Save Tiger Essay in English

Save Tiger Essay in English, Tigers are majestic animals and the world without tigers will not be as beautiful as it I snow with their presence. Unfortunately, tigers were on the verge of extinction, but thankfully their population is balanced under government conducted programs. Tiger roams freely in the jungles of India and rule the land. Tiger is the king of all animals and for Indians, tiger symbolizes the wealth of the Indian wealth.

India is a country that has fifty percent of the world’s tiger population. The skin of the tiger is one reason why poachers are after them desperately. Tigers were about to vanish from the land of India, but soon the alarm-raised tigers were totally under protection.

Tiger is also found in other parts of the world such as Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Russia, and many others. “Save tigers “is the most popular slogan in India and every age group participates in it equally. This slogan is incredible because it has raised awareness among people that how important tigers are for wildlife.

save tiger essay in english
save tiger essay in english

Save Tiger Essay in English

Paragraph on Save Tiger

Tigers are popular since the time of raja and maharaja and when they used to hunt tigers as a hobby and to flaunt their strengths. We can see tiger skin in many royal palaces in India even these days.  At that time hunting was a sport and only important people used to hunt tigers.

Today people are hunting tigers for selfish reasons. Tigerskin can be used in many things. There are clothes, handbags, and shoes which are made out of tiger skin. Tiger is also hunted for making medicinal products. 

There are very many threats to this amazing species. Continuous construction has also led to threats to the tiger’s habitat. The land is destroyed for mining and dam building-like projects.

Many animals have suffered and lost their lives. Tigers are always at the aim of poachers and hunters and this is why it is banned to hurt tigers in India. Every life living on this plant serves the ecosystem.

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They have a major role to play to maintain the balance of nature. Tiger is one of them because this animal is at the top of the predator category. They maintain the food cycle and keep the population of herbivorous animals in balance.

Animals protect their land like a kind and maintain balance in the forest. One tiger can protect a huge number of acres.  For natural habitat balance, the life of tigers is very important.

There are many things we can do to protect the important predator of our ecosystem.  India realized this quos and started taking protective measures to save the tiger. Today tigers are preserved species in India.

Few Lines on Save Tiger

Slogans like save the tiger and preserve tiger made the headlines in the newspapers of India for many days. The objective of this program is to create awareness. There were many online platforms, surveys, and social media platforms where awareness is raised regarding saving tigers. 

All these efforts are made to catch the attention of the public. Indians must know how important tigers are for our ecosystem. There are many villages where tigers are killed just for no reason. 

Representatives of the save tiger program visited one village after another to create awareness. Tigers are preserved species and also rose in captivity to raise their population in India.

More and more Indians should join such programs so that they can guide others. Tigers can also be saved by protecting jungles. Animals live in jungles as it is their home, if there will be no jungles there will be no animals who will be roaming around and making it alive.

To preserve tigers we must protect jungles and even plant more and more trees.  It is a great idea not just to save tigers but all the other animals, birds, and insects who share this planet with us. We must raise our voices against poaching.  There are many non-profit organizations that are abruptly conducting programs to create awareness and save tigers.

Everyone must equally realize their responsibility and raise their voice against the removal of jungles and poaching. It is a serious issue and tiger conservation projects must be taken seriously even by the citizen of India.  

10 Lines on Save Tiger

Not only India but there are many other countries that are taking tiger conservation very seriously and playing their part in saving tigers. Indira Gandhi the prime minister of India started the project tiger in the year 1973 in the Jim Corbett Park Uttarakhand.

This is the time when tiger went endangered. Under this program it was made sure that tigers are preserved, they are given ideal living conditions so that they can flourish.  This preservation program is active till now. There is a total of fifty reserves all over India.

Nagarjuna Sagar is the largest tiger reserve in India.  Since then many social awareness programs have been launched which has also helped in saving tigers. It is a national cause and every citizen must participate in it with their whole heart.

Tiger is iconic for humans we never want to lose such precious species god has made. More and more programs must be conducted to spread awareness. It is our duty as well as our responsibility.  We must support all the government initiatives. 

We must protect our jungles so that we can have a healthy tiger population which went down to 97%. We are taking so much from Mother Nature every day. To exist on this planet we need everything because god when created this earth everything was balanced. 

The extinction of the tiger can create a huge imbalance in the ecosystem. These predators must never lose their position in the ruling jungle. We have a huge responsibility towards nature and if any species is in danger everyone must come forward.

Humans are on the top of the food chain, we have the power over other species which does not mean we dominate nature. Every living being on this earth must have the right to live happily on this planet.  Nature is powerful and if balance is not maintained it can take back everything that it has lent us. Save tigers, save the ecosystem.

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