Swami Omkarananda Theni Biography, Wikipedia

Swami Omkarananda Theni Biography, Wikipedia, Swami Omkarananda was born on 17 May 1956 who was born in Theni. Swami Omkarananda was a disciple of Swami Chdbhavananda who was a well-known Hindu Master and a Vedic scholar. He was an enlightened soul and did everything for the people that a Swami will do. He used to teach people about the real values of life and how peaceful and happy life can be achieved by walking on a spiritual path. 

Swami Omkarananda founded the Chidbhavananandha Ashram in Theni which is a village in Tamil Nadu, India. He was a disciple of Swami Chidbhavananandha and builds the ashram in the loving memory of his teacher. He was also the founder of the Arsh Vidhya Gurukulam, Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam, and Sri Bhuvaneshwari Avadutta Vidhya Peetam.

There were many pure hands above his head. He had the blessings of well known masters and teachers of the spiritual world like Param pujya Dayanand Saraswathi swamigal, Sringeri Jagadguru, and Kanchi Jagadguru Shankaracharya swamigal. There is a Hindu order called Sannyasa and Swami Omkarananda was an articulate of this order.

swami omkarananda theni biography
swami omkarananda theni biography

Swami Omkarananda Theni Biography, Wikipedia

Swami Omkarananda Wikipedia

Swami Omkarananda was also the Head Monk of a beautiful temple Pudukkottai of Sri Bhuvaneshwari Amman from 2005-2021. Swami Omkarananda was well known for his Tamil knowledge and verses from Thirukkural which teaches challenging Vedantic subjects. Swami Omkarananda’s discourses are notable which were Bharatiyar’s songs, Thirumandiram, Thevaram, Thayumanavar’s hymns, and Thevaram. 

In 2017 a very big foundation was organized which was named Ullam Thorum Valluvam. He also established a free 5-year course Atmavidya which is a traditional and systematic spiritual learning but with a touch of modern technology for those who were sincerely seeking spiritual learning. Swami Omkarananda gave humanity which is the most important thing in the modern world and that is a spiritual pathway.

The early life of Swami Omkarananda: Swami om History

Swami Omkarananda was born as Sri Goshteswara Sharma alias Manoharan in Perur, Coimbatore, on January 17, 1956, (Tamil month, Thai and Poora nakshatra) to orthodox Ghanapaatigal Sri Vaidhyanatha Ghanapaatigal and Smt. Alamelu Ammal, he was known as Swami Omkarananda Sarawati after his sannyasa diksha. a Vedic scholar is one who has acquired the knowledge of scriptures chanting to a very high level.

Swami Omkarananda schooling was in Perur in a School Saraswati School.  he switched to another school Perur Santhalinga Adigalar School, Madurai Sethupathi high school, and Madurai’s Ponnu Iyengar school.  When Swami Omkarananda was in school he used to win many music and declamatory prizes.

He realized he belongs to brahmacharya when he went through Upanayana samskara where he was completing his eleventh year in the presence of Sri. Jayendra Swamigal. When he was at a very young age he knew he belongs to the spiritual world. He knew he belongs to sannyasa even when he was at a very young age.

He used to read a spiritual book which was written by Sri Swami Chitbhavanandha which motivated and raised his interest in spirituality.  When his interest was growing he used to spend his time on the banks of river Krishna in Vijayawada reading spiritual books.

In the year 1979 Chidbhavananda ashram said goodbye to his home and meditated for 21 days in a hillock near Coimbatore.  While he was meditating he decided that he is going to be a monk now. he took his Diksha from his guru. He was guided by his guru at every step and soon he became a Sanskrit Lecturer at Thiruvedagam Sri Vivekanandha college. 

His best thing to do was to serve his guru and he showed a depth of devotion. He was having a huge interest in learning about shastras and Vedas. His guru Swami Chitbhavanandha took Mahasamadhi he started learning about his interests from Pujya Sri.Paramarthanandha Swami for 8 years in Chennai.

Ashram activities

 The motive of the ashram was to make people learn about Peaceful Happiness. This can be achieved by devoting an individual’s time to growing peace, morality, knowledge, and love. If one is successful in learning how to grow these actual virtues of life they will be able to feel peaceful happiness. 

In the ashram many spiritual subjects are taught like Srimath Bhagavad-Gita, Brahma Sutram, Panchadasi, Viveka Choodaman, Kaivalya Navaneetham, and Upanishads are taught.  Every year in this ashram spiritual camps are conducted and people from all over the world come to learn the truths of life. 

In these spiritual camps spiritual teachers offer detailed courses on  Srimath Bhagavad-Gita, Mandukya Upanishad, Kaivalya Upanishad, Kenopanishad, Santhokya Upanishad, Mundakopanishad, Uddhava Gita, Sivanandhalahari, songs of Thayumanavar, Shiva Puranam, Ishavasya Upanishad Needhi Shatakam, etc. there are many divine places in the ashram where visitors find solace, peace and get to experience divinity. The halls of the ashram echo from divine mantras chanting.

Swami Omkarananda was active until he died.  He acquired all the virtues that made him the best Vedantic student.  He had the complete qualification which is a desire for moksha, discipline, detachment, and discrimination. Swami Omkarananda also chose a great guru who taught him many things. He left his home early and also started giving talks on Bhagat Gita, and Hinduism, and used to conduct spiritual camps. 

People used to find peace in his lectures, teachings, and his talks.  After his guru took maha samadhi he turned to another great guru from whom he learn many other things, he became a Vedanta teacher and studied advanced. Swami Parmarthananda had just four students out of which Swami Omkarananda was one.

Swami Omkarananda was considered very lucky to stay with the great guru and become his student. His entire life he was learning and serving others. he was born into the spiritual world and had great insights into Vedas and shastras. He used to give such an easy insight that even an average person was able to comprehend them with ease.

Swami Omkarananda death

Swami Omkarananda who got the title of Mahaswami and founder of Chidbhavananda ashram passed away after a brief illness. He passed away in a private hospital at 5:40 pm in Madurai. This was the time when we lost a great teacher and a holy monk.

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