Television Essay in English

Television Essay in English, Television set is present in almost every dwelling that dwells on this earth. In fact, there are many hospitals, restaurants, bars; hotels that have TV sets because it is hard for modern human to survive without television. Apart from being a powerful entertainment source television is also a great source of knowledge. For individuals, businesses it is important. It is an amazing, brilliant, superlative, and unique discovery of humans. 

Coming back home we feel relaxed watching TV. It is in our daily routine. In fact, there are many who switch on the TV first thing in the morning. To get all day tiredness way we like to watch some entertaining things on television. It provides freshness and mental peace. It can totally feel us up with energy after watching a sports game, movie, and shows, listening to songs, etc.

television essay in english
television essay in english

Television Essay in English

Television Essay Writing: TV Essay in English

In ancient times, there was no such technology. In India, in ancient times, people used to get entertained live. Raja Maharaja used to have singers or invited singers in their kingdom for entertainment. Then came the radio where people used to listen to a voice with no picture. After that came television which was an advanced technology and along with voice we can also see the pictures on the TV. 

Radio was limited to information. We could just listen to a few songs, radio shows, and news. This was the way for people of that ancient time to get entertained. There were different broadcasts on radios and this way people get entertained listening to the radio.

Television is advanced and with it, people can increase their knowledge and get entertained in a much better way. We can spend hours watching TV. Even our pets like watching TV with us.  The first man to discover this amazing technology was John L. Britain Baird used this idea in the year 1925.

Then later in 1926 TV was launched and for the first time in India, Doordarshan was broadcast in the year 1959.  In the entail days, television was an expensive amenity and only a few were able to afford it. Today TV is absolutely affordable and everyone has one at home and even in the commercial areas.

Short Essay on Television

Today we have much more advanced models of television. Initially, television was big boxes with antennas.  We also had to face the hassles of setting the antenna in the right position to get a picture on our television sets. In 2022 we have the slimmest form of television with a plethora of features.

There are different sizes, pixels, advanced features available. We can connect our television sets with Wi-Fi and also enjoy internet fun on our TV. Today we can buy them according to our needs and interest and this is why the use of television has spread all over the world. In modern times, television is our basic need.

Without television, life is going to be boring and dull. Some people have even developed a bad habit of watching TV for long hours.  It is good as well as bad but humans have a full control ability to mold their habits according to their benefits.

Television Essay in English 200 Words

Television is definitely important for everyone. There are programs broadcast on TV for every age group.  We have family channels, spiritual channels, sports channels, cartoon channels, and many others.  We can watch TV in our own language these days. There are many modern features in built-in television sets that make television more interesting and required.

Students can get a lot of help from TV. Today we have TV sets with eye protection features making it easy for the students to learn from the educational channels available for children on television. There is a lot of knowledge available there and students can easily understand the concepts with a visualization description of the topic.

Young people can get a lot of entertainment by watching TV. There are TV shows, sports, quiz contests, and movies available for the youth. It is good for everyone if they know how to use it. Excess use of anything is bad and so is watching too much television. Youth must be responsible for their TV watching habits.

The elderly are the loneliest people because their children either live far away or have to go to their jobs every day leaving their parents behind at home.  The Elderly can make television their pastime. They can get entertained while watching animal channels, spiritual channels, or others that they love. It can take their aloneness away. There are many different types of programs aired for the elderly on television.

There are many advantages of television such as there are many channels that are good sources of information.  There are updates about current affairs, the sports world, the entertainment world, lifestyle channels, and much more to get informed about. 

In India, lots of things happen at the same time and using our TV sets we can know about them all right sitting at our home.  Another advantage of television is that it sir a great source of entertainment.  It entertains every age group. We all like to sit with our family after dinner and watch movies or our favorite shows together. 

Decades ago people used to gather together to etch movies and TV shows. At the time of Doordarshan people used to wait for TV shows and movies days. There were not enough TV sets in the neighborhood so people used to gather in one place and watch television together.  Those were happy times and television brought everyone together. We still enjoy watching TV with the family. Television is the cheapest form of entertainment and today everyone can afford this amenity.

Without television, there will be dullness in life, and on the other hand, watching too much TV can take away our precious time. We should use this amazing technology for our benefit and use it responsibily. Today television is not just a great source of entertainment but also adds more beauty to the space. Modern TVs are modern gadgets without which our life will become boring. 

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