world. When a person is unemployed, he or she may take wrong steps, leading to the existence of many social ills.

Of course, unemployment is an issue that the governments of different countries try to resolve with the best methods. When the rates of unemployment fall, a number of social issues also see a great decline.

Unemployment Essay in English
Unemployment Essay in English

Unemployment Essay in English

Unemployment Essay in English 250 Words

If a country has a higher rate of employment, it will give birth to social and economic well-being in a particular country. Undoubtedly, it has been seen that governments are trying to provide basic employment opportunities to people so that a country can flourish to the fullest in the best way.

They develop multi-pronged strategies and methods to resolve the issue of unemployment in a particular country. When political rallies are held, many political parties place the issue of unemployment as a major one in their election platforms. There are many ways to work on the issue of unemployment so that it can be eliminated from its roots.

What is unemployment: Paragraph on Unemployment

The term ‘unemployment’ is referred to a person who does not get the right platform to start a career and may lack a job. When an individual does not get a job to earn his bread and butter, then they come under the line of unemployment. Of course, it is an issue of concern in many nations all over the world.

Unemployment is defined as people not being gainfully employed. In simple words, it can be said that when a person does not get engaged in any productive activity helping them to earn their livelihood, he or she is said to be a victim of unemployment.

When people are employed effectively, they play an active role in the development, growth, and progress of the country in a desirable and positive direction. This way, peace and prosperity of the citizens on a large scale will be ensured.

How does unemployment affect people?

When a person stays unemployed for a long time, they enter a state of depression and stress. It is one of the most common social ills, which people are dealing with to a great extent. This social ill can lead to a number of other social ills.

In fact, when there is a higher rate of unemployment, the chances are more, incidences of activities occur in the society that disturbs and disrupt it. At the same time, unemployment also leads to a great increase in the incidence of rapes and murders. Side by side, burglaries, and robberies are the result of high unemployment rates in any country.

When people are unemployed, they may fall into the trap of drugs and alcohol. The addiction to these bad habits goes up to a great extent, which may lead to many other issues destroying the whole society. With different social ills in a society, the peace and welfare of a particular society get disturbed and ruined.

When anyone is dealing with the issue of unemployment to a great extent, he or she may be looking for some other means to earn money. These means can be illicit or unlawful, which may destroy their life completely. Using other modes of earning income can help them get the right resources so that they can satisfy their basic necessities.

Another common problem faced by people who are unemployed is they start begging on roads and streets. Unemployment also boosts the level of beggary in the nation. They opt for beggary so that they can at least feed and fulfill their other basic needs.

We can see a number of homeless people in different countries, who live out on the streets. They do not take care of anything. Whether the climate is hot or cold, homeless people live on the streets. It is all because of a great increase in the rate of unemployment. Due to unemployment, people do not sufficient resources to get a roof above their heads.  

Short Essay on Unemployment

Unemployment not only leads to the growth of social ills, but even it also arises the problems of ill-health among people. Unemployed people also become a victim of ill-health to a great extent. When people are not working anymore, they turn out to be lazy. As we all know laziness is the major root of different health conditions both mental and physical, this is why the unemployed suffer from different health concerns.

It is also a common saying that an idle mind is the workshop of a devil. With a higher level of unemployment, people begin dealing with depression. It leads to a higher number of suicides in society. When the wants and needs of people are not fulfilled, it increases the possibility of suicide because they are forced to end their lives.

Now, it is clear that unemployment can create huge problems for our society. This is why our governments should take care of the rate of unemployment by working on it. Not only for the betterment of people, is it important to eliminate the issue of unemployment in our country because it also affects the well-being and condition of our country in different ways.

The higher rate of unemployment also impacts the economic condition of a country. So, this problem should not be neglected at all because it is going to cause the downfall of a country including India.

Final verdict 

To increase the rate of employment in India, it is important for our government to bring betterment to the education system. And at the same time, the government emphasizes job placements of students in different companies both private and non-private.

By addressing these concerns, we can enhance the rate of employment, decreasing the levels of unemployment to a great extent. The education system needs to be advanced so that educated youngsters and other skilled persons can take up the right jobs and get a source of their livelihood without any hassle.

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