Single Use Plastic Essay in English

Single Use Plastic Essay in English, There are different types of plastic materials to be found in the industry. Some of them are non-recyclable or known as a Single Use Plastic. But some other forms of plastic can be reused and recycled. Today, in this essay, we are going to talk about Single Use Plastic, which is very harmful to our earth’s planet in different ways. So, start reading:

Today, there is a ban on the use of Single Use Plastic in different areas of the world. But why is it so? Do you know it causes pollution? This essay is all about making people aware of the Single Use Plastic and its harmful effects and how can we control the use of Single Use Plastic to save our environment.

single use plastic essay in english
single use plastic essay in english

Single Use Plastic Essay in English

Essay on Single Use Plastics

Every year, there are a million tons of single use plastic being produced by people. This type of plastic cannot be recycled. There are different types of single use plastic in the market, which include plastic glass, plastic bags, straws, polythene, soda, water bottles, food packaging items, and many others. The main thing to know about single use plastic is that it is used only once. Single use plastic needs to be thrown away in the form of garbage for recycling.

How does single use plastic affect the environment?

There are many causes of pollution. One of the major causes of pollution is the use of single use plastic on a regular basis. Although, it has been banned, still, people are using it in some places. The utilization of single use plastic has been impacting the environment and developing a lot of water pollution.

Single use plastic has a bad impact on sea animals, oceans, and hydrophytes. This is the main reason why it is important to ban single use plastic. Many countries have begun putting bans on single use plastic. The government in India has also taken some initiatives to control the use of single use plastic to some extent.

Plastics, which are single use plastic are also non-biodegradable. They generally go into the landfill where they are buried or get into the water. These plastics enter the oceans using some methods. Apart from that, these items also enter water bodies and soil and break down into small particles. The most important thing about single use plastic is that it does not get decomposed. They stay in the water and soil for many years.

They used to release harmful or toxic chemicals into the water and soil. This is how they damage our beautiful and peaceful planet and environment. When any plastic bags or water bottles enter the water bodies, they become a major cause of water pollution. This is the main reason why the single use plastic is damaging our ecology and environment in every possible way.

What is single use plastic?

It is a type of plastic, which is disposable and they are commonly used for packaging. Single use plastic is designed to be used only once before they are recycled or thrown away. Straws, cups, plastic bottles, food packaging bags, cutlery, and many others are some examples of single use plastic items. They are primarily made from petrochemicals, which are known as fossil fuel-based chemicals.

What are the uses of single use plastic?

Single Use of Plastic Essay

We use single use plastic in our everyday life to a great extent. We are too much dependent on single use plastic, but it should not be like that. There are endless uses of single use plastic and we have a great addiction to it. The items made of single use plastic are so cheap and easily available in the market.

The most interesting thing is that single use plastic has replaced all other materials when it comes to packaging items. Different types of single use plastic can be seen in our surroundings. Along with household single use plastic, surgical gloves and straws for people who are dealing with disability are also made of single use plastic.

Need for eliminating single use plastic

Our dependence and addiction to single use plastic are giving a harmful effect on our wildlife, oceans, health, and environment. We often consider our convenience as compared to other things like considering long-impact. Our daily use of single use plastic is gathering waste at a fast pace and this is the main reason we are becoming a direct source of environmental pollution and water pollution.

Around 300 million tons of single use plastic are produced every year because of plastic waste. This quantity is equal to the weight of the whole human population. As mentioned above, when plastic items are thrown out, get entered water bodies by rain or reach through storm drains into streams and rivers. The presence of harmful chemicals in single use plastic clogs the waterways.

It also has been seen that a number of animals are killed as they used to swallow the single use plastic. Fishes, seabirds, turtles, and other marine animals are found to have plastic bags or fishing gear in their stomachs. The single use plastic when entering the stomachs of animals pierce their organs and block their digestive system, leading to their death. At the same time, marine water has also turned out to be adulterated.

Essay on Single Use of Plastic

Ways to eliminate single use plastic

Making hard efforts collectively can help us avoid the use of single use plastic. We can change our habits by using eco-friendly bags while going to the market. Check other tips to control the use of single use plastic:

  • Start relying on re-usable bags like carrying bags made of clothes or paper
  • Restaurants should use re-usable cups
  • Avoid separately packaged goods such as snack packs. Buy in bulk
  • Glass and aluminum containers must be promoted as cutlery items
  • Motivate people to avoid using this type of harmful plastic
  • We should adopt more sustainable options to replace the use of single use plastic
  • Bring your own water bottle while going out of home and refill it when needed rather than buying plastic water bottles

This way, with combined efforts, we can take one step further towards a sustainable environment.

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