The Best Village Of Gujarat Essay in English

The Best Village Of Gujarat Essay in English, There are many villages in the state of Gujarat. But there is a village named Punsari, which has won the title of the best village or ‘Adarsh Gram’ in Gujarat. This village is located in the Sabarkatha district of Gujarat. It has all the facilities and amenities to compete with any metropolitan city in the whole country. More than 6000 people are living in this village. Be it the Anganwadi centers or schools, it has got all of them that makes people feel as they are living in an urban area.

the best village of gujarat essay in english
the best village of gujarat essay in english

The Best Village Of Gujarat Essay in English

Punsari Village Gujarat

Punsari is a village in Gujarat and is located at about 80 km or 50 mi from the capital of the state, Gandhinagar. It is 20 km from Parvati Hills, which is the largest tabletop land in the country. There is a Panchayati Raj System in the village. The village extent is around 65 km or 40 mi. Talking of the agricultural land, 6 hectares of land has been used for this reason.

The main non-farming activity is dairy in Punsari. There has been a lot of development in the village, which makes it worthy to compete with urban areas. The village has experienced a transformation under the Panchayat. In every sector, it has developed in all aspects.

There has been the utilization of new and advanced technology in education. It has a Wi-Fi connection for people living. Not only this, to help women, efforts have been made regularly. The empowerment of women is encouraged in this village. There is an enhanced security level in this village. Some facilities offered by the panchayat in this village are mentioned below:

  • Sewer and drainage project
  • Local mineral water supply
  • A healthcare center
  • Toll-free complaint reception service
  • Banking services and facilities

This village is known to be the best one among other villages in the country because of its infrastructure and facilities like an urban area. It has grabbed the award of being the best Gram Panchayat in the state. It has a unique village model, which has been liked by delegates from Nairobi. This is why they are eager to create replicas in Kenyan villages.

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Know the Urbanization Model – Best Village in Gujarat

Of course, the government has been putting in many efforts to provide the best amenities in villages. They wanted to improve the condition and infrastructure of villages in the entire country. With this motive, Punsari has advanced a lot. There is a 66 KV sub-station in Punsari, which supplies power to the whole village.

The Sarpanch of the village aims at obtaining Wi-Fi connectivity in the entire village. This way, villagers can get support to live a modern life. They can use unlimited internet when they buy the modem from the office of the Panchayat. The panchayat in Punsari has tried its best to enhance the facilities for students.

  • Giving education to every person living in Punsari is the main motive of the Punsari panchayat. Students get the best possible facilities from Panchayat. There are CCTV cameras and air conditioners in the primary schools, which are installed for security and comfort zone of students.
  • There are 5 primary schools in this village. CCTVs in schools let parents check the performance of their children without interrupting the classes or lectures. This is how parents can also keep an eye on the teachers. The drop-out rate of schools is zero in this village.
  • Apart from schools, there are 25 CCTVs in the village, which are installed at prime junctions. The use of CCTVs at prime junctions helps to spot litterbugs and punish them.
  • When it comes to transportation, mini-buses are available within the village. The panchayat has begun a bus facility known as the Atal Express for females, which is utilized for the import of milk. This bus service is also used by people in the village to travel to other nearby villages.
  • Not only in education and transportation, but this village has also been on the top of the list of the best villages in Gujarat due to communication facilities. For communication purposes, this village has 120 waterproof speakers and these speakers are utilized by the sarpanch to notify the people about new schemes and the latest announcements. These speakers are also used to play slogans of Mahatma Gandhi, as well as shlokas and bhajans.
  • Talking of the water system in Punsari, there is a reverse osmosis plant installed in this village in 2010. With this plant, the main motive is to ensure the supply of clean water for drinking to the villagers. When there is any ceremony like a wedding, or any other, water tankers are arranged. There are drinking water taps available for all people. Punsari also has a proper sanitation and drainage system, which is entirely underground.

Best Village of Gujarat Punsari

Punsari has become an advanced village in the country. It has obtained all to make villagers’ life easy and modern. Villagers can live a new lifestyle with modern facilities and technology. From educating people about Jan Dhan Yojna, Mudra Yojna, or Ujjwala Yojana to utilizing the state-sponsored schemes, everything is being done for the welfare and betterment of the villagers in Punsari.

Roads are clean and litter-free along with the best and most well-maintained infrastructure in Punsari. Just like any urban city, this village has a clean water supply, good roads, CCTV, electricity, RO water plant, Arogya Kendra, waste collection, digital schools, Kaushalya Vardhan Kendra, and many more.


To make this village the best in the country, the Sarpanch of the village has worked very hard. His name is Himanshu Patel, who was the sarpanch from 2006 to 2014. For this tremendous success of Punsari, all the credit goes to Patel. He started any new initiative, but stay dependent only on programs and schemes launched by the government.

After the success of this village, he is now working on the projects of other villages. More than 2 lakh people have visited Punsari to look at the model of governance. It was only his dedication and hard work that led Punsari to win the award of the best Gram Sabha in 2011 from Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

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