Short Essay on Indira Gandhi In English

Essay on Indira Gandhi In English – Indira Gandhi Essay in English, In India, we can see many inspiring men and women who have given lots of teachings to people in the country. Today, in this essay, we are going to talk about Indira Gandhi, who was a motivating woman in India. So, start reading about her life, achievements, and many more:

Indira Gandhi was the first and the only woman in India who became the prime minister of the country till date. At the same time, she was also considered to be one of the dynamic and boldest leaders not only in India but even in the whole world. She was a lady who fought against terrorism and undemocratic values in India.

She did not worry about the odds against her. She was a courageous and motivated leader, who compromised her life for the sake of the motherland. Even today, we can find her impact on women of the 21st century. She inspired and boosted women’s empowerment in India.

short essay on indira gandhi in english
short essay on indira gandhi in english

Essay on Indira Gandhi In English

Indira Gandhi Essay in English

She was born on 19th November 1917 in Uttar Pradesh. She was the daughter of the first and former prime minister of the nation, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. In her childhood, Indira Gandhi was one of the most intelligent and brightest students when she was in the school. She had taken part in competitions and played leadership roles in school and even college times. This is how she was grown-up learning these things.

She had learned lots of lessons throughout her studies. After the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the former and the second prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi played the role of Indian prime minister very well. She took this responsibility on 24th January 1966. She was capable of taking this responsibility and this is why she decided to go with this role.

As she was born and brought up in a family of freedom fighters and was surrounded by seasoned politicians, she came to know about plenty of political tactics and techniques. Her political game was too strong. Before taking the responsibility of the Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi was an Information and Broadcasting Minister. She was the first woman in the country to become prime minister.

Paragraph on Indira Gandhi

When she was the prime minister, she had gone through many ups and downs. Under her impracticable leadership, India got a win in the war against Pakistan held in 1970. It was her contribution that Bangladesh (previously known as East Pakistan) got freed from Pakistan.

In 1970, she made a strong move by making all the banks nationalized in the country. It helped to provide a strong economic opportunity to the nation. Even today, we can see the influence of banks’ nationalization in the country.

Indira Gandhi was known to be a legend in the country. Today’s youngsters have very less knowledge about this personality. In 1977, she imposed an emergency upon the country. People today know this much about her. At that time, most people criticized her for this move. Even till date, people do not like this idea of the Indira Gandhi. But she imposed an emergency to curb anti-national and anti-democratic elements in the country.

Of course, she was aware of this move’s effect on her election viewpoints, but still, she went with this decision. This is how she imposed the National Emergency Act. She was a leader who gave priority to the country than herself. This is why she was known to be the smartest and most motivating leader of the country who could do everything for her nation.

Being the only and first woman to stay in the most powerful position, she was the first to break the stereotype, that women in the country are distinguished in all spheres of life. If we compare our country with the USA, then this stereotype has not been broken yet. There is no female president in the USA till date.

In her regimen, India was one of the fastest-developing countries in the world having strong economic aspects. Millions of women in the country got dedication and motivation from her, which made them believe in themselves and do something for their lives.

Short Note on Indira Gandhi

After the emergency imposed by her and when it was lifted, she failed in elections and it was expected. But in her second term of leadership, she came back with a strong entity when the Khalistan movement was reaching its peak. According to the intelligence source, she got to know about the terrorists hiding in the golden temple located in Amritsar, they were filled with ammunition and arms.

It was all because of the fact that Sikhs demanded a separate sovereign country in Punjab and this demand was getting older and uglier every day. Now, she had to do something to save her country. This is why she approved Operation Blue Star. This operation was designed to stop violence and activities of terrorism in the country.

This operation was considered an anti-Sikh movement and became a religious fight against her. Many bad things happened during this operation that people can never forget. The scenes were too tragic, no one wants to remember those incidents again in their lives.

Day by day, things got a tragic move, when Indira Gandhi was killed in cold blood. She was murdered on 31st October 1984. With her death, the entire country succumbed to hatred and violence.

Final words

Indira Gandhi was known as the ‘Iron lady of India’ due to her courageous acts, smart decisions, and motivated personality. She did a lot for her country and this is how we are living in a strong economical nation. She was the president of the Congress Party. After becoming the prime minister of the country, the congress party was separated.

But she was a strong lady and made all hard efforts to overcome all the problems in her political career to become the prime minister of India. She was still a memorable and popular political leader and figure in our country. She is still remembered in the entire country because of her good work and leadership acts.

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