Short Essay on Lockdown in English 500 Words

Short Essay on Lockdown in English, It was not an easy and good time for people when the lockdown was imposed. Today, in this essay, we are going to talk about the lockdown, what it is, what its effects are, etc. So, start reading: The term ‘lockdown’ is defined as the suspension of the regular freedoms of citizens. It also includes the freedom of movement and getting socialized. It was imposed in 2020 collectively around the world.

As we all know the entire world was hit by the deadly coronavirus in 2020. This is why to protect people from this virus, the government imposed the situation of lockdown. The whole world was overwhelmed by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Lockdown is a condition, which is occurred during a huge range of emergencies. This condition destroys normal life. In 2020, we have come across many words that made our lives stressful. Lockdown was one of them.

short essay on lockdown in english
short essay on lockdown in english

Short Essay on Lockdown in English

Essay on Lockdown in English 500 words

When the lockdown is imposed in any part of the world, it is the time when people have to stay home. They are only allowed to travel when they will have an emergency. Throughout this period, everything stays closed but there are exceptions for essential services like grocery stores, medical stores, hospitals, vegetable and fruit stores, etc. When it was imposed, all people were living a disastrous and stressful life because no one was allowed to go out of their homes. People were caught in their homes.

Coronavirus has been known to be the most contagious virus in the history of manhood. It has devastated the entire world with its worst effects. Slowly and slowly, it has turned out to be catastrophic within a short interval of time. It was important to stop the infection spread to the entire world.

This was the main reason why the government of different countries decided to put a ban on the normal lifestyle of people and asked them to stay home so that they could stay safe. Even in India, there was a lockdown, which affected the normal lives of people to a great extent.

There were lots of bad effects of lockdown people suffered. One of the most important things to be executed was a lockdown, in which all businesses and industries have been closed. At that time, all people became restricted to their homes. This is how the professional, personal, and economic lives of people have turned out to be at a standstill. It was the worst time we have ever seen in our lives.

In India, the lockdown was announced and imposed on the 25th of March, 2020. It was a piece of shocking news for every one of us because we all were juggling how we were going to manage all of our stuff by staying home. There were many challenges in front of us when this lockdown was enforced. The most important thing to know about lockdown is that it has been extended for a long period, in many phases.

It continued till mid-June. Based on the government, it has been advised to all citizens to practice social distancing to stay away from the spread of coronavirus. We were asked to stay homes and safe. The main motive of the lockdown is to stop community transmission of this lethal virus.

This way, the government wanted to break the chain of transmission. All of us suffered many problems during this period. But when it comes to daily wagers, it was much harder for us to cope with it.

In this lockdown period, we all had to work from home. Online education and online businesses were some pretty good options people used to meet their needs. The government of India made hard efforts to help people to a great extent. Even, our prime minister had helped us a lot in staying motivated. It was the first time when people opted for online options like education, work from home, and other options.

Even for the first time, schools and colleges in the country have shifted to online classes. It was a difficult and challenging situation for teachers, as well as students. Children and their parents felt the necessity of schools in this period. The situation of lockdown made people keener to learn about digital technology, how to use it to the fullest, etc. This is how digital literacy has been boosted a lot in this period.

There are apps and websites, which have been used for educational purposes like for sharing important study materials, etc. Not only this, but there are lots of apps like emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social media apps, which have been used to send study material and clear the doubt questions. Lockdown has motivated students to be an expert in digital technology.

They became keen to learn digital skills for their own benefit. This is how the quality of education as well as changes in textbooks, syllabus, teacher training, and examination systems have been enhanced. On the overall, it can be said that the quality of online education should also be enhanced as per requirements and preferences.

Positive effects of lockdown

There are many positive effects we can see in people with the implementation of lockdown. People learned how to stay independent for their daily chores like cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, and much more. Side by side, people also came to know how to live happily with limited resources.

The idea of ‘Atmnirbhar’ has been emphasized in this period. People got enough time to work on themselves. This is how features like self-development and self-awareness are being targeted and enhanced.

The health of people also has been enhanced because people were cooking and eating at home. There were no junk foods from outside. Although snacks and junk foods were prepared at home, still they were prepared in a clean and hygienic environment.

Pollution levels were also controlled due to less use of machines, less traffic, etc. In the end, we can say that the lockdown phase has motivated us to learn many things despite the worse effects of coronavirus in the entire world.

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