Superstition Essay in English

Superstition Essay in English, Superstitious is not good at all as it is irrational but the problem is that we are living in 2022 where some people are thinking about establishing human colonies on another planet. On the other hand side, some people are getting troubled over very little things like it is not good to wash your hair on Thursdays. Superstition has weak roots; there is blind faith in it, a lack of logic and scientific spirit, and fear of the unknown.

Superstitious is not a devil in India but it is everywhere where we find humans. It is something that makes mankind weak. Everywhere we can see rapid advancement of technology, science, and knowledge still it has a stronghold on human life. People from every country, religion, color can become a victim of superiority.

superstition essay in english
superstition essay in english

Superstition Essay in English

Superstitions Even Today Essay

Superstition is illogical and is based on fear and ignorance. Such beliefs are always against the laws of reasoning and science.  It can easily be found in different practices and forms. It can be found in the belief in the supernatural, worshiping irrational beliefs, magic, etc. In the real human world, it is hard to define Superstition beliefs. They are unknown thoughts; mysterious, inexplicable, and unknown that give birth to fear and havoc. There are many people who have lost their lives due to Superstition.

If one gets stuck with the devil of Superstition it is very hard to get them out.  It is also very difficult to deal with such people who are Superstition.  Already in many places, Superstition has caused harm and quos. There is always a sense of insecurity, ill-luck fear, and fret about unknown forces in the universe. 

These thoughts start dwelling in a person after which he starts fearing his own unnatural thoughts and beliefs. The problem is that Superstition is so bad that even people with intelligence and education get stuck to it. It’s difficult to eliminate Superstition from their minds though they are aware of the facts the logical and illogical. Superstition is so powerful.

Science and Superstition Essay in English

In India, the majority of the people are a victims of Superstition. In every family, there is at least one person who believes in something that is not logical at all. There are many professions and people behind Superstition. Religious leaders, charlatans, astrologers, priests, magicians are some of them as they have spread beliefs that are harmful, not useful.

There are many naïve people all around the world who get stuck with them and give wind to the fire. Superstition spreaders are making money out of the fear of people. They thrive on the people who are easy to trick with fools’ magic and conversation.

Making people fool is a very good business in India because the majority are not educated, live in villages, and live a simple life. There are thousands of stories of making people fool in India about Superstition. These smart people target simple people, uneducated and illiterate.

There is a huge number of backward societies that are consistently becoming a victim of Superstition. There is a group of people in India who have hard and illogical beliefs are and they believe in spreading it more and more. They are dedicated to spreading Superstition and cause lots of quos among the people.

People who are stuck in the dirt of Superstition often go to priests, magicians for consultation. They think that consulting normal people like us will help them get out of their troubles. Believing in them they spend their all savings, they also sell their house, sometimes even harm animals and other people. 

There are various ceremonies held to make naïve people believe that their troubles are going to end.  They wear lockets; eat whatever they are told to do perform rituals with no logic behind them.

Is it really possible? A logical mind will always question Superstition. There is no human in this world that has more power than the other. We are all alike and have similar capabilities and skills.  We can all gain knowledge and power because we are all built in the same manner. There are differences in the world due to many reasons, but God has made us all the same.

Paragraph on Superstition

India is a country that is facing the intense threat of getting destroyed due to Superstition. Fortunately, the young generation has started questioning people who are living in Superstition. The powerful, fresh, and logical beliefs of the young generation are the key to getting out of Superstition. 

In India Superstition is everywhere. Even if an act crosses our road we think it is a bad omen. This is something illogical. Like any other animal, the cat is going in its own way. India has a Superstition that is laughable for those who have open minds. People who believe in technology and science are against Superstition because logic is important.

There is no difference between an animal and a human if a human is considering hallucination real.  No talisman, no magic formulas, and other nonsensible things exist in this world.  Whether exists in the world right now has logic behind it and science is having answers for it. For Superstition, there is no logic in science. 

The only truth is willpower, determination, strength, spirituality, and our own existence.  There are just good omens and that is what we should believe.  Positivity is fruitful and can turn any negative situation into right. Fate cannot be changed by wearing stones in all the figures but our determination and hard work can with 100% results. 

Being kind to animals and others in need will improve our karma, keeping ourselves hungry for days will only make us sick. It is time that we all get aware and fight the devil of Superstition. Godmen are fakes and India is the best example to prove this. There are many Indian Godmen who are in jail right now. People should not trust fakes and believe in their god. No human on earth can give us what we desire because it is Superstition not real.

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