Soil Pollution Essay in English

Soil Pollution Essay in English, Soil is an important component of the earth and because of the soil, we have life on this earth. It is a thin layer that is made of two materials which are organic and inorganic. Our entire earth is covered with soil, but it lacks where concrete has taken place. The organic part makes the soil rich such as decaying of plants and animals. The inorganic part is made up of rock fragments thousands of years ago.

Humanity can only flourish if the earth is having organic soil that takes thousands of years to form with the help of physical and chemical weathering.  Agriculture is only possible when there is productive soil and this is how food supply is successful.

soil pollution essay in english
soil pollution essay in english

Soil Pollution Essay in English

Essay On Soil Pollution

If the soil gets polluted it threatens humanity. Many will die of hunger due to the lack of supply of food that we grow on earth in soil. Soil pollution must be taken care of as there are many reasons how and why soil gets polluted.

In modern times soil pollution is a major issue and crisis of our ecosystem. It causes an imbalance in nature and can affect humans as well as other living beings in a direct and indirect way. More and more people must be made aware of soil pollution so that this crisis can be controlled.

Soil pollution contains toxic materials, pollution of the soil and there is a high concentration of chemicals. There are two types of soil pollution that are man-made and even nature-made. When metals and chemicals get mixed in the soil it pollutes it.

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In case of the mixing of the saline water in the soil, it can also affect the quality of the soil and land. This happens in the case of natural calamities such as tsunamis. Then acidic rain is one of the major issues for soil pollution.

Excess use of pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides used in agriculture also results in soil pollution.  In simple words, soil pollution is the presence of salts, chemicals, radioactive materials, and toxic compounds that have negative impacts on plant growth and animal health.  There are many ways by which soil gets polluted and some of them are

  • Solid waste seepage
  • Underground storage tanks getting ruptured
  • Landfill seepage
  • Discharge of industrial waste and even hospital waste into the land
  • Natural ways of contamination water formation that enters the soil
  • Chemicals like petroleum and radioactive materials

All these are responsible for affecting the quality of the soil and are known as soil pollution.  It can destroy a large part of the land and can take many years to mend that land to be productive again. 

Soil Pollution Paragraph

When soil gets polluted it starts the deterioration of soil which means texture gets affected, absence of minerals, and quality gets reduced. When soil gets polluted it also disturbs the biological balance of all the organisms that are dependent on the soil.

There is a life cycle and every living organism and being on earth are dependent on soil and even working for it. There are earthworms in the soil which makes the soil more productive. When soil gets polluted they die and this affects the cycle and creates an imbalance. 

When soil is bad plant growth gets affected. Plants also get sick and produce unhealthy crops which are of no use. Soil pollution is usually caused due to man-made applications such as fuel damping, oil dumping, chemical dumping, and the use of harmful pesticides.

With time these elements get totally mixed in the soil and also because of corrosion soil gets polluted at a higher level. Industrial waste is one of the biggest issues why soil gets polluted. More and more industries are being built which produce a huge amount of industrial waste and all that is dumped in soil.

The majority of the industries in India lack proper disposable systems and this is why soil gets hurt.  More and more forests are being destroyed creating soil erosion-like issues and this creates wasteland. 

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Industrial accidents cause hazardous environmental conditions. When soil gets polluted it impacts our environment in a very negative way. These negative impacts can affect the natural quality of the soil and can harm the life cycle that runs on the planet.

When toxicity of the soil is increased it affects everything even the micro-organisms in the soil. Crops, plants, and even the animals that eat those plants get affected. Plants need a suitable type of soil to grow healthy and to be suitable for our plants.

Write a Short Note on Soil Pollution

If the soil is not rich it will impact the quality of the crops we eat. We can also face sickness and illness if we are eating crops grown in polluted soil. This is the reason people never buy fruits that are grown in pesticides or other chemicals.

The entire economy of India gets affected if the productivity of the soil is lost. We are on the verge of crisis because many fields, crops, and soil are being spoiled due to negative human interference. Soil can get polluted in a number of ways and even contaminated drinking water can spoil the quality of the soil. 

If the soil gets polluted it is going to hurt the life of humans very badly. If soil erosion will expand then it will also cause natural calamities such as floods and landslides. We are totally dependent on soil.

Every food item that is produced on earth comes from the surface of the mother earth. Naturally, it was fruitful, productive, and has all the essential nutrients soil needs to grow crops. Humans have spoiled everything and if we will not take care of what we are doing to our earth we will regret our mistakes.

There are many solutions for this crisis but not everyone paying attention. India has a huge problem of not following the rules. If every industry will get strict about its spillage a huge amount of soil pollution can be prevented. more and more strict rules should be held against those who create pollution and is a threat to humanity.

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