Short Essay on Car for Students

Short Essay on Car for Students, Cars were always the most convenient form of transport and it gets very easy to cover long distances.  Today we can travel from one city to another in a car. Just imagine how hard it would have been in the era of carts and when people used to walk on foot. Today we have cars from all over the manufacturers.  The first car was invented in the year 1769 in France country by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot.

It was the first car and it was very heavy and it had three wheels. The first car was very slow as compared to today’s coupes.  At that time an automobile used to run on steam. Later humanity changed got advanced and in the year 1876, the car was invented which used to run on gasoline and this gasoline car was invented by Nikolas Otto in the country Germany. 

essay on car
essay on car

Short Essay on Car for Students

Car Essay in English

In the steam, car water needs to boil first and then a car would run. A gasoline car was much faster than a steam car. There were many impressive innovations made till now in the automobile industry. Today we have cars that run on electricity, gasoline, petrol, gas, and diesel.

The more the inventions got better the easy was became the life of humans. There is very much comfort added today in cars. People can travel far distances in cars on comfortable seats. Today cars are more advanced and have everything to make our travel convenient. In the modern world cars are more a status symbol. The more expensive car you have the better image you have in the public.

Today there are thousands of manufacturers all over the planet. They are competing with each other to launch better coupes than others. They have AC in the car, music system, roofs, best transmission, car roofs, highly advanced security system, and GPS-like features.

10 Sentences About Car

There are different categories of cars as well such as off-road cars, luxury cars, family cars, and racing cars. Today’s cars are as comfortable as homes. They offer a comfortable environment. Even pets, infants, and the elderly can travel big distances with ease.

Today there are budget-friendly cars that are available for middle-class families. Cars have become an important part of our lives because it makes things easy. Everyone wishes to have a mode of transport that can help them reach places within time. Everyone wishes to save time and cars make it possible. Cars have become very useful for humans.

Modern life is incomplete without cars. Speed is important as everyone is going after their objectives. Cars help them achieve things on time. We can drop our children at school every day, in case of emergencies, you can use a car to reach the hospital or any other place. Cars have storage space and lots of features which can be useful in everyday life. Cars are expensive and this is why financial institutions offer loans to families and individuals. This way it gets easy for everyone to have a car and walk with the world.

Earlier cars were just used to travel small distances, but today cars can reach up to 200mph. There are all different forms of cars available which can travel on any terrain in the world. Today the majority of the people are dependent on cars and travel every day to reach their work place.

There is no need to wait for public transportation or get stuck in traffics. You can meet your loved ones, go on long drives with your partner, travel with your family, and can even enjoy a sole drive in your car. Cars are an integral part of humans.

This invention has benefitted humans but also hurt them. There are two sides to the coin and so is the invention of cars.  There are positive sides of the cars and comes along the negative side as well. As more and more people are investing in cars more pollution is entering the atmosphere.  Cars run of fuel and this creates pollution and smoke.

It is dangerous for people living on earth. Even trees and animals are getting hurt due to pollution caused by cars. There are researches on the environment that say pollution created by cars is hurting the ozone layer and is also responsible for global warming. Many cities in India are declared high pollution areas. These cities have cars in huge number which creates pollution. 

In these cities, the air is polluted and citizens are getting sick. There are other disadvantages of cars which are accidents.  Many people drive irresponsibly and indulge in accidents. They hurt themselves and even others. Many people die on the road. Many animals also get hurt due to harsh driving on the roads and jungles. 

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People drive with cell phones and also get indulge in drinking and driving. If all these things are eliminated cars will be much safer on the roads.  There should be more strict laws regarding driving on the road.  If we all together pay attention to the rules there will be minimum accidents. This way we will be able to keep ourselves safe and even others who share the road with us.

We should also take care of Mother Nature and turn to electric cars. Advancements are being made in cars and electric cars are the new invention. It is certainly going to be the future of the automobile industry.  People will have to charge their car batteries instead of burning fuel. There is no pollution and smoke in electric cars. People should be responsible and invest in options that are safe for everyone. 

Pollution is our biggest army and cars play a huge role in making it worst. It will be hard to imagine life without cars, but we can turn to environmentally friendly cars. We must also make more and more aware of road safety. Both government and citizens must equally help each other in arising awareness and making travel by car more safe and enjoyable.

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