Thirukkural Essay in English

Thirukkural Essay in English, This essay is all about Thirukkural, which helps us to get complete info about it. Thirukkural is one of the ancient classic Tamil pieces of literature over 2000 years ago. It was written by the greatest poet, Thiruvalluvar. It is very popular literature. Many people follow the lessons and moral values taught by this literature. It is all about the morality and virtues of a person who can belong to any category.

Be it a poor or rich person, an ordinary citizen or the king of the country, an immoral person, or any other person, this literature is applicable for all ages.

Thirukkural is made from the combination of 2 words, these are ‘Thiru’ and ‘Kural.’ From the word ‘Thiru,’ it means that Honorable in the Tamil language and while on the other hand, ‘Kural’ means short and precise. There are many teachings we can learn from this literature.

thirukkural essay in english
thirukkural essay in english

Thirukkural Essay in English

Essay About Thirukkural in English

This literature has three major divisions, which are referred to as Aram, Porul, and Kamam. Aram means Virtue, Porul means Wealth of Government, Society) and Kamam means Love. In these 3 divisions, there are 133 topics present, topics are known as Athigaram in the Tamil language. Each topic comprises 10 Kural meaning poems or couplets. This means that Thirukkural has 1330 couplets in total.

Each couplet comprises 2 lines. The first line of a couplet has 4 words and its second line has 3 words. It means that there is a total of 7 words in each couplet. Kural is a kind of poetic meter, which has a relation with the poetic meter family named Venba. If we see the actual meaning of Thirukkural in the English language, it is meant as Hallowed Couplet.

Talking about the divisions of Thirukkural, each division is equipped with different topics. These are:

  • The first division
  • The second division
  • The third division
  • The fourth division

The topics of the first division include Glory of Rain, Life Partner, Family, The power of righteousness, Invocation, Possessing Love, Speaking Pleasantly, Hospitality, Children, Neutrality, Gratitude, Having Restraint, Not Desiring Others Wife, Having Morals, Bearing no Envy, Tolerance, Awareness, Avoid Backbiting, Fame, Charity, Truthfulness, Penance, Avoiding Anger, and many more. The first division comprises 380 couplets.

The next division, i.e. the second one contains topics like Learning, Listening, Not Learning, Preventing of Faults, Qualities of Leader, Knowing the Strength, Wisdom, The Right Timing, Undesirable Friendship, Friendship, Justice, Dignity, Medicine, Country, Greatness, Poverty, Farming, Hostility, Enmity, Being Courteous, Whore, Serving People, Mercy, Gambling, Perseverance, Not Being Lazy, and a lot more. In the second division, there are 700 couplets.

The third and fourth divisions of Thirukkural have topics like Rejoicing in the Embrace, Recognition of the Signs, Declaration of Love, The Praise of her Beauty, Complaining’s, Separation unendurable, Sad Memories, Reserve overcome, Pouting, Wasting Away, Desire of Reunion, Mutual Desire, and many others. Both these divisions comprise 250 couplets.

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Why Thirukkural is known to be universal literature?

Thirukkural does not have any relation with any caste, language, religion, or method of worship. It is all having purely common thoughts, secular ethics, and morality. All of these are applicable to everyone irrespective of caste, gender, or religion.

This is why Thirukkural is known as the Universal Veda and also the Universal Code of Conduct. It gives teachings about equality, humanity, etc. it helps us to learn how we can become good human beings. It plays a great role in the life of a human being if followed carefully.

The main significance of Thirukkural is that it is completely beyond any religion and caste. It has got the number one position in the list of pieces of literature in ancient times. It has attained the number one position because it has no religion, does not have any belongings with racism, and caste-ism.

The best part is that there are gender inequalities. It also holds a significant value as it is short and full of preciseness. There are 2 lines and 7 words that all are short and accurate.

It completely talks in a sensible manner. The greatness of this literature in the Tamil language is that it tells people about the Art of Living, as well as the Art of Creating Refined Civilization.

Unknown Facts: Thirukkural About Life

There are lots of interesting facts about Thirukkural, ancient literature in Tamil. Let’s read them:

  • It was first printed at 1812
  • Initially, it was named Muppal, which means the third division. Later, it was titled Thirukkural. This is the main reason why it has no clear identity on the name of the poem and poet.
  • No mentioning of any noun in the 1330 couplets of this literature
  • In Thirukkural, there are 14,000 words and 42,194 letters
  • It explains only quality rather than quantity
  • Cinnamon fruit is the only fruit to be mentioned in Thirukkural
  • It is the most number of translated literature in the world, as Quran and Bible are in the first two places
  • Palm and bamboo are two trees, which are featured in Thirukkural
  • In Thirukkural, the picture we see of the poet is not his actual picture. It is because there is no actual picture or proof of how he might have looked. His first portrait was drawn by an artist named Venugopal Sharma. This portrait has a universal approach and authenticity.
  • The translation of Thirukkural has been done into the English language by 40 persons
  • The word ’70 Kodi’ is seen only once in this literature
  • There is also a translation of this literature available in the Vakpoli language
  • There are only 2 flowers in this literature such as Anicham or Scarlet Pimpernel and Kuvalai or Cup Flower
  • The word seven is reserved in eight couplets or Kurals
  • Crab’s eye tree or Kundrimani is the only seed that is featured in this literature
  • 9 is the only number that is not used in Thirukkural

All-Inclusive Text

It is a proud thing to say that Thirukkural is related to India. The poet created his thought and intellect to break down both religion and caste by his ‘All-Inclusive Text,’ 

This is the thirukkural essay in English, from this entire article, we cover information regarding essay writing on thirukkural in English. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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