Technology Essay in English

Technology Essay in English, Now we have reached 2022 and technology has become part of our lives. Today we order pizza online, we can consult doctors online, can shop for groceries online using our smartphones. There is no commercial space where we don’t see technology. Technology is advancing and today we also have robots that are working on behalf of humans and easing their tasks.

Technology comes from the Greek words ‘techne’ and ‘logos’. Techne means skills and logos means expression. Technology is to solve human issues and efforts and it is absolutely fulfilling its job. The best part of humans is that they can easily adapt to changes.

If it is humans who created technology then how is it possible to stay away from it? Technology is advancing day by day and one day it will make our advanced civilization. One day with one button we will be able to complete thousands of tasks. There is one question that always comes to mind and that is technology boon or bane?

technology essay in english
technology essay in english

Technology Essay in English

Essay on Technology in English

No matter what is the answer technology will keep on advancing and humans will have to accept it whether they like it or not. Can we live one day without our smartphones? Everyone can answer this. Technology has totally changed our lives. Smartphones are not old enough and this is where we can judge the pace technology has taken in our lives. Every day we see development and innovation taking place and impacting our daily lives.

Some will say it is for good and others will deny its perks. However, very few will deny having technology in their hands. Technology has increased the life span of humans because we have advanced technology in the medical field.  For instance, we have radiology technology nowadays and with machines, we can see what is happening inside our body without making incisions. 

Technology has also interconnected people and societies. Today with the aid of the internet and a device we can connect tour friends and family who are miles away from us.  From simple technology to advanced artificial technology we have everything and this will keep on advancing.

Technology has reached every aspect of human life in kitchens we have electric cookers and then we have fully automated vehicles running on roads and flying in the sky. It has become an integral part of our daily lives.

We cannot deny the fact that technology has made our lives very easy, enjoyable, and comfortable. It has reduced the time and effort which is required to complete even simpler tasks. There are many ways that it has benefited us and we all know that. The greatest example of the benefits of technology is the time humans faced COVID-19 challenges.

When everything was shut down and everyone was sitting ideal at their homes technology came forward and helped us. Schools turned online, resources were available online. Humans were restricted with interactions but with smartphones, we stood connected with each other. Students have so many resources by which they can learn easily.

Today they have 3D diagrams, online education applications, graphics, and virtualization to understand even the most complex concepts. Technology is the driving force behind human improvements. All the sectors like automobile, medical, banking, and industries are running because of technology.

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Technology is having many benefits in improving our life but it is said that never ignore the other side of the coin. There is no denying that technology has its own perks but there are disadvantages as well. As technology is advancing types of machinery are taking place of man’s work. There are many people who are losing their jobs.

This is a threat as if people will not have the income they will turn to crimes to earn their bread and butter. The average adult spends 6-8 hours online.  Wherever we see people are carrying smartphones in their hands. Whenever we get free time we turn to devices that are harmful.  People are getting far away from each other.

No more they are interested in socializing because they have useless stuff to post online. Online education is spoon-feeding children and they are losing their natural abilities for growth. Competition is so tough that even small kids are facing issues like depression and anxiety. They don’t like to play outside instead they like spending time near screens. This is harmful to their development and growth.

Today everything is happening online which had led to cyber crimes. We all know about the dark web which is the most threatening place. The dark web is present because of technology and it is the scariest place. There is no privacy online and people comprise their privacy there. Technology might be advancing and easing our jobs but it is also a serious concern for humanity.

If we talk about the future of technology it is both exciting and scary. There are people with exciting visions but we cannot ignore what negative impact it is going to put on humanity. We have seen many movies where robots overtook the planet and humans got extinct. There is no surprise in it as the pace we have taken it might get real. 

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We have technology but it cannot predict our exact future. No one knows what the future is going to bring in front of us if we will keep on advancing at such a rapid pace. Technology is slowly taking everything away that is dear to us.

Technology is just there to ease our jobs and make our life easy but it cannot make the world a better place to live. The beauty of living a life is in simplicity, social gatherings in humility, and virtues that bring humanity together.

Technology has nothing to do with such traits. In fact, technology is threatening because with one false news spread online can create quos within seconds. Unfortunately, we cannot slow down the pace of technology but can educate people to use it reasonably. This is another challenge with technology that we are and will be facing in the future.

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